Mexican Narco Drug Wars Megapost

Signs of Intense Torture - Bloody Lashes and Cut Off Penis

Mexico remains the violence capital of the world. Brazil may have more brutal deaths per day, but it has nothing on Mexico when it comes to open atrocities and extreme cruelty. Mexican narco drug wars account for some of the most horrific mass murders ever committed. Each time one Mexican drug gang kills members of another Mexican drug gang, you know they were put through some intense pain before they were dismembered joint after joint and beheaded. Mexicans seem to like to slice the enemy into pieces at every joint available. Poor bastards in these pictures also had their ears cut off but the most shocking fact is that one of murdered men also had his penis cut off.

Mexicans would slice their victims up but you don’t ever see them touching the genitals of their victims. This was also the case of most of these poor bastards except from one. They really must have disliked that one. Not only did they cut off his Johnson, you can also see lashes on his torso after severe caning he had to endure prior to his brutal execution. He truly must have pissed them off really good to deserve that.

Notice how most of the decapitated heads are very red in the face. I’ve seen a few videos of Narco executions and they were all done by a wire around the neck which was tightened by turning a stick that slowly twisted the wire for slow and painful decapitation. I’m guessing that’s why they are so red in the face – because that slowly tightening wire rushes blood into the head as they try to struggle to withstand the pressure.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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36 thoughts on “Mexican Narco Drug Wars Megapost”

  1. Fucking greasy beaners probably deserved it…

    But I do wish they would stop, those border hopping greasers keep flooding into Texas!!! I swear I will make sure they all end up like this if they dont stop.

  2. Holy shit, this is why I can’t believe it when people talk about how they want to go visit Mexico. If I ever want to get tortured and hacked to pieces, I’ll head down south. Until then I’m fine living. And how many bodies are there? I counted at least four, I couldn’t keep up though…

  3. I just don’t get it with U.S. citizens, they boast at how brave they are and yet, they don’t dare come to Mexico because of the drug related crimes, let me tell you guys, all this killings are aimed at people who cross or cheat with the drug lords, it is not like you are goint to get shot by the mexican narcos as you cross the border, don’t be pussies lol

  4. This body parts were left in a path that leads into a primary school in Mexico, the was a pic of a message saying: send better trained peple, come to pick up your fucking garbage…. The chief of chiefs (El jefe de jefes)Whose was one of the most wanted drug dealers in Mexico, known as Beltran Leyva “el barbas” or “El jefe de jefes”, but Mexican marines killed him in his apartment on december last year, pics of his dead are also avalible.

  5. I guess I just can’t help but wonder…how long until these fucking parasites start bringing with them, not only their diseases and oversized families to ravage our lives and economy, but their bloodthirsty methods of street justice? How long until these cartels start operating out of Florida, California, and Texas? How long before they start going door to door in a quiet middleclass neighborhoods with machetes in order to terrorize people who owe them money or “double crossed” them? Think about it!

    1. fuck you you racist parasite!!! OUR diseases?? youre so fucking naiive you make me sick! and WE ruined your economy? ha i believe that was a stupid AMERICAN fuck known as George Bush! =P and btw if you dont want them coming to your door ready to annhilate your ass, then dont borrow money or mess with them in the first place! =) easy as that just dont get involved with them like a dumbass!^^ and how bout you go suck a big fat one next time instead of blaming all of your problems on other races? thnx cunt and have a nice fuckin day! ^~^

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