Drive-by Shooting Caught on CCTV in Iztapalapa, Mexico

Drive-by Shooting Caught on CCTV in Iztapalapa, Mexico

Drive-by Shooting Caught on CCTV in Iztapalapa, Mexico

Unknown individuals fired an assault rifle from a moving van at people on a street in Iztapalapa, the most densely populated suburb of Mexico City, Mexico. According to the backinfo I got, several people were wounded, but I don’t know if any of them died.

And of course a dog had to make an appearance. The drive-by shooting just takes place in his neighborhood, everybody cowers, but the doggy runs across the street.

Props to Best Gore member @dmian for the video:

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      1. Why would they kidnap her for no reason? It’s between the cartels and sometimes low life’s that know you have countless amounts of cash and want part of it. They don’t go around kidnapping for no reason! I go to Mexico all the time. Like the great Batman said to Superman “don’t believe everything you read son”

        1. Sure like when they kidnap those innocent migrants at the border for ransom or some rich guys wife also for ransom or there brutality murder. And it’s not read it’s proven on this website 40 percent of these cartel killings also involve innocent people with no cartel involvement just to send and spread fear around the locals son.

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    1. Your missing out brother! Wonderful county with wonderful people! This violence is between the cartel. They don’t get people involved. As a matter of fact in Tijuana cartel has a hit on anybody who messed with any tourist cause it messes with their money. Had a taxi driver out there tell me and the women are omg!!!!!!

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