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For over 12 years, was the go to source for reality news. The founder of the website has moved on to pursue different endeavors. Change, as they say, is the only constant in life.

Remember: Just when the caterpillar thought its world was over, it turned into a butterfly! I'd like to thank each and every one of you for years of support and making Best Gore the best website on the internet. To get in touch: bestgore [at], or bestgore [at]

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Interview for a magazine being made by Anonymous

I was interviewed by wonderful anons from the Lamp Lit Magazine.

How are you? How is your Christmas, your family, your life? How are you enjoying the apocalypse?

I've been amazing lately, and it's only compounded by the fact that I got to spend the Christmas season with people I have not been with on Christmas for years. So I am savoring every moment to the fullest. As for the apocalypse, I have been preparing for the worst case scenario since before the Magnotta fiasco and feel quite ready to take whatever is thrown at me.

How is your daily livelihood? Are you still able to earn money on the internet?

I spent too many endless years on the internet before calling it quits earlier this year and wish I would have done it longer time ago. My primary focus right now is gardening, wild edibles foraging, fermenting, making tinctures, growing own mushrooms, vermicomposting and random commerce by way of exchange. Thanks to my deep knowledge of natural remedies and traditional healing methods, I have successfully treated various ailments of numerous people and have received support in exchange. Some remnants of internet revenue still remain in place, but they are not my primary focus at this time.

Were you ever able to actually make any good money from bestgore? Has being associated with the website helped or hindered your career?

Best Gore was an active website for 12+ years. For most of its life, it was ads free, so it cost me more than it earned (even discounting time invested to run it). More recently, I put some ads up on it, but reduced them to just banner ads in non prominent parts of the site, and disabled them for logged in users. Still, because the popularity of the site really picked up in its last few years, these ads generated more revenue than the costs associated with running the website.

Nevertheless, I have never delved too deeply into revenue generation with the site, and as such I've never utilized more effective advertising methods known for delivering higher yields, ie pop unders, in-line ads, video pre-rolls, social bars, etc.

In terms of career choices, my offline endeavors thus far have run independently of whatever happens online, so I have experienced neither hindrance nor advances in my career as a result of the involvement with Best Gore.

Have you ever spoken with intelligence agents or been privilege to high stakes scenarios?


One of the best places to find uncensored violent content now are imageboards and social media. Does any of this surprise you, that censorship is actually increasing as opposed to decreasing, that facebook has taken the place of the internet shock site?

In all honesty, I have never had a Facebook account and never will. Likewise, I have never utilized Facebook so I have no idea what goes on there. As such I don't feel competent to comment on its place as the internet shock site. I am however not surprised by the out of control censorship of people generated content on the internet in general. Aware and informed populace has been a thorn in the side of the powers that be for a long time.

While the internet has given massive power to the hands of the controllers and has afforded them the ability to profile and monitor the activities of the plebs, it has also brought a lot of awareness on taboo topics to a lot of people.

For example, it is thanks to the internet that so many people became aware of the fact that prior to the COVID-19 plandemic, the holocaust was the greatest hoax of all time. The almost perfect execution of the greatest lie ever told turned into a complete nightmare for the planners of the hoax because the information that had been suppressed about it got shared all over the internet and not even the vast armies of paid Hasbara shills could stop it. In other words, no amount of money could match the power of the people willing to spread the truth out of the pure goodness of their hearts, without getting paid for it.

Do you have any predictions on the subjects of censorship or publishing in the context of future society?

Twitter became one of the most popular websites quite literally out of the blue. That's not a coincidence. The orchestrated effort to funnel all internet users into a small number of well controlled large enterprises has been obvious to everyone willing to live with their eyes open for years.

One day, all mainstream media talking heads began injecting their reports with lines prompting the people to like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and subscribe to their YouTube channel... They've brainwashed the public with it until much of the population has invested so much time building up their presence on these controlled sites, that it would be near impossible for them to quit. It also engaged the populace enough to leave them with no time to reasonably explore viable alternatives. That was the important step in controlling the narrative.

All these large enterprises started with little censorship, so people had no reason to remain suspicious, but once large enough section of the population was completely locked in on them, that's when the control of the narrative truly kicked in. Old habits die hard, so after years of keeping the public on these sites, the people have been less likely to go elsewhere so now they can also control what information is available to the large segment of the internet users.

It was a crafty plan, which had to start with hardly any censorship, but that's expected since the orchestrators are the same people who've orchestrated every major war in the past several centuries, tricking people into killing one another over made up stuff, and planned every major event that impacted the people's lives over the years.

So needless to say we are dealing with skilled tricksters with lots of experience brainwashing the public to carry out unspeakable acts and even come out of them all as victims. As such, the predictions on the future of society may not seem the brightest, but I think we may be near, or even past the point of the aware outnumbering the sheeple. The aware are the silent majority, and the level of awareness they hold is unlike any in history. Once this silent majority speaks up, the bleat of the useful idiots will drown in the mighty roar of the free man.

The enemy, in my opinion, is well aware of it and it scares the holy anus out of him. That may be why he's turning the heat up more than usual despite knowing full well the boiling frog effect is the only reason why his plans had been successful thus far. The moment the free man gets to feel too much heat, he will rise up and trigger the ripple effect with the fellow free men and we could witness revolution the world has not yet experienced.

What did you think about the Netflix documentary regarding Magnotta?

I'm not sure I know which one we're talking about. I have never had a Netflix subscription so unless it's something I may have come across on the internet, I may not have seen it. Fact of a matter is, I have not followed up on Magnotta since my escape from Canada back in 2016.

How was serving out your punishment for corrupting canadian morals? Do you feel that your sentence was justified and that you were rehabilitated?

"Rehabilitated? To me it's just a made up word; a politician's word. So young fellas like yourself can wear a suit, and tie, and have a job." Remember that one? You probably lead me up to that one, didn't you :o)

I'm not the first and will not be the last victim of persecution under the guise of "protecting morals". As far back as 399 BC, Greek philosopher Socrates was charged with "corrupting the youth." Unlike Socrates, I got out of my phoney persecution alive and lived up the last days of my website, ending it on my own terms. And what profound and enriching experience that was. I would not swap that for anything. I'm not sure that's quite the degree of "rehabilitation" my persecutors had hoped for?

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