Raul Reyes Death Photos – Killed by His Own Landmine in Colombia

Raul Reyes Death Photos - Killed by His Own Landmine in Colombia

Raul Reyes was a member of FARC – “Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia” or “Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia” in English. He was FARC’s second in command so his death was a major blow right to the heart of this guerilla rebel organization. While reports don’t officially confirm what exactly was the cause of his death, it is generally believed that Raul Reyes stepped on a landmine he planted. Based on Raul Reyes death photos, it is quite apparent that it was a landmine that killed him. His right foot is blown off and part of his face is bloodied.

Columbian intelligence maintains that the death of Raul Reyes, whose real name was Luis Edgar Devia Silva was caused by stepping on an anti-personnel explosive device that was planted there by himself. The night of his death was marked by heavy air strike against FARC camp deep in the jungle close to Colombia’s border with Equador. Colombian Defense Minister Juan Manuel Santos said the death of Raul Reyes was “the biggest blow against the FARC in its history”. Juan Manuel Santos further confirmed that ar strike killed additional 16 members of FARC, including Raul Reyes’ girlfriend.

About FARC

Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-EP (FARC) is an anti capitalism guerrilla organization following Marxist-Leninist revolutionary theories (aka Communism). FARC claims they represent Colombian poor and oppose the rich as well as the influence of the USA over Colombia. The focus of FARC is to fight privatization of Colombia’s natural resources, fight multinational corporations taking over Colombia, and fight US backed paramilitary violence. The intention has been to seize power over Colombia through the means of an armed revolution. FARC is funded by illegal cocaine drug trade, kidnapping and extortion. FARC is recognized as terrorist organization by the government of Colombia, as well as the governments of the USA and Canada.

Raul Reyes Biography

Raúl Reyes whose full name is Luis Edgar Devia Silva was born on September 30, 1948. When he was 16 year old, he joined JUCO – Colombian Communist Youth Organization. Few years later he joined FARC and was accused of trafficking cocaine to the United States and other countries. As his influences grew, Raul Reyes got involved in murders of hundreds of people who opposed FARC or interfered with its drug trafficking. Raul Reyes is also believed to have participated or masterminded several kidnappings, including kidnapping of nine tourists and hundreds of Colombian civilians. Each member of FARC including Raul Reyes would have participated in number of bombings and town massacres.

Raul Reyes was sentenced in absence to death by the Colombian government for plethora of crimes, including the following:

  • deaths of 13 policemen
  • deaths of 18 soldiers
  • death of a judge
  • death of a physician
  • deaths of 3 members of jury
  • death of Consuelo Araújo, Colombian ex-minister of Culture
  • deaths of 11 members of Valle del Cauca department assembly
  • deaths of Diego Turbay and his wife – Colombian congressman appointed to negotiate an end to Colombia’s civil war
  • death of Guillermo Gaviria – governor of Antioquia
  • death of Isaías Duarte – catholic priest
  • death of Gilberto Echeverri – the Colombian ex-minister
  • death of 36 people who died during bombing of Club El Nogal in Bogotá
  • 18 kidnappings, including the kidnapping and death of Cecilia Cubas, daughter of the ex-president of Paraguay

Raul Reyes was killed on March 1, 2009 presumably by stepping on a landmine he planted. While he was still alive, the US Department of State offering $5 million reward for information leading to his arrest. Interpol had Raul Reyes on its red list.

Since it was an air strike that prompted Raul Reyes to run through the jungle in the middle of the night, it may have been the bomb dropped by the Colombian army that killed him. It may have been his own land mine, but nobody really knows for sure. Something ripped him apart, something that explodes. It doesn’t matter, Raul Reyes is dead. While his death was a heavy blow to FARC, they are far from done. However Colombian government is definitely few steps ahead of the game, since when dead body of Raul Reyes found, there were also three laptops near by with extensive information about the connections and operations of FARC.

Raul Reyes death photos gallery is below:

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  2. WTF? killed by a landmine? It makes me wonder the veracity of all other stories published.

    This guy was the second in command of the FARC (arguably the First). He had a camp 1 mile into Ecuador, near the border by the Putumayo River. Colombian Army intelligence found him and bombed the shit out of the guerrilla’s camp ultimately killing this fucking asshole. The Colombian army then proceed to extract the fucker’s corpse out of Ecuador while leaving all the other corpses or survivors there. One member of the Colombian army died in the operation to enemy fire that was trying to recover their commander’s body.
    All this lead to Ecuadorian authorities pulling their ambassador out from Colombia and Venezuelan president to almost declare war on Colombia for Colombia doing what the US calls preemptive attack.
    99% of Colombians cheered at the sight of this fucker being dropped off a plane in a black plastic bag.

    And yeah, if you’ve seen actual bombs drop off the sky, you can actually imagine bombs doing that to a feet.

    1. I live in Colombia and as far as I know what you said is true. However, in this country anyone who believes what they see on TV or read in the paper is an ignorant bastard who doesn’t know what’s really going on in this corrupt country. Anyway, it was the Colombian military that killed him after they bombed his camp in Ecuador. The whole thing about the landmine is false.

  3. oh also, the bombing took place while the guerrillas were sleeping. So no, no running.
    The running took place when survivors saw Blackhawk helicopters dropping colombian army soldiers.

  4. he wasn’t killed for a landmine but it is right he stepped in a landmine while trying to scape, it was one of his own landmine…

    anyway he was killed for a soldier that saw his fellow men trying to carry him away..

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