Remains of Killed Man Dismembered with Chainsaw

Remains of Killed Man Dismembered with Chainsaw

I got conflicting backinfo about this video. It has a strong Mexican flair to it and the bit of talking at the end when chainsawing stops sounds Spanish to me.

The video shows the remains of a killed man being dismembered and cut up into small pieces with a chainsaw. There will be a meat market corpse discovery pretty soon somewhere, I presume.

Props to Best Gore member @ramiroromo for the video:

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105 thoughts on “Remains of Killed Man Dismembered with Chainsaw”

      1. Why should care? These fuckers deserve a horrible death, You know garbage takes care of garbage with the (almost) right method (dull chopping equipment) and attitude(laughing while killing),doing some beneficial stuff for the world.

        I would definiatly watch the killing itself tho.

          1. Sphinx, I am speechless…
            The H is silent, I will allow it!!
            Ding ding ding, winnah winnah, chicken dinnah!!

            Ha! Same here, HK. Didn’t drink today and am too stoned or lazy to be that clever, lol.

  1. These things blow my mind in two ways. There’s all of this activity going on around like it’s totally normal. And people actually record this stuff and there’s probably never investigations done on these murders. I live in the United States so that seems odd to me. This is horror movie stuff.

    1. You seem new 😉 these acts are done regularly with no fear of arrest. Only the fear of, “do unto others as you would have done to you.”

      Kinda makes you not want to visit outside USA, huh? Makes you think about life differently, huh?

  2. One of my surgeon friends has a saying that the first day of Spring hasn’t arrived until he’s seen someone cut their toes off with a lawnmower.

    As any fule kno* chainsaws should only be operated by competent and qualified personnel; seriously, no hearing protection, no eye protection, no safety gloves, and not even a flip-flop to protect those feet?

    *Nigel Molesworth

  3. They have lot’s of time in their hands to saw someone into bit’s and pieces.. imagine hearing that saw sound nearby or further enough away where you live knowing someone getting sawed! I’m sure innocent Brazilians hearing that is like nothing new but to barricade yourself in your home coming out of the house is like 100% looking left and right awareness!

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