Man Can No Longer Swim After Cartel Punishment

Man Can No Longer Swim After Cartel Punishment

Man Can No Longer Swim After Cartel Punishment

While I didn’t get any specific backinfo, the language spoken in the video sounds Spanish enough to presume it could be from Mexico.

The video shows a man who was brutally chopped up by a cartel. He had each limb amputated, with both arms severed clean off, and both legs just hanging on a thread of skin. There is also at least one deep gash on his back from a machete slash. Needless to say, after quadruple dismemberment, that guy can no longer swim. He probably didn’t live much past the end of the video.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

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218 thoughts on “Man Can No Longer Swim After Cartel Punishment”

      1. Yea, like we really need this shit here. Lets keep that level of diversity in Mexico, and Central and South America. What the hell is with all these dismemberments? It’s like the new trendy thing in Mexico and Brazil. I remember for awhile it was overkill with guns. Like shooting a guy 500 times in the head. Then it was face peeling and beheadings. Seems like this shit goes in phases. I suppose the next trendy thing will be tying up and lighting motherfuckers on fire.

          1. @wellchina Chile used to be, when Pinochet was in charge. It’s still a pleasant country, but with more bums.

            I’d recommend staying out of Latin America and Europe as a whole for the time being. Europe needs to fuck off with their globalist agenda and LA needs a few strong arm dictators sprinkled here and there. That’s how you keep dumb people in line for self betterment and the country prosperous, just like Franco did in Spain.

          1. He did mention crackers, which is a problem for me, since crackers put men on the moon and built this country. I do hate White Trash. I believe we need a White Trash holocaust as soon as fucking possible. We should begin with anyone who still has a mullet, wears concert t-shirts, or does low grade drugs, or dates niggers and doesn’t have any type of work history except the local convenience store and start from there.

        1. Y’all muthafuckers be leaving the USA an paying to go to Fucking Mexico central America and lets not forget its the white man that that began the drug trade in the 70’s that is a fact y’all meth heads rigtards seem to forget you reap what ur crack hoe mothers and cocksucking fathers sowed y’all talk like bad asses on here but none of y’all really hardcore just keyboard pussys

      1. Nots no more butt at first, yeah…. you must be a noob!?

        I need horrible acts of humanity, such as brutal murders to feel any type of RUSH (don’t feel anything watching shit now) similar in the beginning…

        There’s been only a couple of them that has done it, the last couple years.

          1. Whew! Betcha wouldn’t mind getting that epic feeling back! Huh?!

            I don’t mean to sound dramatic, but I call out in my deepest dreams asking for my ”not scarred for life” self to reemerge. *pretends to cry*

            …It seems for any type addiction, you can never achieve that first high again. Time after time you build up a tolerance. You occasionally score a reminiscent memory hit from the first time. Shock, scared, disgust, disbelief wires wrapped together and blew a circuit.

            ”The Occasional Feeling, The Soul Switch Is Loose”

            I call this phenomenon, occasionally feeling on the occasion very fulfilling.

      2. “The way he groans and the way he cops around I can’t help but seem happy, every time I watch BG I get a tingly feeling in my chest… do you?”

        In some ways. Why do you think you get a tingly feeling watching this? I just feel pure joy knowing they are murdering each other at such rates. Btw, tingly feeling in the chest could be the sign of an on coming heart attack.

          1. i don’t comment a lot, my English literacy is not as sharp as like you guys, i don’t know any Richard @wallabeast and @darkflare these two person i always copy because i like their comments, I’ve no intention to disappoint them, at the end i come here for some real gore and share a few words with some decent members. 🙂

          1. The first question he asked “who killed juanito castellano?” So from this question alone we can assure ourselves of one thing, this was a Revenge / interrogation dismemberment..

          2. Definitely in Mexico. Man filming says, ” Who killed Juanito Castellano. Hey, one by one I’m gonna cut them off you motherfucker, so speak up, you son of a bitch”.

    1. Hes gonna be one horny mofo soon… Also he cant kill himself now… Living horny forever… The moment he was sitting, he was thinking how do i satisfy myself now. Then he lays on the ground “fuck it… I rather die”

        1. If I would be his place, I dunno what the fuck would I do… Well cant do anything anyways since I would be armless and no legs. Im bit drunk also, 16 beers down, no vodka today, happy weekend u crazy fucker!

