Mexican Cartel Kidnapped Thieves and Cut Off Their Hands

Mexican Cartel Kidnapped Thieves and Cut Off Their Hands

Apparently inspired by Sharia Law, a Mexican cartel kidnapped a bunch of thieves, and punished them the way old Islamic law teaches to punish thieves – by cutting their hands off. Though in this case, the cartel went a step further and tattooed on the victim’s foreheads and forearms messages, such as “Soy Ratero” or “I’m a Thief“.

The message on the narcomensaje reads:

Esto nos pasó por rateros. Por no respetar mujeres, menores, si con esto no entienden putos roba carros, roba motos, cadenas, celulares, conejeros, en general doble putos, lacras, mata menores. Atentamente Grupo Antiratas

Translation of the message:

This is what happened to us for being thieves. For not respecting women, minors. If with this you don’t understand, these bitches steal cars, steal motorcycles, chains, cellular phones, they are conejeros, house thieves and thieves in general. And double goes for killers of minors.

Attention: Elite Group anti-rats.

I was explained by a Mexican friend that term “conejero” is used to address the type of muggers that lurk around ATMs or banks, and and assault people after coming out.

According to Mexican authorities, six people were found with mutilated hands and another beaten to death in Tlaquepaque, in the state of Jalisco. According to the municipal police, they were attacked by a self-styled “group of elite anti-rats” in alleged retaliation for stealing.

So far the authorities have not issued a position regarding this alleged group that says chases thieves” says report from the Mexican daily El Universal.

According to local media reports, the injured were rushed to various hospitals in the metropolitan area of ​​Guadalajara, capital of Jalisco, to receive necessary medical care.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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85 thoughts on “Mexican Cartel Kidnapped Thieves and Cut Off Their Hands”

  1. Dude they did both hands! No fucking around there!! That chick won’t be able to use the old, “I don’t feel like giving a bj, I’ll just jack u off instead” excuse anymore.

    Open wide bitch. If u want me to feed u since u have no hands to do it urself, I get to put whatever I want in that mouth of urs.

  2. In a positive view maybe they are giving a hand in keeping low crime in the area.

    Someone should send these handless criminals the recent yahoo article of this woman who has no hands and paints with their mouth for inspiration on future careers. Maybe not to get inspired to use their mouths for painting and making drawings perhaps to go around schools using their mouths for giving speeches on why committing crimes is not cool or just for handing out plain blowjobs.

        1. well, hopefully the cartels will start sending more frequently. Their content is surely high quality in entertainment. Wish I could say the same about their camera’s resolution.

          Brazilians have been slacking lately. Is it possible they could be experiencing a shortage of DaSilvas or DoSantos for our entertainment? maybe.

  3. This is really getting out of HAND. Poor bastards won’t be able to wipe their assess. I guess you could say their gonna need a HAND. Im sorry, but it seems like i can’t HANDLE myself when it comes to HAND jokes ;).

        1. Jews attack your wallet. People losing their houses and shit – it’s almost as bad as this. Stress-wise, it’s probably worse. Jewish-run banks don’t care if you’ve paid 20 years on a home you’ve taken care of, get a few payments behind due to sickness, whatever – they foreclose with a smile and put a nice sign in your yard to let everyone know. Cruel.

  4. A lot of violence in good old Jalisco.
    Kinda want to go back there to visit my grandmothers house.
    She died a few years back along with my aunt.
    Lot of people telling me that all sorts of weird shit goes down and no one wants to stay in that house.

  5. The cartel think they are better than all kind of criminal in the world enough to judge and decide who live and who die
    A country like Mexico has the most dangerous criminal like cartel who has activities like narcotic and killing people are worst much more than a thieves can do,

    1. Exactly what I was thinking – if these blokes are really cartel, then I guess they are prepared for a down turn in the profits……

      But then again, that’s humanity for you. We are dirty, holier than thou hypocrites. Its just another reason we are just fleshy viruses………

  6. I do feel kind of sorry for them. The entire human race takes things that don’t belong to them, be it minerals, land, rainforest etc for the benefit of the 1% ‘elites’ (if you can call them that) and these
    few poor illiterate, uneducated, drug addicted survivors pay the price, with a tatt across the forehead to boot…….

  7. Can’t pull a trigger without a trigger finger. Harmless fucks now and they don’t appear to be able to afford tatoo removal either. Ain’t gonna rob shit no more. Good example. Glad to see something for the good happen south of the border for a change. One correction though, the post used the word “Elite” and there ain’t nothing elite in Mexico.

  8. What a joke. Contribute to the corruption of your country, manage to keep the vast majority of the population in abject poverty, and then run around amputating those desperate enough to do something illegal. Makes me sick.

  9. Holy shit..I just can’t even imagine how can you live without your hands? You have to depend on anybody else….”excuse me, can you open that door for me..excuse me, can you scratch my back for me..excuse me can you wipe my ass for me..excuse me, can you give me an hand job for me..” and so on and on..oh it sucks really bad for them..

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