Mexican Gang War Execution Video

Mexican Gang War Execution Video

Mexican gangs have been at war with each other for a long time and they don’t mess around. There is lot of money at stake and nobody wants to share any of it with other gangs. Narcos (drug lords) don’t stop at nothing and it’s truly obvious from treatment captured gang members receive. This video shows an execution of a gang member with a single shot to the head.

There are four captives in the video. You can see that two in the middle have their hands tied behind their backs, while the guys on sides, while still handcuffed, were allowed to sit without their hands behind their back. This allegedly is a sign of respect as the gang members on the sides are former military or national police personnel. I’m not sure this type of respect counts as much being seated in a room covered in plastic so the blood doesn’t ruin the carpet and walls.

I don’t speak any Spanish so I can’t tell you what they’re talking about, but each of captured gang members appears to have been beaten prior to video. It is likely that they are confessing to anything and everything. I know this is not a police investigation, this is your regular Mexican gang war, but still it is possible their last speech before execution is whatever their executioners want to hear.

The video is not complete. I’m not sure if there is the rest of the executions anywhere – if so, I will post it as soon as I have it. In this video, four gang members sit handcuffed in plastic covered room, three of them get a chance to speak and as the camera pans towards the guy on the far right, he gets shot in the head. He didn’t even get a chance to say his last words. The bullet sent him to a gang free place quickly. He just lifted his eyes towards the executioner and bang – his journey on Earth was put to an end. He just kind of slowly slips down as if he was dead tired. Now I know where that phrase “dead tired” comes from.

Anyway, the police or the military in Mexico don’t get paid near enough considering how violent gangs they have to deal with are. As a result, many cops end up being gang members themselves. This makes Mexico extremely corrupt with officials only looking for their own profit, no matter who is right and who is wrong. That contributes to a very lawless society where human life has little value and ruthless, merciless killings are a daily occurrence. Even if you have the best of intentions being a good cop, sooner or later you’re gonna have to face a choice – get corrupted yourself and get killed. Since you don’t make worthy money to begin with, you’re not gonna risk your life protecting society that doesn’t protect you. That’s where I see the Mexican gang war situation is at. Video is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. Its not like in all parts of Mexico, Only some selective states of mexico. Like Michocan, Sinaloa and a lot of the northern states closest to the border. The Southern States like Queretaro, San luis Potosi, Guanajuato etc. don’t face these type of problems regularly. and Mark you are very right, For officals its hard to avoid Corruption. Mexico is an awesome place to be, Very nice people, its only the Stupid people that get into the life of crime that die.

  1. Had to be a .38 a 44 mag is so powerful it would had left a exit wound blowing the side of his head off. And you can see their is not much kick. I’ve shot the 44 and trust me when I say it makes alot of wallop.

    1. My dad had a 44 magnum revolver, I actually never got a shot of it, I think he was scared I’d drop it! (only once did I ‘dry fire’ it, it’s not really good for your gun to do that too much)

  2. Paul and Bozo, Mexico is safe in most areas. The problem is the deep pooverty in the out skirts of Mexico city, Southern Mexico, and especially the border areas. Mexico’s drug war is kind of like the late 1980s and early 1990s US drugs war, the only difference is that Mexico is corupt which allows these gangs to thrive, why in the US after a few years you virtually eliminated the most dangerous of the drug gangs.

    Don’t allow the media to paint a picture of Mexico as a complete violent out of control place, that is not the case. Now I won’t lie Mexico has alot of problems with these gangs, they’ve corupted whole cities and regions with their drugs, money and violence.

    1. It’s not like that now! Look at how many of our Canadian tourists have been attacked and killed in the past 6 months. I would never set foot into Mexico. We aren’t even safe anymore at the so called ?resorts?.

  3. Regarding the gun in this vid-It’s a medium frame semi-automatic pistol. It’s either stainless or hard chrome/nickel plated. It has an exposed hammer, and is most likely double action. It looks like it could be a Sig P230, or a Walther PPK/S. If it’s either of these guns then the caliber is .380ACP. And, .380 is consistent with the amount of recoil, muzzle blast, and wound to the victim seen in the vid. It’s definitely a semi-auto because if you look at the vid frame by frame when the gun is fired, you can see the slide cycle.

