Man Impaled with Stool

Man Impaled with Stool

Ok, boys and gores, can anyone tell me just how the fuck this happened? A man somehow got a stool embedded in his back. You can actually see one of the legs under his skin and probably breaking ribs.

It’s s good thing he is at the hospital safely as I’m sure they are gonna want to take a stool sample.

Mad props to @MrsPink.

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  1. I would almost 100% guarantee this involved a substantial amount of alcohol. He probably fell playing an intense game of beer pong and then drunkenly asked his buddies “Hey bros, do I have something in my back”.

    1. I was gonna say he jumped up on the bar while piss drunk and fell ontop of the thing. It could’ve been worse though, he could’ve impaled his cock inside a stinking Indian pussy… I’m never getting wasted in a brothel ever again.

      1. Ha! God, I’ve been there bro…I was fucking the shit out of a Japanese chick in a hotel one time when I was 19…And I mean pounding that shit for hours with good ol’ drunk dick. Fast forward to the morning when I woke up and the bitch was gone but what she left me was the shit nightmares are made of…my chest to my legs were covered in copious amounts of dry blood, along with having bedsheets that looked like a a giant used maxi-pad. Fucking awful man…I still wonder what room service thought when they walked into that scene.

        1. lol I’ve had one much worse but some things are better left untold. “First and last time I ever smoke ice!” is all I’ll say.
          Besides I’m pretty sure that Indian chic wasn’t all that ugly but I could swear I could still taste her filthy pussy in my mouth the next morning.

          1. Well what the flying fucktard were you thinking. It’s a quick and simple test. Playful put your hands down her pants and then smell. Oila!!!!!!! Nasty cunt taste in the morning avoided!

        2. @ DeadOhioSky Holy crap ! back then didn’t you know you were ramming in to that slit which was menstruating with spate of dirty blood all over you and the linen all night long and what then the room services thought when they came cleaning ??….guess what they all thought ?
          that the guy who made the pussy bleed so awfully bad must be none other than DeadOhioSkyDeadOhioSky
          Hey its just a joke man!

  2. Easy. ….man stands on stool…stool is very shaky and bottoms of stool legs are sharp\old …man looses balance…in efort to maintain balance ,stool flips as man tumbles to floor ! Man is impaled…… either that or man picks really really stupid way to commit suicide by throwing self on sharpened stool leg… take your pick

      1. @IS you know nuns are really all sex crazed maniacs right? It’s true, I’ve met one who wears sexy lingerie under her robes and carries a bag full of sex toys around. She told me all about it.

  3. I take that back….. i think he was in a drunken brawl and fell on it. It would take a lot of pressure to push that through his back. His weight had to cause it when he fell on it. Its the only thing that makes any sense to me.

    1. I think you’re pretty darn close. My guess is that he was standing on it (changing a lightbulb, maybe?) and leaned too far over. Stool gets flipped and landed on hard.

      I do wonder why no one’s taken a screwdriver and removed any parts that weren’t actually embedded. At least lessen the weight a bit by taking off the seat.

      1. @shadarus
        I’m taking my earlier comment back as well. I think you’re right. I think the stool flipped over while he was standing on it. He was obviously unbalanced, and landed right on the leg of the stool.

        In addition, there are three mole like marks on his back. If one looks at the stool, there (may) be three nails, or sharp like objects that possibly would line up to the marks on this dude’s back. This would indicate that at some point, the bottom of the stool containing the sharp objects, hit this guys back, then he was able to pull away from the bottom of the stool a little bit. The only way that this could take place imo, is that the full weight of his body, enabled that leg to go straight through him.

        Anyway, that’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it by God. 🙂

    2. He always had trouble getting a chair so he embedded one , the one that he always was eyeing . Its just him and his chair everywhere ! But then he fancies foreign objects so much that he wants them all through and through him.

  4. In Russian ER – Doctors: “so what happened? Did you fall ontop of chair?” Guy whos impaled: “Well, I got into jousting match in car mit friend after I drink 5 pint of vodka. You know, chair has 4 spiked edges so that means great chance of penetration, to factor 4 to be exact.” Doctor: Go home and sit down on that chair that impaled into you. Your insurance wont cover that shit. Try taking warm bath with epsom salt.” Lesson learned: In russia, chair sit on you.

  5. Ouch!!! That looks like it hurt!
    Hello everyone, i’ve just recently created an Account here on BG after about a year or two of lurking. I can now say that i’m addicted and often spend my nights up in bed, watching gruesome videos. I actually enjoy it alot now lmfao.
    Anyways, i’m sure I’ll enjoy my time here being a member, thanks for having me. ?

      1. Nope. I dont like alcohol (unless its mead). 😐 I dont see the point of taking the body to an unstable state through drinking, losing most control of it, and ending up having massive headaches in the end because of hangovers… By the same logic, why dont people go bash their heads on some concrete wall for the same effect? Its cheaper…

      2. Really not even way back when we were trying Everything..?, Omg., I Love Mead, had a chance to try it for the first time at my friends wedding a few years ago, I’ve got a Sweet tooth and omg did that ever hit the spot. Beautiful drink.

        1. I have a functional brain… therefore i dont need to use my body as a “guinea pig” to know and simulate what effects some stuff has on me. And if i dont like it, i simply wont try it. 😐 Its simple as that… but thats just my pragmatic self…

  6. I think he fell onto the stool too, if it doesn’t have a stopper on the end it would have sliced through his body a lot easier. All BG parents, make sure your kids push bike always has grips on the end of the handle bars, this sort of accident happens when kids fall off their bike onto the handle bars (more common than you’d think).

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