Exposed Beating Heart of El Salvador Mara Salvatrucha 13 (MS-13) Gang Member Video

Exposed Beating Heart of El Salvador Mara Salvatrucha 13 (MS-13) Gang Member Video

Member of Mara Salvatrucha 13 Gang (also known as MS-13 Gang) from El Salvador took a shotgun blast in the chest that left him with massive hole in his upper torso exposing still beating heart. Yet another video that proves how much a human body can endure. I don’t get it how he’s still alive. A gunshot to the chest should have killed him. Instead it just ripped off part of the rib cage exposing what appears as unharmed heart, still beating away, pumping blood like nothing happened. The gang member is lying calmly on the table, but that could be because he’s been heavily sedated. I’m still puzzled how all vital organs remained untouched – did his ribcage absorbed the force of a shotgun bullet entirely? Or is it possible that I’m being mislead and that was not a shotgun blast that left his heart exposed? I’m not an expert on guns so I can only express my opinion, but something’s telling me this could not have been a shotgun blast. How could a bullet have chomped out large chunk of his chest and leave all vital organs untouched. I lean more towards a machete attack or something of sorts. But I could be wrong. Give me your theories.

Another (to me) unexplainable thing is – how is this guy able to breathe? Remember the video of a guy with hole in his chest that exposed his lungs? That guy was struggling to breathe because once you get a puncture in your ribcage, natural pressure of your chest is compromised by exposure to outside air and your lungs collapse. How is this guy able to breathe with giant hole in his chest and no ventilator to assist with breathing?

Not sure how many of you know much about MS-13 (Mara Salvatrucha) Gang but they’re not particularly considered to be the finest humans to walk the Earth. Many refer to Mara Salvatrucha 13 as “cancer of society” but I still think there is no bigger cancer of society than religion. That is not meant to take away from violence committed by MS-13 gang members, but not even Mara Salvatrucha can match up to atrocities committed in the name of religion.

Given how particular MS-13 members are about their tattoos, I can imagine this one will get pretty pissed after his chest has healed up. The blast had destroyed part of his precious tattoo that marks him as member of Mara Salvatrucha. MS-13 gangs consist primarily of people from Central American countries of El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua. Their operational activities are strong in US states of California and capital region of Washington DC. In Canada their strongest presence remains in and around Greater Toronto Area in Ontario. Don’t mess with Mara Salvatrucha members, they don’t mess around.

The Exposed Beating Heart of El Salvador Mara Salvatrucha 13 (MS-13) Gang Member Video is below:

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  1. wow thats amazing. i posted almost 10 minutes ago and no one has jumped on me yet. i was looking forward to it too. truth be told i would have stopped posting long ago if not for that. this site was starting to lose its appeal until i started to annoy everyone crazy style.

  2. patient 1955 is right people like that ( gang members ) shouldn’t be helped they should of just let him die. fuckers like these don’t think twice about pulling the trigger or slinging the machete whether its a rival gang member or a civilian. these salvatrucha bastards or any gang member for that matter should be left to die in agony!

  3. Looks to clean cut to be a blast from a shot gun. A 12ga slug would have went trough any bone and killed him, bird and buckshot would have left a pretty messy wound. Has to be a blade

  4. couldve been skinned and shot i dunno but a blade had to be involved, and shotgun shells with the exception of slugs consist of many little pellots so the hole is possible but definiatly not the clean cut marks, but hes ms13 so why should we care?

    1. “They” fucked up Hitler’s armada and they cannot break and destroy this gang? Wtf!
      We in Serbia are lucky for not having niggers of all type.
      I love hard hip hop but don’t like to see those cripple walking dudes here at all. Not to mention other ‘niggaz’ 2.

    1. School sucks and i am uneducated to. Hated from my early ages in school and after 4 year in school(from my 7) i feel horrible, like in prison.
      I was at street, doing shit there shit here but only my nature back’s me from that because i see the line i don’t want to cross. It is not matter of being educated or not, it is how you became after bad childhood. It is matter of do you want to do evil thing or to live even with hunger but to stay good human being. They choose gang, those pussies in group.

  5. It wasn’t a shotgun that did that, it was razor wire. He was a convict who tried to jump the fence and left behind more then he bargained for. Look at the way the skin is around the wound. Its torn, not blasted. Besides, if it was a shot gun, why would the pellets tear off only that chunk of skin and not harm the heart? Did they just vanish as they penetrated?

  6. Plus the gang related prison tattoos are a pretty good give away. That and the wound, the lack of real internal damage and all. If he was shot with a shotty up close there would be a golf ball sized hole in fron and a soccer ball sized hole in back where is organs and spine were ejected

  7. i think the difference between this guy and the one with the exposed lung is the fact that this guy still has something (possibly bone or just muscle) bisecting the wounds and keeping pressure on the internal organs (i.e. not flopping out like the lung man). but then again, i could just be talking out of my ass on this one.

  8. Okay I’ll take a stab at this. When i watched the video, did anyone really take the time to observe the exterior of the man’s chest? In the upper right part of his chest it is super clear that the epidermis is pulled back like it was cut and laid over. Another thing if that was a shotgun blast why is it that the entire epidermis around the wound is perfectly cut? And the last thing is when someone gets shot it usually leaves some kind of black reside around the wound and with being a shotgun type wound, where are the other “pellets”? There had to be over 150 in a single shell and they spread out after ejection of the barrel. Something to think about huh??

  9. Even crazier still is that the heart and lungs are both on the same side of the diaphragm. Only the heart is separated by its own thin sac and it would seem that there is no pressure change around his lungs since he’s not intubated or needing any help breathing. Can this be true??

  10. If it was a shotgun it is a possibility that it was a light load. Meaning when the shell was loaded enough gun powder was not added. Or it could have been bird shot which does not do the damage that buckshot would due. That’s because so the round does not obliterate the bird. But I could be wrong

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