  4. i’am spanish speaker, and my english not good, so whatever, em they are talking bout the crimes they have commited, when they put the camera on the last guy they ask ? y tu wey?(and you asshole?) refering if he has something else to say. then they shoot

  5. Needless to say those guys were kidnapping and killing people under the name of other drug lords….regular scum if you may…the drug lords where angry about the situation so in a way there was a sense of justice being done here…in jail they would have kept on in their operation of holding people for ransom and extortion…i live in juarez and this is how we live our life everyday.

  6. to the guys saying it’s a .38 spc or a .44mag, those are rimmed revolver cartidges. put down the game controller and when you turn 18 go to the range and rent some real guns.

    it’s a 1911 or similar sized full-size framed auto, but too slim to be a Sig or any other double stacked, but good guess. And it’s way too big to be a Walther. The PPK was that tiny little pocket pistol James Bond carried in the old movies.

    If I’m betting my money I’m going to guess it’s a 1911 in .45ACP.

    1. I love how excited these trigger happy gun guys get when they get the opportunity to name that gun game. Slow down Mr gun knowledge! We’re not taking a quiz here. If you really really excited to name the gun, you would know exactly what it is. The guy holds it there for at lease a few seconds. Any gun freak can tell what it is by just a glimpse of it. As for the last guy who got shot, It looks like he has crooked eyes. So just by the way he looked at them probably caused him to die without a word. To me,they way he looked at them was like” fuck you,I an’t saying a thing”

  7. It is a 9mm, due to two facts, fact 1. recoil, fact 2. that and the .38 super are the main rounds availible to the Mexican population, however the Military there use the .45 caliber.

    It was found in 2005, and allegedly filmed in Acapulco, Guerrero, a coast in Southern Mexico (though the guys filmed report that they are in Tamaulipas, North Of Mexico, next to Laredo border). The guys held captive are (supposedly) Zetas members, and they confess to the widespread corruption network of border federal police and the murder of a local reporter that worked for the drug gangs.
    The guy shot is Juan Vizcarra, a former Army recruit, and the hand pulling the trigger (according to myth) belongs to Edgar Vald?s Villarreal (aka The Barbie… there’s a mugshot out there, though information about him is pretty scarce) a Texas born assassin hired by the Sinaloa Cartel, and asking about the murder of his brother.
    Want more info? Hehehe
    I think the four captives are really hot. Sad they must be dead, I would have liked to ride them. Me-gangbang-hungry!

  9. Ra! Really Ra!? You are stupid as fuck! In Mexico, there is an abduction every 4 seconds. There have been 3000 murders in mexico’s border states this year alone. Police have been removed and eliminated out of T.J. so that the federales/military can try to enforce some kind of mondane law. In one city 300 women disppeared in less than a year…..guess what, yeah, thats right sex slaves. So don’t sit there and say whatever cause it sounds good, shut the fuck up and listen to the world around you….BITCH!
    By the way….that shit was funny as fuck, I wish I could of seen the others get it to!

  10. Julio! Tu es un mamon! Do they make 9mm in revolvers?! Probably only in Mexico huh? (SARCASM INTENDED) Don’t be stupid, enjoy the video for what its worth. Stop trying to sound so fucken smart, people will just laugh at you, not think how great you are! Anyway, Elena….you are so nasty!

  11. Julio, my bad… a way, you might be right. After looking at it over and over again, it turns out that it might just be a chrome 1911. Pisas love that shit. It probably has a pearl handle on it too with like a cobra or an eagle on it. LOL

  12. the reason he get shot is because the other tree sing like canaries, they giveup ther secrets. the last one probably was a hitman for the other gang and new more than the other tree. he look at the gun man with ice of fuck you and the gunman did’t give him a chance. People please whatever is up north or down south of USA like Mexico, canada, argentina etc. is in AMERICA. is like say that germans are europeans but french don,t.

