Man Impaled Across Upper Body After Falling on Rebar with Crotch

Man Implated Across Upper Body After Falling on Rebar with Crotch

The bit of the language in the video sounds Russian to me. The man in the video was probably a construction site worker, or otherwise farted around a construction site and fell onto a rebar with his ass.

The video shows him naked on a hospital bed, with the rebar entered into his body through the crotch area, narrowly missing the family jewels. It went all the way across his upper body into the upper chest, where it is clearly visible under the skin.

Props to Best Gore members @african-angel and @13lunt420media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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159 thoughts on “Man Impaled Across Upper Body After Falling on Rebar with Crotch”

  1. Hmmm.. Now WHERE have I seen something like this before???…
    At least this guy doesn’t have to deal with splinters AND he gets to keep his nuts uncracked.
    As Sphinx would say, he should count his lucky scars!

  2. everyday that goes by, these fetishes get more and more creative. I applaud you, good sir. good for you thinking outside the box. An even better idea is to not take it out and leave it as a souvenir. You’ll be the life of any party

          1. Haha! Same, I was wondering why “she” was so homophobic, lol. Then he said is that something svarg would say? I was like woops, I fucked that one up, maybe I can save it by saying svarg would burn the whole fucking, faggot carnival to the ground! 😛

      1. Please tell me you’re gay. Otherwise you don’t get to name the disgusting things we do. Just last night, I made dog food from scratch when I got home from work (for my 2 pitties). Then when my husband got home, I screamed at him for 20 minutes because he is ex military and used to be with a woman, so apparently that’s what straight guys like. Then after we ate dinner, we laid in bed together, and did the most horrible things. We watched tv and snuggled with our dogs. And then fought over the remote control.
        God damn us all to hell.

          1. Lol, those three dots tell a story. 😉
            What do you think he’s more emBARassed of, the accident or knowing the world is gonna see his baby dick?

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