      1. @coffindodger u do have a smart point my bruddah… In finland its complicated… U can get vodka… Whiskey (high % alcohol drinks) till 18.00 at weekends.. So fucked up. Also I dont get bad hangovers from beer. I did get fat by beer also like 4 yrs ago when I did not work… And I was on summer vacation from college. I got back to fit In army and construction works wont let me get fat easily even tho i eat a lot meat. But yes, I drink like 2 times a month

        1. Oh shit, I used to drink a lot more beer than that when I was younger. It made me fat, but I lost the weight later on and military helped me keep it off too. Now I just basically drink gin and vodka mixers. Plan on quitting alcohol altogether eventually. Now I just tend to stay away from most beers because I’m really not that fond of the taste of it anymore and the hops increase estrogen in your system which is something I don’t want either.

          1. Nice to hear there are some militaries too! What forces u were in? I was at ground forces for 6 months at 2016. Military also. Made me stay away from beer and shit. I didnt drink for first 3months when I was in army. Also I dont do drugs so thats why I drink mostly every 2nd weekend. I quitted smoking cigarettes tho. It helped me a lot. But its hard to stay away from alcohol since my friends drink every weekend and I cant stand them drunk if im sober lol. Vodka is not the best for me also since I did some stupid shit back then and was close to get in prison. so beer is safer. It lets u know easily when it is enough when vodka can just pop like that and everything goes dark

    2. Michael Phelps wannabe placed an ad on the local Kill Me Magazine™ and this was outcome…

      Could you imagine if there was a business for Suiciders, though?…. ; to pay for service to get murdered…kinda, like if the people on SAW™ were suicidal and they chose to die like that…

      Surely, there’d be takers.. sorely

  1. how the fuck could a human being do some fucked up shit like this to another of their own kind and find enjoyment out of it though. fffffffffffffffff
    got past the sickening stage of coming to terms with how gory this site is, but now left with the confusion as to why & how insane people are and the lengths at which some of them would go to do something like this.

    It’s always in third world shitholes too. Keep seeing Brazil, India & Mexico show up very often here. They can be damn right animals. fffff

    1. Yah, this is beyond brutal-some really evil shit. Him and his “benefactor(s)” must’ve had quite a feud that it had to end like this, but I don’t think that this barberism is localized in shitholse. It’s probably just easier to post it online and get away with it there. I’m sure that shit goes down here too in the 1st world too.

    2. I wrote this, just for you, for the acceptance of death and gore:

      SHOCK & DENIAL- You will probably react: Watching/ viewing the murdered and or horribly tortured with numb disbelief. The unexceptional way of real life can’t be what real life is, can it truly be meaningless and pointless to exist in the Grand Scheme of things?

      PAIN & GUILT- Why do I have an account on Best Gore; besides dodging classy porn ads! Clicking on ”links” to enjoy ‘that’ hidden rush


      DEPRESSION- What happened in my life to this point in my life?

      REFLECTION, LONELINESS- I hope I don’t end up like that dude getting his comeuppance and more importantly, cautious of all surroundings. You can’t escape creeping questions

      THE UPWARD TURN- Waiting daily, sometimes hourly for new content. Be happy deep down inside that someone, somewhere is way off worse than you. Also, you are expressing your emotions

      RECONSTRUCTION & WORKING THROUGH- Having the motivation to look at life and nature with a new set of eyes. Enjoying the simple things, such as: the breeze of the wind on a calm day or looking up at the stars on a dark clear night.


      1. All of that makes sense, man. Thanks for your input. Really provides a clear path of psychological understanding towards this content. Originally created this account in the attempt to piss off “scaredforlife”.. it was worth it.
        But now I find myself having more of an excuse to comment elsewhere. Didn’t even realize the ads were gone

    1. how many people are really going to get in the middle of some dudes chopping limbs off? i mean… i’m all for knighting and coming to the rescue, but if you live somewhere that the cartel pretty much owns, are you really going to do anything to piss them off? that’s like shitting where you eat.

  2. Awww…..
    How fucking sad. Stupid fuck most likely put himself in the position to be cut the fuck up like that by his own actions. Shouldn’t play with people who play for keeps, stupid fuck

  3. Let american police keep those brazilian and mexican animals in cage. These brutals deserve a bullet to the head after all they do to each other so they won’t do the same to civilized people.

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