Jetski Accident Results in Impaled Foot

Jetski Accident Results in Impaled Foot

Two recent videos from Brazil show the aftermath of a jetski accident. I don’t know anything more about it so perhaps NOTDASILVA can translate what they’re saying. From what the videos show, it looks as though the man’s foot was impaled through and through. The wound starts at the bottom of his foot (sole) and extends all the way across to the dorsum. It’s a different side of Brazil…

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Aaahhhh! that must’ve hurt….. but on better notes i preffer jenny riveras most precious foot, oh what a glorious sensual foot she had.
    Hail Satans Majestic Glorious Might!!!!!!

    1. I heard about a 21yr old who died in a freak jetski accident breaking his neck and spinal cord.

      No actual crash even happened, just having fun doing flips and shit all by himself, then bam, dead instantly.

          1. Fuck my dumb-phone! Lmao!! I have NO idea how to edit replies, I don’t get notifications when someone responds, etc! I felt like a straight up idiot when I posted that shit! =) lol, but hey if it turns you on, I’m down!!! =P

  2. I don’t understand it, but from what I know jetskis are wayy more dangerous than they look.
    I’ve heard of a 21 year old guy who managed to break his neck and die instantly just fucking around on one by himself.

    My cousin fell off the back of one and somehow got a 2 inch gash in his gooch/taint. It was hilarious because he shouted in pain every time he took a shit for a while.

    1. omg i have to go to take a shit. hears grunting in the bathroom and then AAAAAAHHHHHHH YYYYYEEEEEEEOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!! fuck that hurts! lmfao
      sorry rammfan1 about your cousin but you have to admit that “shits” funny as hell. lmmfao

          1. Good comparison J3Z but at least with childbirthyou can snuggle with what comes out…then again, at least the shit won’t be needing college tuition.

  3. Hey everyone I’m new to BG, hope you’re all well 🙂 just wanted to introduce myself to the community and say what an eye opener this site is, not just for the corruption and manipulation of society that is revealed but the scale of it too…glad to see there are like minded people that realise reality isn’t perfect and specifically designed for human comfort and that there is no strict good or evil…it’s just people being people and a matter of perspective of course. and I love the term “fleshy virus” it fits perfectly.
    Oh yeah anyone ever heard of the Venus project?

    1. Welcome aboard…you could’nt have picked a longer fucking screen name? I’m guessing your keyboard has sticky keys and I’m not even gonna ask why. I’ll just call you om…short for “omigod, I just came on my keyboard. I’m just fuckin with ya om…welcome aboard.


    First video – Now I am going to show you all what’s the result of a stupid joke. It hit in a side and then it crossed to the other side. It hurts ass hell! We are going to a hospital right now to maybe ask for a foot transplant because this one is fucked up.

    Second video – The camera man says: “Lucinho” (the wounded guy’s nickname) crashed the jetski. (the camera man says some inaubible thing). The wounded guy says: Let me show you. – Another guy says: Yummi! – Then all of them says “Oh jet” (intending to make a pun with the expression “Oh shit”). – Then the camera man says “My name is not Johny” (I don’t know why he says that! All I know is that there is a brazilian movie called “My name is not Johny”. I think the camera man tried to make a joke about the situation quoting this movie.)

    And that’s it.

  5. Hey just so you guys know I was involved in a real bad motorcycle accident and messed my self up pretty bad they just finished patching me up so I’m stable but in little pain I did think of my fellow SOBs and had some pictures taken I’m going to go ahead and send them to mark when I can but wish me well fuckers.

  6. If anyone is still looking over the replies here I have a situation I could use some advice on. First off let me say that I have’nt gotten laid since before my accident a year ago. That being said, I met a chick online…I’ve been chatting with her for about a week now and we’re really hitting it off. Here’s where it get’s a little funky…she’s already flipping out over me…I sent her a couple of pics of me and she said I had her laughing on the phone so hard she orgasmed. She also said that her phone won’t send pics and her she does’nt know how to download pics on her computer. She’s either one dumb bitch who might be hot and worth banging or she could be…(Wait for it)…one oogly fucking cow who’s gonna break my cock and my spine again and leave me with nightmares for the rest of my pathetic life.
    I set up a date with her for this weekend…what the fuck should I do?
    Before you answer, read the first couple of lines again…

    1. Why not set up a meeting in a busy place. Tell her to wear a certain colour or design shirt and then you can view her from afar, if she looks like Herman Munster’s secret love child then you can make a quick exit, no harm done.

