Woman Impaled Her Hand with Kitchen Knife

Woman Impaled Her Hand with Kitchen Knife

The woman was allegedly trying to split frozen burgers apart, her knife slipped and impaled her hand. Judging by her outfit, she was probably a Wendy’s employee. Long blade on that knife, but she probably missed all the tendons so she’ll likeky regain full sensitivity of her hand after the cut has healed.

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    1. @Future Days – wouldn’t you like to feel that hole in your hand instead? why do you think michael jackson always wore that one glove and had it adorned with glittering rhinestones as well? he was totally in love with that hand

  1. I’ve done the frozen food, sharp carving knife myself. the blood spurted over my head so it went a good 6 foot and landed in the sitting room. I cupped my hand and turned on the tap, within a second my cupped hand was full of blood, it’s weird how hot your blood, it was like bath water.

      1. Hey Wicked Mama, hope your doin well..,if I was able to fill that coveted spot you wouldn’t be allowed any where near anything sharp,slippery or anything that has a saddle! Even then I think I’d have to buy you a house next door to a hospital.

    1. Sorry if I double post. I’ve always like Wendy burgers, there was one left in London which has gone now. I rarely eat fast food but Wendy’s was million times better than McDonalds or burger king. I really can’t understand why someone would prefer a McDonalds to a Wendy.

  2. Edit……….. this looks like a defensive wound to me.

    Better this than being stabbed in the head or heart or whatever.

    Here in Australia the other day a cop was shot in the face.

    They’re saying the slug went through his left cheek exiting via the left ear.

    How fucking lucky is that shit ?

    On another note………. Always take care cutting tough pumpkin ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Was thinking the same thing about it being a defensive wound as I’ve seen a photo of a defensive wound almost identical to this one; knife edge up and everything.

      If it wasn’t defensive, I wonder what the story was on it though? Been trying to think of ways one could impale themselves just like this one, and at the moment, it escapes me. Or just too tired to think!

        1. That’s were more information would be awesome cos even though I think it could be a defensive wound, and the OP Spiderman, it could of course be something crazy ass different with no background story, or common sense, at all to determine what happened.

          I guess it could of been a fluke ass slip of the knife, but damn, how in the world does that happen with the blade in the position it is in her hand?

          1. ^^^ Though I think what I typed makes sense, I’m drunk as shit so maybe it doesn’t! LOL If it doesn’t, eh, my apologies!

            Maybe she was trying to hack away at a pound of frozen 85/15 beef or somthomg and slipped?

  3. Holy shit..bet that smarts..she won’t be doing whatever the hell she did to end up like this again..hopefully..but if she does i hope its in one of those pretty looking tits so i can see what’s under that shirt..mmmm.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Hey peeps. Making appearances less and less these days but I thought I’d pop in and visit my favourite bunch of floozies

    What’s the latest on the Marek case I wonder? If we have any artists in the family I could use some help designing a logo for the anti web censorship thing we are running.

    Anyways, take care fuckers. It would be good to get in contact with more of you who want to help co ordinate everything. I’m pretty hopeless at it.

  5. Hello BestGoreians, guess who just joined?! I’ve been a lurker here for about two years and set up an account a few months ago but haven’t been able to access the site until now. So glad I’m finally a member, though, I always love the comments people leave!

  6. Attention!

    Sorry to change the subject, but I believe this is far more important to our great community here than some Darwin Award Winner-lady getting wtfpwned by some frozen hamburgers…

    Happy National Drink Beer Day everyone! Well, at least to everyone in America.
    Carry on!

      1. Great pernt, Obli! I believe this is our small way of kicking Oktoberfest off here in the states. They won’t let us celebrate brew publicly here for 16 straight days as they do in Germany. In this new age of Krokodil, there is prevailing politically correct bs regarding “drink responsibly” or some such drivel. My celebration involved enjoying some excellent Trappist Ales. And no, I won’t be going out of my home to experience the excellent hospitality of our law enforcement agencies. I’m much too old to get a crippling beat down over suds these days.

        Nice pic of Rasputin by the way. At least I noticed the switch…


  7. This reminds me of when I was little and and “stepped” on a rusty nail. I actually stomped my foot on the nail wondering what would happen, I was silly. Hurt like a motherfucker though and would have made some great stuff for BG xD

  8. Foolishness has no limits in the realm of human creativity.
    A man is not one who reaches the age of adulthood, but he who learns to be wise. With that being said, I wonder why she used a chefs knife instead of upgrading to a hack saw, machete or an axe to split the burgers lol? That being said, I believe the cause of her impalement was not a big sharp object, but impatience and utter stupidity. She’s lucky to be alive.

    Note to self: Use hot water for defrosting next time lol

  9. I keep looking at the position of the knife, and the angle it’s in there. It doesn’t look like she was trying to cut anything but the hand. Not to mention, if the knife is sharp enough to dig that deep into the hand, after a simple slip, she was obviously using the wrong knife, for the job. This woman was either trying to get attention, or she is the dumbest person I’ve seen thus far.

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