  13. gun_nut says:
    July 16, 2009 at 10:45 am on Mexican Gang War Execution Video

    to the guys saying it?s a .38 spc or a .44mag, those are rimmed revolver cartidges. put down the game controller and when you turn 18 go to the range and rent some real guns.

    it?s a 1911 or similar sized full-size framed auto, but too slim to be a Sig or any other double stacked, but good guess. And it?s way too big to be a Walther. The PPK was that tiny little pocket pistol James Bond carried in the old movies.

    If I?m betting my money I?m going to guess it?s a 1911 in .45ACP.

    first of all for being a gun nut youre not well educaetd th .38 an 44 both come in semi auto as well as revolvers, simply google “.44 auto mag” .38’s come in many semi auto models even your beloved 1911(Springfield Mil-Spec 1911-A1 .38) “”rimmed revolver cartridges”.. lol! ahaha. ahem.. moron. and if you say that a 1911 was used in the video.. hahahah.. get your eyes checked kid

  14. Dude, in USA kids kills kids in schools, in USA there are a lot of serial killers, In USA there are a cannibals, In USA there are the mot concentrations of psycopaths, Where is Charles Manson From?, holy crap!!! haha dude USA is as fucked up, or even more than M?xico in about killings.
    Besides, latin or not, once they are born there, now its usa problems, so add those chicanos to them.

  15. Hi guys im mexican but i live at san diego
    this video showed how Los zetas kidnap people whose are from other gangs the people kidnaped is forced tho say messages to the video because los zetas don’t want to show their voices on the video they talk about how los zetas work, how many politicians had been killed by, and by the end before the execution,the guy near of the guy without eye said:
    then.. the blood

  16. When they shot that man they’d just been asking each one questions so when the camera focuses on him he is expecting to be asked a question so he had about half a second of panic when he felt the gun against his head. It’s cowardly to do it so suddenly, at least he died quickly.You can see they are all guilty of henious acts especially the one in the red tshirt as he talks he leans over protecting his body in sign that he’s talking about something about which he’s guilty (one would otherwise use your hands in such a situation but he’s handcuffed-which is why he leans over). I’m fascinated to know what happened next

  17. ..Its people like these that ruin my country and one of the reasons of why im so afraid of going there and visitng my relatives with my famaly. Im from Matamoros Tamaulipas, and theres narcos everywhere just waiting for a reason to shoot somebody..i really hope Mexico will cleanse itself from their Narco problem..i wana go there without worrying about my famaly someday…my country is better then this..i know it.

  18. If you see the whole video the guy who got shot got to speak before the others. So when La Barbie said “Y tu guey?” ..boom ..he had already heard enough from him.
    The gun is definitely a 45. You see more of it in the whole video. Unfortunately I can’t remember where I saw it and it has been a long time.

  19. omg that is soooo not a .45cal. clueless. that damage alone would tell you that. the recoil isnt even remotely suggestive of a .45cal. the gun is at least 9mm or smaller. since the gun was place directly next to the skin, a .45cal would have generated MUCH more expansion in the skull resulting in a huge gaping hole and the gases expanding would have torn flesh like wet paper. nice try, but WRONG.

  20. Just my opinion here, but I believe the gun was likely a 1911type/framed 9mm or .38super.

    A .45 would’ve provided more noise(report) and more kick(recoil); not to mention more damage to the victim’s skull.

  21. Its always back and forth with these cartels this will never end because the money is too good. Even making these videos wont deter the cartels to stop killing each other. Thanks guys for the videos to best gore.

  22. This guy is the LUCKY one, no more beatings and he misses out on having to sit there watching his friends/family get shot! Imagine how sick in the guts they feel knowing they ARE going to die, until the first ones killed they must think there’s a chance they’ll be let go?

    1. “Sick In The Guts”
      That’s about as best of a decription as I can even think of reguarding the internal termoil these people must be feeling.

      Much better having a bullet to the head than a baseball bat doing all the heavy work for many endless minutes

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