Thief Prospecting Homes Slips and Impales His Chin on Rebar Fence

Thief Prospecting Homes Slips and Impales His Chin on Rebar Fence

Thief Prospecting Homes Slips and Impales His Chin on Rebar Fence

In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a presumed thief was prospecting homes to steal from, when he slipped and fell on a rebar fence, impaling his chin.

In the video, the helpless thief cries as he signals the witnesses to cut the rebar off and release him from the hook.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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156 thoughts on “Thief Prospecting Homes Slips and Impales His Chin on Rebar Fence”

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      1. Loving all these mussie videos just watching them in pain brightens up my day. Why are they cutting him down when they’re only going to chop his hands off anyway?

          1. Well he is missing his trousers casual so i can only think that one or more of the goat fukkers helped themselves to a bit of human ass hole for a change

          1. 29, yes please (I mean, male), Maine…Horror genre is the best genre! It’s just too bad most shit that comes out nowadays is… well… shit.

          2. 31 in the beginning of August, male and currently residing in shit hole New Jersey. I can’t agree more with ya on the horror genre nowdays. But hey, a lot of good horror stories/movies come out of Maine at least. (Stephen King)

          3. New Jersey, huh? Aww, I feel sorry for ya, bro. πŸ˜‰ … Oh, fuck ya! SK is my favorite author. The Shining is probably my fav. movie based on his novels (even though he hated it, lol). Don’t know if you ever read 1922, a novella of his but it’s really good. Netflix made it into a movie last year, it’s not bad…


          4. That and I watched “The Stand” on duel VHS tapes when the 6 friggin hour long movie came out. This would than become the first “King” book I read which I was in 7th grade. Talk about a hefty book to ‘impale’ when in those days I just wanted to play ‘Resident Evil 3’ on PS1. Lol

  1. Lmao looks like fish shaking when pulled out from water with hook in the mouth. Also if he was trying to come my home, i would probably leave him over a night hanging there like a ragdoll. Hes lucky he got help

  2. He will have a sore chin for a wee while but will probably get over it. This reminds me of the time I once cut myself shaving. I can smile about it now, but at the time it was terrible.
    Women don’t know the half of it.

    1. Razors cost about three times as much as tampons yet women complain that they want free tampons. I say we demand free razors and not cheap ones that tear your face off either.

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  3. :31 to :33 Is someone from the local news station there to interview him?!? It honestly looks like a news mic pops up from the very bottom of the screen for a few moments. Exactly what sort of sound bite were they hoping for?

    Reporter: “Sir, if I could have a moment of your time?” Onlooker: “You idiot, you can have ALL the moments of his time, that dumb shit sure isn’t going anywhere.” Reporter: “Look, buster, my boss sent me out here to get footage and quotes. I can’t air the footage ’cause his butt’s hanging out and I can’t submit audio ’cause he’s braying like a syphilitic donkey!” Onlooker: “So you can literally tell your boss, “Well, double dumb ass on you!” and not get fired.” Reporter: “Cute. Keep it up and your girdle and that ridiculous toupee are gonna be hanging from the next rebar over.”

  4. Just heat that rebar up a little bit. It might be enough to help that little fucker to get off that fence. And even if not, it’d be quite funny.
    Maybe some voltage might get him off the fence instead.

  5. I would have left him there, he makes a nice decoration and his screams are music to my ears and he’d even make a nicer decoration once he rots and turns into a skeleton, a lesson to any fucker wanting break into my house

  6. ha! are you kidding me? just call me vlad, i’d be leaving that motherfucker up there as a warning to any other thieves that wanna try something! then, i’m not thinking about the smell. i wonder if i can hang a couple dozen of those pine air fresheners on and around his corpse?

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