West Virginia Bass Fisherman Impaled by Huge Fence Post

West Virginia Bass Fisherman Impaled by Huge Fence Post

This particularly painful looking photo is all over the interweb, but not many places have the story that’s behind it, so here it is:

This poor fellow is a bass fisherman from West Virginia. He was flying down a river in his bass boat at high speed, possibly exceeding 100 km/h. The waterway was narrow and safe manoeuvrability of small fishing boat compromised by revving it up to high speed, so when a curve came up, the boat was thrown against the bank and fisherman sent adrift.

Not realizing there were crazy boat riding fisherman in West Virginia, some weird character built a wooden fence around that part of the river. And that’s what our bass fisherman landed on upon his ejection from the boat. He impaled himself on a huge fence post from the back end in and the groin area out.

He was taken to a hospital where this picture was taken and made full recovery after 6 months (incredible). The doctors said that he was tucked onto that fence post so tightly, he suffered virtually no blood loss, which is what likely saved his life. There is no info on whether his penis survived the accident well enough to still perform, though.

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43 thoughts on “West Virginia Bass Fisherman Impaled by Huge Fence Post”

    1. Not to be a dick, but this story is all wrong. This is at the university of Arkansas for medical sciences (uams) er. Trauma bed 2. I worked this guy. He had a motorcycle wreck outside of little rock Arkansas, and was flown in via bhmca medflight. Look at the resident’s (bill) lead apron it says uams radiology. Anne (45, rock climber and grandmother) is the nurse. The gen med resident that originally posted this pic on rotten.com got fired for violating patient privacy laws. Big ER uproar. I don’t know if he or his penis survived surgery. Whoever came up with the boat story is very imaginative. Just saying.

  1. My EMT teacher worked on a call extremely similar to this one, it might have even been the same call. Very cool. Oh and I heard that the penis did survive, not sure if it’s possible that it would work though.

  2. Yeah… I posted this photo in the forums a year ago.
    But, who cares about a Red Neck and whether he can procreate… Check out the nurse in the back. I think the sight of ALL THAT WOOD is getting her a little stirred up.. WOOOOO HOOOOOO.

  3. What a freak accident. I wonder how long he sat there, or well, you know, was hanging on that log, before someone found him there.

    “I wonder what that guy is doing sitting on that fence post?… No, wait…”

  4. Clearly I have been on this site for far too long and my sociopathic and sexually deviant tendencies have taken over completely.


    Because I felt not one ounce of empathy or pain for this fuckwit. All I wanted to do was bend that fucking super-hot nurse over and give her the best “transfusion” of all time

  5. I have seen this picture so damn many times but never knew what happened. Thank you Mark, I was always so curious about the story. That’s some bad luck..and stupidity. There must have been some serious force for something with that large of a diameter to go all the way through..if it were like a pipe or something I could see it, but a post that thick? Must have been insane to see.

  6. On tonight’s episode of Who Wants to Win a Hospital Visit

    Man searches for Bass in a high speed motorboat chase. Man is ejected from boat for stupidity. Man gets ass-impaled by wooden log. Man fucks horny nurse with wooden erection.

    Remember folks, if you plan on fishing this weekend, maintain speed below 35 k on water.

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