Rivals Laugh Stabbing Corpse with Large Knife in Brazil

Rivals Laugh Stabbing Corpse with Large Knife in Brazil

Rivals Laugh Stabbing Corpse with Large Knife in Brazil

You know who are at it again?

In Brazil, a slain rival in the form of a corpse receives a gesture of goodwill. The torso of the dead young man is repeatedly stabbed with an over sized kitchen knife. The postmortem puncture wounds provide a stream of undying laughter. It makes you wonder how the poor sap winded up in his dried up state of life.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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  1. How times have changed. I used to spend sunday evenings watching the Pink Panther cartoons, although i never realised he was pink until we got a color tv. I digress and reminisce into a safe space.

    1. pretty sure that was actually meant to be a “v”…… for comando vermelho…..but i could be wrong? either way the way the dude filming laughs is def the worst part of this lol

  2. Hahaha all you karma faggots gtfo bestgore!!
    this aint no safe space! no dolly mixtures in here pufftah!!!
    ifyou dont like it, fuck off back to 4(X)han censored for its complete and utter faggotry.

    when i see a video on here i accept it warts and all, none of this ‘i hope the culprit gets the same treatment’ nonsense !

    kindly fuck off and btw when you faggots end up on here ill leave a nice thumbs up on your autopsy pics,

      1. I am haunted by that vid. They purposely made the child suffer even more than the father. The whole point is to convince any competitor or law enforcement or citizen who might cooperate with LE that the consequences of interfering with this utterly ruthless business will be beyond anyone’s wildest nightmare…And yet, the siccario wars continue.

        I have heard that any increased pressure from LE on the narco-traffickers causes the balance of power in and amongst the cartels to be disrupted. The disruption of hierarchies and turf wars cause an uptick in violence. Same thing happened in Chicago when LE decided to get tough on gangs and arrested/incarcerated a number of gang leaders. Power vacuums were created that ambitious jr. gang-bangers competed to fill and some turf was up for grabs…Ergo, more LE actually led to more mayhem.

        1. I agree. They piss me off and need to be uprooted and destroyed. That is why i loved Mussolini in that capacity and also Duterte now. A warning ,public ,many times over and over for three months and newspapers and radio etc.””all criminal gangs have three months to disband and go home ,amnesty to all who have not already committed horrible crimes. After the deadline ,any and all such criminals to be hunted down and shot dead on sight by any and all police and /or citizens . No questions asked.”

          Only condition I would have is there better be probable cause to shoot someone dead under this law. Ie to stop people abusing the law to just get rid of people they hate. Mussolini fucked the Mafia right up in Italy. Nothing left of it. They came back because someone you know brought them back.

          1. I didn’t know about Mussolini and the mafia…! I’m going to see what I can find out…And Duterte makes me smile…Kind of a guilty smile…More of a smirk?

        1. I always hate the laugh they make. You can hear it when you watch this video. It reminds me of a teenager who knows fuck all about the consequences of his actions then crying like a bitch when either in jail or getting beaten up. I guarantee you, 99% of people like this will shit themselves when they are slaughtered. When it hasn’t started yet, they will pretend to not care but when that blade is thrust they will be scared as fuck. That guy who laughed should get all of his teeth removed one by one.

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