Invitation to Guest Blog on Best Gore – Who’s Up?

Invitation to Guest Blog on Best Gore - Who's Up?

Invitation to Guest Blog on Best Gore - Who Is Up

Best Gore is looking for guest bloggers to post for millions of readers that the site gets. I don’t think it’ll get you laid, cause it that was the case, I’d already get some, however it’s been proven now scientifically that people who guest blog on Best Gore are well endowed and attracted to the members of the opposite sex (unless they’re gay in which case they are attracted to the members of the same sex). It’s true!

If you have nice collection of your own, unwatermarked gore or know where to get it from, you may already qualify. You should have a decent command of English language and write coherent, captivating and thought provoking articles. This is something I entirely fail at, but hey… that’s why I’m looking for guest bloggers, right? Perhaps if someone else posts on Best Gore, then we’ll actually have articles to go with pictures and videos that are factual and an overall good read.

If you’d like to give it a try, shoot me an email – mark [at] with a sample article. Experience using WordPress platform would be a strong plus. I’ll set you up with a test account and let you make a post. I will review it before it’s published but if all is fine, you will have a full featured publisher account so you’ll be able to post articles that will be published immediately, and you could post as many as you want. Regulars who comment all the time only need to send me the nick under which they post. If you also contact me from an email address associated with that nick, I will take a look at your comments and if you are eloquent and make sense with comments, I will set you up with full features publisher account right off the bat.

Who’s up for the slash?

Thanks to Breanna for lead to the picture.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

Best Gore may be for SALE. Hit me up if you are interested in exploring the purchase further and have adequate budget.

42 thoughts on “Invitation to Guest Blog on Best Gore – Who’s Up?”

  1. so, this is the sort of thing im actually going to school for, what is it that you wanted the article to be about. cause imna be honest, i dont have a collection to speak of, but im am a halfway decent writer.

  2. so wait??? we could find our gore pics??? and send them to u??? SWEET!!! …sadly I don’t have none excpet guro pics… πŸ™‚ I love thoese pics…. so this is blog???
    well then
    blablagblahblha!! HEY AM BLOGGING!!!!

  3. Someone’s getting desperate but I’m in. I’ll look for the Goriest shit. Hey dude by the way good job on the site. I was starving for some good gore and since has gone all homosexual on me… this site hit the spot.

  4. “lexy” If you have nothing good to say,, Then shut the fuck up!!!..
    I like reading what people have to say when its good,, Not a munch of Shit that dos not even make sense..

    ??? Golden moments,

  5. Nefarious: Behave yourself or you might get on front page on bestgore, but oh well we will just laugh at you, Lexy will properly just say “cool, he got a nice Dynamite in the ass and blow all the guts on the street” muhahahaha and ha πŸ™‚

  6. lol Nefarious, just kidding, im just the type of guy who let loads of crap out hehehe xD

    Lexy, you just funny πŸ˜€

    Breanna, i love you hehehehe πŸ˜€

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