Mexican Gang War Execution Video

Mexican Gang War Execution Video

Mexican gangs have been at war with each other for a long time and they don’t mess around. There is lot of money at stake and nobody wants to share any of it with other gangs. Narcos (drug lords) don’t stop at nothing and it’s truly obvious from treatment captured gang members receive. This video shows an execution of a gang member with a single shot to the head.

There are four captives in the video. You can see that two in the middle have their hands tied behind their backs, while the guys on sides, while still handcuffed, were allowed to sit without their hands behind their back. This allegedly is a sign of respect as the gang members on the sides are former military or national police personnel. I’m not sure this type of respect counts as much being seated in a room covered in plastic so the blood doesn’t ruin the carpet and walls.

I don’t speak any Spanish so I can’t tell you what they’re talking about, but each of captured gang members appears to have been beaten prior to video. It is likely that they are confessing to anything and everything. I know this is not a police investigation, this is your regular Mexican gang war, but still it is possible their last speech before execution is whatever their executioners want to hear.

The video is not complete. I’m not sure if there is the rest of the executions anywhere – if so, I will post it as soon as I have it. In this video, four gang members sit handcuffed in plastic covered room, three of them get a chance to speak and as the camera pans towards the guy on the far right, he gets shot in the head. He didn’t even get a chance to say his last words. The bullet sent him to a gang free place quickly. He just lifted his eyes towards the executioner and bang – his journey on Earth was put to an end. He just kind of slowly slips down as if he was dead tired. Now I know where that phrase “dead tired” comes from.

Anyway, the police or the military in Mexico don’t get paid near enough considering how violent gangs they have to deal with are. As a result, many cops end up being gang members themselves. This makes Mexico extremely corrupt with officials only looking for their own profit, no matter who is right and who is wrong. That contributes to a very lawless society where human life has little value and ruthless, merciless killings are a daily occurrence. Even if you have the best of intentions being a good cop, sooner or later you’re gonna have to face a choice – get corrupted yourself and get killed. Since you don’t make worthy money to begin with, you’re not gonna risk your life protecting society that doesn’t protect you. That’s where I see the Mexican gang war situation is at. Video is below:

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  1. Too bad this video isn’t here anymore
    A classic and an Asset to the collection.
    Didn’t know ‘La Barbie’ was the one Pulling the Trigger,
    He has since been Incarcerated in the US, Mexico extradited his White ass.

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