Indonesian Man Dies Impaled on Snag After Falling from Mango Tree

Indonesian Man Dies Impaled on Snag After Falling from Mango Tree

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, a snag is “a standing dead tree“. Best Gore member @gorenesia explains:

A 35-year-old Indonesian man from Lete Wungana village of West Sumba Regency of East Nusa Tenggara was found dead, impaled on a tree snag at his ladang. (NOTE: There’s no English equivalent word for ladang)

According to a witness, prior to the body discovery; the victim was last seen climbing a mango tree without safety equipment to harvest its plentiful fruits. A few hours later, the witness shouted at the victim from afar asking him to come down and go home together to perform Dhuhr noon prayer; But no response could be heard.

Thanks a lot for the pics and the backstory, @gorenesia:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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110 thoughts on “Indonesian Man Dies Impaled on Snag After Falling from Mango Tree”

  1. I know this guy died trying to earn money to feed his kids, and that sucks, but what about the mango trees? How many of its babies has this dude ripped from the comfort of its parents, and shipped across the world, to be devoured by people who like eating odd tasting fruit? That may have been an old mango tree that he fell on. Revenge is a dish best served cold, and if it’s served with mangos, best to mix it with other fruit and maybe some rum.

      1. LOL!!! That comment was fucking priceless! Best answer I’ve seen in a long time. At any rate.. I’m an arborist and being a tree climber, I wonder, did he go straight to the ground or start up higher and slide down over time? Crazy shit.. I can’t WAIT to try climbing without all my safety gear! You guys should see me on here by Monday at the latest! When my boss asks what the fuck I’m doing, I’ll just tell him.. “I’m picking fuckin’ MANGOS!”

  2. Poor guy. He was just having a good ole time at his ladang, craving some mangoes, and then he died. Actually, there are equivalent words for ladang in English. It is basically a farm, a field, a small holding, a clearing, a piece of greenery, etc. where people grow fruit trees like mangoes, and pick them to eat when the fruits ripen. You are not supposed to die like this in your ladang, though. By the way, nobody uses safety gear to climb mango trees in Asia. Men with nimble hands and feet can often be seen scurrying tall palm or coconut trees, for instance, to pluck the fruits and throw to the ground. Even the monkeys, mainly macaques, are no match in this respect.

    1. I dont know what kind manggoes he plant at his ladang, but his manggoes really tall maybe he had other plant more taller that he climb but somehow slipped to death, cause I plant manggoes in front of my house that thing never taller than 4 meter, maybe he picking durian cause durian tree usually had more than 5 meter tall

    1. Ladang usually very small farm that you plant variety plant and usually had diffrent name depend what kind plant you had, usually fruit and vegetable you called ladang, but other like coffe, rubber, palm oil, tea never be called ladang, even if you had fruit or vegetable big enough more than 5 hectares it called kebun

  3. Fruit growers and pickers will get about 1% between them of supermarket shelf price for top quality mango. I can buy one for 60p today. Picker and grower would get 0.6p (0.3p each) if they take an even split (which I doubt).
    This shameful death of a near-slave has seriously put me off Mango as a foodstuff. I don’t think I could stomach eating them as part of my five-a-day when this is the kinda cost the pickers have to pay in return for starvation wages.
    However, I shall retain the Mango Fruit for its use as a masturbation aid. The trick is to get them nice and ripe and slide the stone out without making the stone-extraction-orifice too wide.

    1. Grower usually had more better earn compare to picker, especially he had links to mart, unless the smaller one who plant in really small farm, supermarket just charge consumer more than what their buy price, our cost of live in indonesian is cheap the more rural area like in village more cheaper than city, so with kind price is already enough

    1. Some degree of sensitivity to cultural differences should be observed. Take for instance this exhibit on regional sexual preferences. Obviously, the men are lining up for their turn, just as soon as the mobile phones are put away. Would you film something like that? See what I mean.

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