      If its just a matter of getting laid, no strings attached, then why not just head down to a bar and grab any number of drunken wenches to take back home or pay for a room for the night.

      And don’t forget to wear protection, a weightlifters belt should do it.

      1. @E.S., Sex is already implied, it’s just a matter of how desperate am I and how much load can my spine handle before the screws pop out and I become a human hinge. She described herself as pretty hot but hey…I’ve got a fifteen inch cock. I don’t expect her to be totally hot or anything…my biggest worry is that she might be a tranny. I’ve had nothing but bad luck with trannys in the last few years…I think I’ll take your advise and get drunk first…that way I won’t remember a thing.

    2. 1st, Do your best to convince yourself that trannys aren’t a bad thing.

      2nd, Definitely go on the date with the intentions of seeing it through.

      3rd, Have some sort of controlled substance on hand that will completely and positively fuck up your vision..

      4th, Grab the bull by the horns…you’re morally obligated to “jump on the grenade for the boys” from time to time.

      5th, Just remember it will be over before you know it and you MIGHT be able to look back on it and laugh.

      6th, Tell us what happened.

    3. Brokeback, “nothing ventured, nothing gained” thats my standard reply to anyone who asks if they should go on a blind date, which thats what this basically sounds like. I hope everything works out and y’all have a good time!

    4. Ugh…in my experience, chicks who “don’t know how to put pics on their computers” are bad news. I stopped meeting them once I discovered that I’m terrible @ ending blind date meetings with goons in a tactful manner.

      Hate to advise you against meeting the chick you’re talking about, as she may merely be a blithering dumbass with a gorgeous face and hot body…but I wouldn’t put money on it, if you know what I mean.

        1. I tried pursuing too, but i got passed by. Guess I’m just not his type! =( Lol, i also don’t have a raspy voice. Mine is more like that of a phone-sex operator! At least that’s what I’ve been told. Call me if you ever want a “good time”, over the phone!Lol

  7. Brokeback, have her lay on her back to save your unit. That being said, since she don’t know how to download pictures, she may only know missionary style sex.
    If your as honest in person as you are online, bring a six pack and a rose and well maybe no rose just a sizer and you’ll have her at hello.
    She could send you a photo via pony express if you wanna wait a few days.

      1. Okay so I wrote a poem for her just in case she’s not all that.

        ” Roses are red…violets are blue.
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        1. Then I wrote one for me…

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          1. Damn Steve- Shakespeare has NOTHING on you! 😉

            Roses are red, tulips are pink. Come to Cali and and I’ll eat flip-flops for you! Haha. JJ for BB is how it’ll go- no disappointments- becauseyou already know- there’s nothing but jiggle in this booty, Soooo bend me over and do your duty! 😉 Ok, I tried to be cute and bust a flow, but I kinda fucked it up and soundedlike a hoe! Lol. Really I’m not, I’m just a cool chick- with a nicccce round thick booty-licious booty and some thick ass lips! Alright its painfullyobvious that I can’t rhyme, but you gotta give me some credit for taking the time- to write this out just for you- hope the other chick doesn’t split you in 2! I’d miss my favorite Gore guy and would probably stab myself in the eye! Then I’d upload it just for you becauseI know it would the right thing to do! Obviously I’m silly here- is that so wrong?! If you think I’m cute here- you should see me in a thong! 😉 hahaha

          2. @JuicyJ, dang girl…it’s not often that I’m speachless…you are incredibly cute and I really appreciate that message. Maybe I should cancel on the fat ugly bitch and hook up with you instead.

      1. On second thought I don’t think Mark would appreciate us using his site as a cheap motel room. Wish I’d thought of that before I set up all my other hiding spots on these boards. Lol.
        Stick to the email thingy for contact.

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