Large Bollard Extracted from Impaled Man

Large Bollard Extracted from Impaled Man

Large Bollard Extracted from Impaled Man

On the hospital bed lies a man impaled with a large bollard that entered his torso through the ass cheek and went all through him to the chest area.

One of the personnel straight up yanks the bollard out of him like it’s a rubber dildo stuck up his ass. A no bullshit extraction.

The bollard has a ball on the entry side – he must have fallen on it ass first from a height to make it go all through him like that.

Props to Best Gore member @oiracis for the video:

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84 thoughts on “Large Bollard Extracted from Impaled Man”

    1. Yeah that’s him, they’re speaking French.
      I don’t know if he died, but at the end the guy said “Mais c’est bon il est sauvé du coup”.
      Which means “So that means he is saved?”
      I don’t know if he said it sarcastically, since they’re joking about that. I’m too lazy to check if he died or not.

      1. “il est sauvé du coup” refers to the rescuing of the metal bollard/ pole from the deadly anus of the suicide. The medic is saying ” It is good we have saved it from the impact” (coup = blow/ hit/ impact). The medic is referring to the pole (“le poteau en métal” is a masculine noun). The “it” is the pole and the use of the “il” in “il est sauvé du coup” is referring to the metal object.

        The man is dead.

        Il est mort.

        1. Sorry to disappoint you, I’m French. I don’t want to sound like an asshole, but you’re wrong :). “Du coup”, is an expression. You can use it in the beginning of a sentence too for example : “Du coup, il est sauvé?”. They work both at the start and at the end of a sentence. Du coup is like saying “so”, that means”, “then”, etc …
          Yes, “coup” means “hit”, but “du coup” is an expression.
          French is a hard language, and we got lots of expressions too, but I understand what you’re saying.

          1. Excellent mon ami! Je suis français aussi! Je retourne à Paris samedi pour rendre visite à des amis à Montreuil.
            Mais je mens! Je suis écossais mais je voulais plaisanter en affirmant que les médecins ne s’intéressaient qu’au pôle masculin en métal.
            J’ai bien le français!


        1. Ok ok, A Frenchwoman walks into a bar carrying a duck under her arm. The bartender says, “HEY! You can’t bring that pig in here.” The Frenchwoman says, “Excuse me…but that’s a duck.” The bartender says back, “Excuse ME, but I was talking to the duck.”

  1. Either way he was dead. According to the injury severity score, he probably scored a 6 on the torso and a 5 in the head and neck area due to the pole and whiplash from landing. Square those and sum them, and we have he has a score of 61, out of the ISS maximum of 75, when people are just plain declared dead.

    Of course, he could just as easily scored a 7 in the torso. By that point the injury is considered unsurvivable, and any further efforts to prolong life are moot.

  2. *stupid mockery laugh*
    -oh misery
    -holy cow
    -oh fuck
    -that’s horrible
    -that’s horrible
    -well its ok, he is safe now .. ha ha ha ha *stupid laugh mockery*

    (woman background also ask for reconnect some medical stuff to him.)

    that’s my shitty translation of this. its not 100% perfect, but that’s what the camera man say.
    the cameraman is probably a friend to the guy who extract the thing. thoses guy lookl ike some medic from the SAMU/SMUR and not hospital doctor themself.
    thoses peoples in france are well know for being fuckers. its not a surprise that they laugh on someone pain or else..

  3. Ha, the doctor is holding that thing for a trophy shot like its a gamefish. I wonder if doctors compete like this with prizes for things extracted out of humans. Categories; Largest Girth, Longest Length, and “Get Outta Here!”. OK, now I gotta get outta here and go to work. Chiao Bellas!

  4. This is so weird, why the fuck are there just some random guys with phones in the hospital room?
    And why are people laughing? I’d expect everyone to be pretty serious considering someone is dying..

    The guy just takes out the pole and is like ”haha, shouldn’t put it down and proceed to help save the guys life, but instead I’ll stand here posing for the camera..”

    And it’s not like this is a third world country, it’s fucking Paris..

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