How to Add Profile Pictures (Choose Avatars)

Gore Art Drawing That Involves a Male, Rather Than a Female

As of today, it’s possible for everyone who has an account on Best Gore to add their own profile picture (aka choose their own avatar) form within their account. As you know, previously this service was taken care of by Gravatar – a third party cross blog service – however since unrelated gore posts were being abused by idiots who’d stain the comment section by breaking the ongoing discussions with unrelated questions about how to change their profile pictures, I decided to update the way it works and implement a new rule that everyone who, instead of discussing topic at hand makes a comment on completely unrelated post asking how to choose their avatar, would be punished by having Gem stab him/her in the nuts/cunt.

For all of Best Gore’s decent members and commenters – I would like to recommend each of you to upload your own avatar using the new option within your profiles. There are several reasons for that:

  • Best Gore respects your privacy. Gravatar’s privacy policy is shaky and I can’t guarantee it will be respected
  • On Best Gore, you can choose a gore or otherwise adult oriented avatar without repercussions – something Gravatar may not guarantee
  • You’ll be able to easily maintain and update your avatar locally, instead of having to log in to a third party site
  • It has been proven now scientifically that members who upload their avatars locally sport sexier looks and attract good fortune
  • Texas has more cows than Ohio has people

Hope this solves the internet’s biggest dilemma since Spiderman crossing the road. Now stop asking about it for fuck’s sake, will you? Duh!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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105 thoughts on “How to Add Profile Pictures (Choose Avatars)”

        1. I just registered earlier and I don’t see a thing about changing pics in my profile. Somebody has their head up their asshole I hope it’s not me. I wouldn’t be shocked it was though, I am drinking cyanide mixed with crack.

  1. I literally JUST JUST finished making a gravatar account to upload a pic, come back, and now this! AGH!!!!

    But Thanks Mark! Much love as always!
    Came home from work after getting off a half hour late(thanks to the person releiving me being a half hour late), fiance smoked our last bowl while I was at work, and I come home to find dishes still in the sink, dogs needing taking out, and I sit down to check this site as usual, and there’s several new posts for today. Always makes my day better Mark!

      1. Hello and welcome, @Attrition! No, you can’t upload an avatar from this site anymore, this post is from 2012. Go to Contact, under the banner pic. Scroll down and you’ll find the information you need.

  2. Shit.
    I scouered the internet, just to have my harddrive fry a month ago, with all my intresting collection of weird shit to choose from.

    Oh well, I’ll just stick with my asshole pic.
    It’s what You all know me as anyway, in BOTH respects.

    1. Awee come on Rotten, but this one fits you so well, why change it? …lol

      BTW – How do you like my new pic, I figured since Mouse showed his pretty face for a while, why shouldn’t I, and just to think, you thought I was just another pretty face in the crowd, and by golly, you was you right!

      1. I used to think most people would have enough smarts to see the obvious and work it out themselves, but I was wrong. It got overwhelming having to answer dozens of emails every day asking me how to change their avatar. WTF? Click on the the damn thing, it’ll take you where you can change it, dumbass! Guess that was too much to expect.

        Thank Buddha for decent people like yourself :S

        1. I know no one was calling me a dumbass. I just wanted to take that opportunity to remind lazy people that they are on the internet, and should be able to figure simple shit out for themselves. Search engines, people!

  3. Wow, its seems many BestGore Member are Butt Hurt about the New Avatar Option.
    Cause the Old option probably made them feel special.

    I like the New Avatar pic, helps people recognize other member quicker than Amorphous Blobs.

          1. “Sound asian?” Really? And as for the name, yeah it’s used in Naruto, however I chose it for it’s literal meaning which is “day-break or dawn.”

    1. I had to ask too (got no answer…figured it out on my own finally). I’m not a comp geek so I don’t know a lot of shit. At some point EVERYONE has to ask for help but once they know it all, they don’t want to help others out.

  4. Gravatar didn’t work for me, and I definitely didn’t just say that because I was too lazy to sign up on something else, so now I can finally have an avatar! Now, to look for the dumbest picture I can find so I can look like an idiot here.

  5. i took one look at this picture and it reminded me of lucy from elfin lied who has 4 two meter hand that are invisible. she uses her hands to rip peoples limbs and heads out. and one time she pushed someones heart out of there body

      1. make a gravatar account, make sure its the email you used for your account on bestgore. upload an image. since this site uses wordpress it should sync up to the image you uploaded pretty quickly. i just did mine

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