Man with Knife Stuck in Temple of His Head

Man with Knife Stuck in Temple of His Head

I have no background information about this video at all. No idea where it happened, but there is a bit of talking in it, so hopefully somebody can recognize the language, or maybe even deduce what exactly happened?

The short video shows a man on the road with a knife stuck in the temple of his head. He’s still alive, but not in a position to help himself. Hopefully ambulance arrived promptly to provide appropriate medical care.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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70 thoughts on “Man with Knife Stuck in Temple of His Head”

  1. It sounds like a combination of African and Arabic to me.

    Also, the guy in the red shirt appears to have a national flag motif going on and whereas I don’t recognise the particular flag in question it does kind of look like the geographical outline of Mali so that would be my guess.

  2. This video is from South Africa. They are speaking Afrikaans. The one guy is asking the guy with the knife in his head where his home is. No indication is given to what happened during the short conversation.

  3. i think the dumb cunt stabbed himself for attention. if you want to impress people, you really should stab yourself in the stomach. you will get a lot of attention from the coroner doing that crazy shit.

  4. I wonder though. He’s got a fucking knife through the brain. And yet he is still alive! How is that even possible?! Surely he will either die or be a vegetable for the rest of his days…

  5. Its easier for him from now on to use the popped out knife like hangers to hold his shaded dry ker chieves and scare the fuck out of anyone who tries meddling around with him.
    He is morphed in to a two horn bull

  6. Is this video from some shithole third world country where human lives has 0 value? In that case I would like to buy this dumbass as a Halloween decoration for my front’d be perfect!

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