Anime Gore – Japanese Blood Art, Young Girl Cut in Half

Anime Gore - Japanese Blood Art, Young Girl Cut in Half

Due to many requests, Best Gore is responding to growing popularity of Anime Gore. Japanese drawn images are known for pushing boundaries beyond limit. The only known limit is knowing that it’s a drawn art, not a reality. Never the less, there are many fans of anime gore among you so let’s have some of it. If it doesn’t work out, we’ll just pretend we’ve never had anime gore on here and will focus on real life gore images and videos.

I don’t know who the author of this picture is. I was trying to track the author down to give credit, but to no avail. If you know whose art it is, please let me know so i can issue appropriate credit. The drawing depicts young girl being hung by one leg and cut in half with a huge knife. Girl is completely naked with her hands tied behind her back. Her big breasts fall loosely across her chest as she’s hung upside down, with one of her feet extending under her head because of cut through torso.

I’m not a big fan of anime in general, but I can appreciate anime gore. The girl is wearing a collar which adds a nice touch to the drawing and that ribbon in her hair – I guess that’s a signature touch to anime art – got to make those chicks look young, right? Anyway – it would appear that the artist was trying to achieve an effect of a single blow cut. Blood splashes through girls mouth and the cut that halves her torso, but rather than sowing through her body with that giant knife, I think the executioner delivered one solid slash and it didn’t quite go all the way through.

Enjoy our new addition to Best Gore – anime gore pictures from Japan. Source of this pic:

Thanks Eric 😉

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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54 thoughts on “Anime Gore – Japanese Blood Art, Young Girl Cut in Half”

    1. You must live under a rock, it was stated that Anime is Japanese… Therefore the artist would be a Jap… Chinks are Chinese, and Gooks are Vietnamese like myself… You gonna be racist at least get it right… You dumb fuck.

  1. U are THE MOST SICK PERSON IN THE WORL BESIDES OF THE PEOPLE IN THIS VIDEOS, ur gone become a fuckin murderer u bastard…u need proffesional help !

  2. I myself love guro (anime gore), but I don’t enjoy this pic. I’m not a big fan of scat?note the fecal matter coming from her colon?and it’s not very well drawn.

    For those of you here that enjoy pics similar to this one, is a fairly good source, which is where this pic was taken from. is good if you search the tag guro. And is the same way.

    …-.-;…and for others that say fans of this art style will become murderers and are sick because they like this, why are you on the site? If you have a problem with gore, you shouldn’t be here. This pic is tame compared to the other things posted here.

    But yeah…hope I helped even though no one asked for it…

  3. All of you morons who make negative comments regarding these pictures and videos do realize that you chose to get on this website and look at this stuff, correct? If you don’t like it, take your pussy asses over to a miley cyrus website or something and shut the fuck up!!

  4. Amen to what Pixie has said. Bunch of hypocrites come here to secretly watch the movies they can’t resist, but bitch about others doing the same with the same breath.

  5. Poor little Japanese cartoon, Why would you want to do that to her..
    Maybe this person does this in really life..

    Any ways good are, “bad pitcher”


  6. ooo neh I’ve seen worst and bloodly .. but nice.. hehehe FUCK U GUYS FOR HATEING THIS.. UR JUST A PUSSY THAT CANT HANDLE THIS KING OF STUFF!!! that’s wat I love about anime they have beauty in blood.. 🙂
    heheheheheheh well bloody is anime is awesome!!!!
    for ppl who wat to see blood
    Check out elfin lied hellsing and idk I have a poster of bloodly anime goar that I made…:) heheheheh its right next to me wen I sleep 🙂 can u handle it?? huhuhuhuhuhu
    ooo lol on the hannan montan shit!! ooo my fav pic I have is a girl got shot while she was in the telphone both and she laying on the floor with blood … pretty pic but for ppl who can handle it (like me) wow I didn’t know other ppl like that too!!! yay!!!! well some of my friends do.. well laterzz and awesome pic:) hehehehe 🙂

  7. damn thats was sick..although its a good art but still..aiyo..yup, hope a murderer didn’t copy this art…if he does than its just sick to think about it..haha..

  8. The girl in the picture looks like one of the characters of “Sailormoon”

    Has anyone seen that series?

    This one sucks… I’d rather watch hentai for this thing or just put something drawn with better details than this one here…

    I actually internalize every work of art and this one expresses no certain feeling like it tears me apart between childishness and cruelty…

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