Leg Impalement with Injury to Femoral Artery

Leg Impalement with Injury to Femoral Artery

Subject suffered femur fracture and additional leg injuries from the result of an impalement on a metal bar. The femur fracturing also resulted in a superficial injury of the femoral artery. You see the tourniquet closing off blood flow from the artery, but there is still massive blood loss. He will probably not walk normally again.

Impalements are a favourite here, so enjoy.

46 thoughts on “Leg Impalement with Injury to Femoral Artery”

  1. How the fuck did that nigger managed to impale both legs with that metal bar? Jumping off a tree? 😐 Ahhh a couple of millimeters to the artery’s direction, and he wouldnt have the luck he had to survive… πŸ˜†

  2. Definitely looks like a signpost. Wonder how it got there. My Freunde die Scrapmeister would probably have pulled it out and tossed it in his truck, leaving the guy to bleed. He sees scrap and his brain shortcircuits, kinda like a cat in heat.

  3. How in the hell did he manage to impale his legs in a sign post? I’ve seen this sort of shit with rebar but never with an actual sign post. Reminds me of that video of the two family members that drove right into the teeth of a reaper but somehow missed the safety bar in front of it.

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