Rescue of Man Impaled Through Face with Metal Bar

Rescue of Man Impaled Through Face with Metal Bar

Best Gore member @boscotkc submits great content for publishing, but never with any backstory. Naturally, I have no backstory about this one either. But good vid.

The people in the video look South-East Asian to me. Indonesia perhaps? CORRECTION – Myanmar, not Indonesia. Thanks @placika.

The video shows a man impaled through his face with a metal bar. He looks lifeless as other try to help him and rescue him out of that place. He may have slipped down the hill behind him and somehow landed face first on that bar. This is an excavation site, judging by the presence of the excavator that can be seen in some shots. Not sure what the people with faces painted on are doing in an excavation hole.

Thanks a lot for the video, @boscotkc:

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          1. I believe this isn’t funny in any way but more of a laughing way, like a aha damn that sucks kinda way. Or like a how the fuck does that even happen? Like seriously you have to have the worst luck ever to have your face impaled by a steel pole. But then again, dumb ass country = dumb ass ppl

  1. That is insane! Not the spike through the guy’s face, no, fuck that guy. No, what’s interesting is the fact that I was just thinking of Phineas Gage, who was a railroad construction Foreman, who was tamping down Dynamite when it blew up and sent the rod right through his skull. I mean I was just thinking about him. Then I scroll up one post, and BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE. Starting to believe that I might be slightly psychic. See, I was thinking about staring down the barrel of a gun when its fired. And I was trying to imagine just what was Phineas Gage thinking when that Dynamite went off. The scary thing is that he lived… But I digress, hey Look at that hat! Lol.

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