Unfortunate Man is Penetrated in the Worst Way

Unfortunate Man is Penetrated in the Worst Way

Sometimes a single image is all you need, friends. And…dear sweet Jesus…looks like there are worse ways for a man to be penetrated than anal rape in prison. I have no idea what happened here or where or when but one thing is for certain…. this man felt pain beyond imagining. Still alive in this image, he has the feeling of that metal Through the balls, bowels, abdomen, and chest cavity all the way to the arm pit. The elasticity of the skin is also worthy of note as you can see that bar perfectly through the flesh. Very much artwork.

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        1. Oh of course not , I’d love to have them alive for at least a year , or at least until their mind cannot process anything but pain, maybe even start human bile harvesting and have stables full of these dicks, unable to commit suicide

          1. Ehehe, good. 😆 You can cut their feet and hands off too and leave them with only stumps, and have fun seeing them trying to walk or do anything… 😆

      1. @bobcat

        Mate, mate, mate, you are forgetting the old ‘iceberg’ law also applies to ‘the cock’. What you see outside the skin, is only one third of the cocks entire length, and two thirds of it is inside the body anchored to the pubis bone.

        To be this pole looks like it absolutely pierced the intra- peritoneal penile shaft, and probably has done some nasty damage. This fella may require an inflatable implant to crack a fat from now on………

    1. Hehe ! Funny you say that.. When I first looked at the picture, that’s all I could see.. Eyes glued.. Wasn’t till I read the description, that I reaslised the pole went up higher lol

    1. tbh this image made my taint hurt. most guys prolly had the same reaction the first time they saw this pic.
      just….. fuck….. can’t even imagine how much pain this guy must be in. there are sooooo many sensitive nerves right there.
      i need to look at something else. get this out of my head….
      i’ll go check out the vehicle accident section.


  1. Funny how a rebar through the bollacks can result in the ball bag looking like an old women’s minge !
    Rest assured, he’s gunna need several vials of very strong painkillers before they pull that bad boy out.

  2. He appears to be far too thin and in need of diet supplementation and therein lies the problem, vitamin intake should be internal not external.

    Dark-green leafy vegetables are a good source of iron, a rusty bar through the scrotum however is not.

    Thankfully no one told him to add nuts to his diet otherwise the doctor would be treating two patients right now.

      1. On a serious note any damage done inside the scrotum can easily be fix ( worst harm there he got a vasectomy which are easy to reverse) any intestine that got punchered will be the first things they look for to prevent the body from poisoning itself. This guy was so “lucky” the bar stayed to the outside of the rib cage looks like it would have penetrated the heart if it had slipped under their ribcage instead..umong a few other major organs since most are located on the left side.

          1. Do I detect a bit of sarcasm??? Lol I hope so I was definitely using a bit of it myself when I typed that particular part ;p

    1. Weird-smelling on May 18, 2015 at 6:23pm said:
      I?ve seen something similar with my own eyes, with my own toy chihuahua who was in a baby pouch attached to me.

      You sir gave up your “nuts” having privilege.

  3. as horrendously bad as this might look, medically speaking he was lucky not to have to lose an organ or have severed a major artery…. besides, he most likely would not have felt a thing due to severe shock and was doped once he reached the hospital, I once split my palm flesh in half…. vertically right between the bones of the 2 middle fingers but stopped half an inch before opening my palm completely and I did not even notice it(in the first 5 minutes) until my friends alarmingly told me that blood was dripping from my hand.

    and yet if I slam my toe into a table leg I’d moan like a prisoner being bayonetted to death…isn’t adrenaline wonderful :p

  4. I swear I don’t even wish that sort of pain on my worst enemy’s. Only a man that has been hit in the nuts knows how painful it really it, let alone being pierced through the nuts lmao.

      1. It will never be 100% but all things considered I’m pretty fortunate to be where I’m at today. I can do just about everything I could before the accident…accept tie my own shoes.
        Thanks for asking.

        1. you know i dont know have you read about those things, but sexual energy has power to heal everything in body, maybe not 100%, but it can do lot of miracles and make you feel even more stronger orgasm,if you channel it certain places.

  5. After making his fortune in wind chimes, it seems Heezabeldoh da Silva might have to scrap his wind dong idea. The percussion section of the Feminist Philharmonic might be interested in them, though.

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