Bangsar Construction Worker Plummets to Death from Skyscraper

Bangsar Construction worker Plummets to Death from Skyscraper

A construction worker within the outskirts of Kaula Lumpur, Bangsar, had fallen from the 35th floor to the 7th due to his harness somehow disconnecting whilst working on a skyscraper.

I can’t really make out what the image shows in, but it looks like he fell pretty hard considering the support pipes in one of the images were bent. It also looks like his harness stopped him from falling any further but that’s all unclear.

This guy must have had a pretty bad day to die on that shift that his boss told him to do as soon as he was about to relax and drink his coffee. Poor fella ay?

Also… He has some pretty nice socks… Too bad Primark or H&M didn’t stop him from dying, but they did at the very least stop him from falling. : / ?

EDIT UPDATE: It’s a shame that I have to mention this to people as so many don’t get it. How about I instead just give a list of all of my terrible jokes, okay? Okay.

. I know Red Bull doesn’t give you wings
. “looks like he fell pretty hard”
. Yes his socks was a joke but they are still nice
. “pretty bad day to die on that shift”
. I know socks are not parachutes

All cleared guys? πŸ™‚

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      1. @BLTM, just like wine…you can spend twenty or more for a good bottle that has a nice aroma and smooth flavor or you can spend six bucks on a bottle that smells of vinegar and tastes like piss.
        I only go for the top shelf premium pussy.

        1. @brokeback . You’re talkin’ about the top shelf, where the bottles are all dusty and been sitting for a few dozen years? The ones who really need someone to “love” them real good? Those are the premium pieces of ass, hey… Savory, good stuff. Ya get what ya pay for. πŸ˜‰

  1. I think I’d rather die like this guy than to die sleeping. I want to stare death in the face, not have it creep up and grab me unaware. Bet he had one hell of ride before impacting and from the looks of it, probably a second or two of horrific pain, then lights out. Sucks for his family but then again, it sucks for everyone’s family when they die (for those who have one). Then again, when wealthy people die and leave sums of money to family members it surely helps to balance out the pain of the loss. Of course in most cases people would rather have their loved one than their money, or wait, would they? We all know there are a bunch of greedy bastards in this world but fortunately I’m not one of them. Money comes and goes but trustworthy loved ones are few and far between. Oh well, I’m just rambling now. I had a nightmare and now I can’t sleep so here I am sharing my thoughts. I remember as a child several times being conscious of the fact I was dreaming and I would fly like superman, wish I could still do that. Too bad this guy couldn’t. Oh well, maybe he had a fat ass insurance policy that will ease his family’s suffering.

  2. Perhaps I’m getting old and my eyes aren’t what they used to be or the fact that I’m looking at this on a four inch screen but I could swear I’m looking at a dangling body that has no head. Did he lose it on the way down or is it there but I just can’t see it?

        1. They usually wear boots in construction work as someone who has personally been on a construction site. But I do sometimes see construction shoes that look like they are made of leather. Honestly, don’t know what happened to this fuck but all I can say is that he has some nice socks. Really.

  3. I am a construction worker who works at extreme heights.
    In induction videos they show you a guy who had a loose harness, and when he fell his ballsack exploded and his testicles are dangling down to his knees.
    Of course the force of the sudden stop made his shoes come off.

  4. We have 2 sets of those scaffolds for roofing or general high spot work and they ain’t easy to bend how my dad got them I have no clue but my guess is either a trade or his work was getting rid of them (they throw out a lot of stuff that just needs to be fixed or replaced with a part that I can source out some place if I have the bins for them) hell I’ve used one of the sets to work on one of our trees before we ripped it out with my dads truck…

    I swear if we don’t have a piece of heavy equipment to yank a tree out we use his 3/4 ton truck -.- though I think is more 1.5 ton considering we have pulled that with it…

  5. this doesnt happen very much in us osha has some rules in place to prevent this type of accident this guy may have tied his lanyard to a life line that goes around perimetor of building its a cable connected to column, if cables were saddled wrong it would pull cable through we say dont saddel a dead horse refering to over lapping cables with 2 clamps. we had a guy that was tied with a yoyo to lanyard but life line was not saddeled correct he fell pulling cable and broke his neck but as a master carpenter worked in many states it happend once in my 20 years. its sad to see a guy trying to make an honest living die tryin.

  6. 23 floors between his fall and his final pose…

    who the fuck build building like that in malaysia with probably chinese or indian worker ? (i not count the thai that are probably be used as test doll )

    lucky that its just 1 guy that fall and not the freaking all building…

    maybe its just me, but its look like the head of this guy is in his back (mostly beheaded but i think its the head we can see in pic 3 behind him near his ass)

    1. Need to know the time or speed for the fall. If you are a hardcore researcher just make a rough and intelligent estimate from an estimate/approximation of the distance. The distance wouldn’t be hard considering a floor is commonly 10 feet from the next. Now look at how many floors. 28. 28*10=280. Now we have the distance and we have acceleration at 9.81. Now we need time. Do square root of 2×280 over 9.81. Get a calculator and that gave me roughly 7.5. Last step is 7.5×9.81 and done. Got yourself velocity right there buddy. Getting terminal velocity is too complicated for this case.

        1. Don’t get the numbers confused. 7.5×9.81 does not represent the time taken in seconds for him to fall but rather his acceleration. It means he accelerated at around 73.57 feet per second squared. I probably fucked up somewhere as I didn’t care much to check anything but it basically means he accelerated at 73 feet per second every second. Looking at suicide videos that seems very roughly alright. But take it with a grain of salt because it was made under the assumption that a floor to the next is around 10 feet.

          1. so you think the attraction force is not a point in physic ?

            i bet the weight count. if i make a papernews fall, it probably will fall less faster than an rock of the exact same size and shape….

          2. You are correct but that is only because the paper has more surface area and therefore another force acting on it. Air resistance. If you drop two objects of the same shape and size but one is heavier, you will fidn that they both roughly land at the same time depending on how steady and accurate your method is for the experiment.

          3. Gravity is basically a force independent of weight. And acceleration is the gain of speed from GRAVITY. To find out velocity you need time too. Those do not relate to weight.

            EDIT: Woah did you just edit your comment to say same shape and size or do my eyes deceive? Sorry if I didn’t see but either way it’s a myth that heavier objects fall faster.

    1. i dont even have get any joke when i read it……. i know i m not english so, maybe i miss all , but still….. do that kind of joke in front of me and you probably will be the only guy to laugh while i look around embarassed to didnt have understand anything… lol

        1. @t-w (Daniel Adams) : don’t take it personally when someone makes a rude comment about your article. It happens to all the authors & many times readers take things too seriously/literally, especially because people from all over the world read BG. Jokes and sarcasm are hard to get through written communication. At least you put in the time and effort to publish stories! Thanks for that πŸ™‚

  7. Day one on new construction site in NYC.

    Im at the safety orientation with two other guys.I can speak English, other guy is Central American. Third guy is his translator.

    During video I just know that the guy isn’t translating everything.I just know he is telling the guy the things he can do and the things he can ignore.

    4 hours later the guy is lying on the sidewalk dead.

    When they scraped the body up, it was noted that both ends of the drop cord are hooked to the harness………THEY DONT WORK TOO WELL WHEN ATTACHED LIKE THAT…..

    Two days later the third guy broke his arm……..Kharma maybe……..but his boss told all his guys that if anyone took him to hospital they would be docked pay.So this guy had to sit from around 11 am till around 330 am before he could go to hospital.

    But……they are cheap to employ so I guess thats what you get.

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