Indonesian Youth Impaled Through Chin on Iron Fence Spoke

Indonesian Youth Impaled Through Chin on Iron Fence Spoke

Indonesian Youth Impaled Through Chin on Iron Fence Spoke

In Indonesia, a youth ended up impaled through the chin on an iron fence spoke. He seems incredibly calm given the unpleasantness of his situation, meanwhile a lot of people around seem too busy trying to figure out what to do, meanwhile nobody really does a damn thing.

I presume get got impaled by trying to crawl across the fence and his foot slipped.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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128 thoughts on “Indonesian Youth Impaled Through Chin on Iron Fence Spoke”

  1. Is there like an impalement fetish in Indonesia or something cuse we’ve seen impalement suicides and some coconut farmer falling on a palm tree and impaled through his ass in Indonesia. But truth be told once the adrenaline wears off that kids gonna be swallowing horse pills for a few weeks for the pain.

        1. They should just grab him by the mop, and then just yank him upwards at lightning speed. And then,,, before he even has a chance to realize W.T.F. is going-on,,, he is off the poker and en route to the hospital,,, done fuck!

      1. haha, their logic for reelz, why the fuck dont they just lift him up… rhetorical question, because the answer is they are fucking retards that would probably cock it up and drop him to spike him a second time… or is this the second time?

        1. if there were any unforeseen consequences in trying to lift the boy up, the helpers could have likely had it coming from the boy’s family. In this world people are quick to blame others if things don’t go their way.
          So the right thing to do is take evidence, freeze the situation, prevent it from getting worse while waiting out for the boy’s parents / police / paramedics or whoever is authorized to decide how to get the boy off the hook.

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  2. The local schools have recently started offering fencing lessons as an extracurricular activity.
    His parents couldn’t afford the sign-up fee and he didn’t want to be left out.
    Unfortunately, there were two barriers to tackle: The language barrier and the one surrounding his neighbor’s yard.

    PS: The guy behind him at 0:10 has a forehead so ugly he could play an alien and wouldn’t even need the prosthetic make-up. Beam me the hell outta there!

  3. Grown men tripping over themselves to hold the kid up with their hands up his shorts with a firm grip on his groin and ass region.

    Having him support his own weight by standing on something elevated would have been too easy, especially when you can be 2 thumb knuckles deep with impunity, due to your victims current situation

  4. A lot of homes have sharpened fence posts in 3rd world shit holes. That way, when wannabe burglars make an attempt, there is a good chance they just slip and save everyone the time of hunting them and the money of prosecution.
    Just offer him a plae deal and leave the hang out while he thinks about his options.

  5. You know I climbed a lot of fences as a kid. Chainlink, Post, brick, even a few that had those spike heads for all decorative and shit. I slipped, a few times I fell. Never once somehow managed to catch my goddamned roof of my mouth pinned to any of them. Slip of the foot nothing—these kids are fucking “special forces” kind of clumsy. You gotta almost be deliberately trying to be this friggin’ graceless.

    He’s lucky anybody even gives a shit. My neighborhood, a little banana-leaf condom-leak like this turd got stuck on our fence post, his shit would dangle there until it was a summertime dry-roast tomato flapping in the wind by his fucking palate. The mailman would use his ass crack as a lazy way to leave our mail without having to walk up to our door slot to drop it off.

    Kids can’t do a motherfucking thing anymore except take a faceplant under a passing bus or get their shit skewered like a Mongoloid Barbecue dinner special.

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