Hand Impaled with a Key

Hand Impaled with a Key

When I first looked at this picture, I saw a whole different thing. I guess I have so much pussy on my mind, I see it in everything. Upon a closer look, I saw gore.

I’m guessing the person lost balance and used hands to soften the fall but carried keys in one of them and this is what happened. Can’t even trust your own damn keys anymore. They’re on a mission to impale the shit out of everyone. Dafuq!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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106 thoughts on “Hand Impaled with a Key”

      1. @Tulio, I just thought of something I wanted to tell you, the other day you said “is everyone on here (BG) on welfare?” Well get this…. the Australian gov. gives a $5000 baby bonus for every child born here! hahaha We have a very low population! It’s one way to get women to have babies, BUT $5000 doesn’t go far! It just made teens and other folks ALREADY on welfare start shagging like rabbits!

    1. Exactly!, I have lost my keys falling down but I always find them after. I have never been able to understand how this happens so often. My father-in-law was an E R nurse for 15 years, he says he saw this kind of thing several times a year. Just goes to show, people are dumb.

      1. Lmao.. I spit up my michelada reading this… I was actually named after the comet but these are momma’s exact words, “I didn’t know how to spell so I spelled it however..” I hate all those souvenirs that spell it with “y”s…

      1. Thanks! One of my friends at med school was *obsessed* with eye injuries, he’s got a whole collection and I think he sent me this as a birthday email. I’ll try to get more out of him, not physically though, as he’s probably came over them all. Strange lad.

  1. My Uncle, who was a wife beater and alcoholic loser…. once stabed my Aunt through her hand when i was a kid. I just wished I was big enough at the time to kick his ass.

      1. @FD…speaking of kiss my ass…..one of marilyn monroe’s fan got buried above her….but in his will he requested he put put into his coffin face down so he could spend all eternity looking at her……dont know what made me think of that

        1. I read a ‘serial’ killer book once, where each page was dedicated to an executed murderer, what they did AND what there last meal was! Some of them ordered far more than they could eat! Some didn’t order anything!

  2. Maybe this happened in a universe where humans are doors and doors are the humans,
    a dimensional glitch happened and a door got his keys stuck on the human, resulting in the human being transferred into this universe, and later took a picture of his hand (door knob).
    These doors open up to…the twilight zone..

          1. Hey Uli you clever dickwad. If you haven’t been back yet my monkey-brain might have thought hot chicks
            abducted you for their breeding frenzies.. that or you won the lottery. hahaha. O shit, maybe you did both.

          2. Hi Jack. You make me laugh too. If I ever win the lottery you’ll be the first one that I will tell. But if I will be abducted well… I don’t think they will leave me a phone…

  3. We’re all missing the obvious question here…why not just pull the dang thing out? My first reaction would have been to yank it out before anyone could see what a dumb ass I was. This moron should’nt be driving in the first place.

  4. you know what they say, “great minds think alike..”..um of course there is a flipside coin to that saying. a saying or the actual ending that destroys that first belief. kind of like “if you cant beat’em join’em”. i’ll explain how that works. you are the ‘enemy’, enemy country or whatever. that country is so strong, that person is pretty strong. “join him”, become friends, and than after some careful crafting, destroy within.

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