Impaired Russian Impaled on Spiked Peak Fence

Impaired Russian Impaled on Spiked Peak Fence

Naked Russian man, not drunk (surprisingly), but under the influence of drugs impaled himself on a spiked peak fence after slipping and falling attempting to go home. While high under the influence of narcotics, the arrival of rescuers sobered him up and quickly began to realize the reality and pain of his situation. Too bad he was rushing to get home or all this could have been adverted. Lucky is him to not have fallen on the bigger spike on the fence.

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  1. He’s Not Impaled at all. He’s constipated, and crouched-over in pain trying to pass a Massive Logger caused by of the narcotics that he’s on. Poor @Brokeback, & I go thru the same hell when we go for a dump due to our pain meds also! I go about once a week, and almost blow-out veins in my forehead when doing-so. The Only difference is that we brokeback & I decide to not do it in public by climbing a fence to do-so, lol. 😉

      1. @brokeback

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          1. Yes, my wife did say that it was like 29 bucks, or so for a bottle. I Would gladly Purchase and ship You A Bottle with Canada Post express mail Bud, seeing that since your Accident, & subsequent Back Surgeries, you are now on Disability, and a fixed Income.

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          1. Yea,,, beans do work well, but my problem is Cheese man. I Love that stuff so much that i can easily eat a quarter of a 700 gram block of that shit literally. Then,,, here we go, or “Don’t Fucken Go”,lol, yet again!!!

  2. Old Vlad there oiled up that wrought-iron fleur-de-lys railing and slid his quivering ringpiece over it. He sank deeper each time, with his athletic arms lowering and raising him back up. He was now thankful that his Russian Grandmother had spent the family savings on gym classes for him where he learned to lift his own weight on the ropes, rings and the pommel-horse.
    His raising and lowering of his well-lubed arehole on and off the sexy knobbled ironwork was all going fine. He was teasing his hot anus until some arse juice and lube slime trickled down and first one hand slid off the top of the wall. Then the other! It was kablammy! He sank arsecrack-deep. It was “a fall on *sphinctered girders”. His arms hung uselessly as he was impaled through his own sexy desire for the ironwork.

    He was wedged on like a glove puppet, his arse-juice and lube-slimed hands unable to gain purchase on the slippery wall-top to take the weight off and raise his quivering butt off the erotic metalwork.
    Please let this be a lesson to us all.
    (see what I did there folks… “sphinctered girders”… it’s a reference to “I walk on gilded splinters…” this is a very elaborate pun on a reference to popular culture). I should get an award for this one.

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