Traffic Carries On Around Body Parts Left on Road in Acapulco, Mexico

Traffic Carries On Around Body Parts Left on Road in Acapulco, Mexico

Traffic Carries On Around Body Parts Left on Road in Acapulco, Mexico

In Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico, the traffic seems unbothered by the body parts, including a severed head on the road, and carries on unhindered. Some drivers drive around, others go straight through the mess.

If you’ve been around a while, you may recall that Acapulco is the execution capital of the world. If you’re new to the real world, a simple search for “acapulco” on Best Gore will quickly fill you in.

Props to Best Gore member @ramiroromo for the video:

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62 thoughts on “Traffic Carries On Around Body Parts Left on Road in Acapulco, Mexico”

  1. Mexico is boring, we see this shit everyday. It’d be cool to see some fresh 1st world white meat scattered about. It’s pike Indian gore, we’re used to it. We haven’t seen some good white gore since hmm I forgot.

    1. ahaha, you a dumb ass, why risking yourself to get shot too? the moment you stop for anyone you are asking for trouble, so better keep going with life as nothing ever happened not because you don’t want to help the poor soul but you are setting yourself in to a huge problem later on, when in the news or in a video you are helping someone that is probably being killed by cartel members, then they will come for you, since remember they rule the place and you are nobody for them, and remember, if its NOT your problem then “nothing happens here”

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      1. How dare anyone be ‘offended’ by their ways. It’s wrong to judge. Hispanic culture down there is rich and beautiful and a headless corpse in the street is a staple in providing that beauty and richness. How dare you judge! Maybe in your country it’s not okay to see bodies in the street but down in Mexico with the Hispanic culture, it’s just their way of life and something to be embraced. They don’t need racists in their country to judge them so harshly about their street corpse ways.

        1. “and if one does not appreciate our corpse culture, then one is free to not visit our awesomely beautiful country and fuck you anyway “… Where else in the world do they have a fine fine tradition of appreciating corpses and death like dia de la muerte??? . It’s all part of life/death… Don’t be hate-in “

    1. you are a really stupid ass, people who go on vacation to those places never LEAVE certain area(they tell you at the point of entry in the airport), that place is set BY THE CARTELS AS AGREMENT with local business for “paying back taxes to them” and also to sell drugs to tourist ,so you as a tourist will never leave that “nice heaven and paradise”, unless you want to die you can “venture out the safe zone” (where the nice building and nice restaurantns, nice street are at), just like USA if you go to the nice beach of California is all heaven, but if you go to the streets of Compton or the mcarthur park area then your are dead, same in florida, same in Chicago they all have nice places and places where you are good as dead.

      1. ok your right you should go and drink a ton of tap water. hey its just like florida or cali right? so how many times have you been to mexico on vacation? at least once. thats the only reason a retarded comment would make you butt hurt. trying to vendicate your actions make you feel better? calm that pussy down son

          1. …. and about how many times I have been in mexico on vacation? hahahaha I think “I have been on a vacation a little bit more than once” hint: I AM FROM MEXICO, ahahhahah what about you? so you think you will know the country more than me? haahhaha , and speaking about water, you will be surprised how many cities in USA have “do not drink water” advice posted in their OWN website, I bet that you don’t even check your own city website since is legaly MANDATORY for a city to post it in case of emergency which happens very often(also local city crime rates, sexual predators living places, etc)

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