Woman Whopped Because of Faction in Ceará, Brazil

Woman Whopped Because of Faction in Ceará, Brazil

Women Fighting Because of Faction in Ceará, Brazil

Two woman are on a dirt road in the wilderness located in Ceará, Brazil, and one is getting ass whopped. The woman’s quarrel is interrupted at first by a macho man with a large stick of sorts. After tossing the stick aside, the weaker opponent is continuously beaten to submission by the woman gang member. After stereo-typical hair pulling and slaps, the lesser woman leaves in a walk of shame.

You are only as strong as your weakest link, as the proverb goes.

“…are you listening?!!”
“-…on your knees!”
“-Look at me!!”
The boy demands that she repeats their gang sign (Tudo 2)…
[I think she spoke positively of some other gang…]

Props to Best Gore member @masterplan for supplying dialogue for video:

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      1. That’s right. Who we are to judge them and tell them how to live. If they enjoy a healthy little dose of painful inhuman torture and suffering, why should we stop them? It’s their luck Brazil don’t have much natural oil reserves, otherwise Murica would be all over their shit trying to save those poor people from their misery. But now Trump is like “Nah, this is a shithole country, let them swim in their shit”

        1. Hold on one moment, Sir. I voted against Donald Trump three times, in the 2016 primary, 2016 general election and the 2018 midterm election.

          What more do you want me to do, take a double barrel 12-gauge shotgun blast to his ugly ass? OK, it’ll cost you the price of the shells.

          1. I voted for President Trump and still stick by that choice. I hate Hillary and want to see her burning in a bottomless pit like Bush and John McStain.

          2. @casualobserver

            The problem with that political system is that they are making you choose between the two bad options, a lesser of two evils. It’s either Hilary or Trump. Either Obama or McCain, e.t.c.

            They don’t let you choose someone you truly believe in, because he was busy with something actually beneficial for humanity instead of kissing a lot of ass and buying his way to the top through corruption, stupid flashy campaigns and incompetence of the party members.

            But the government is not the only one to blame. People are eating the shit they are fed and ask for seconds, that’s how sheep live after all.

          3. @Andrew256 I’m aware that it’s all a big game, but that’s the options we had.

            President Trump has triggered people that hate me and who I don’t care for, which makes me happy.

          4. I’m not going to discuss the federal republic balance of power, imperatives and constraints, my retirement portfolio or any other peripheral topic, Andrew.

            The degree of elitism increases as power structure and associated politics go from local – to regional – to state – to federal levels. And yes, the shit we’re fed is ‘highly refined’ at the federal primary level. The national election is a professional sporting contest.

            While I was walking into the polling booth for the Republican Party presidential primary in mid 2106, I could see a huge, steaming bowl of shit with all the lottery marbles deep in the bottom. I continued to pull one out and lick it off until I found the one I hated the least.

      2. I couldn’t walk more then ten feet in Brazil before some broken glass or some other garbage penetrates the flip flop and sends me to the emergency room. The only way to walk in Brazil is with combat boots and body armor, flame throwers optional.

  1. Fighting over worthless dirt, pathetic filth. O jeez yeah go get her bitch I’m sure you’re fighting over prized land. All I see is parasitic infested flip flopped dirt. Not like thier worthless land looks like Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong or Dubai. Just nuke and glass that shithole

  2. That was no alpha female. She needed a full gang of men around her to not really beat that malnurished little child. An alpha would make sure they were alone, atleast no outside interference, and beat her senseless and ugly. Bitch can crawl home.

  3. The bitches only whipped her because she was sexier than them and their men were casting her longing glances.

    Nothing worse than being born a pretty girl in a shithole.

    Only two ways about it, you become a kept woman fucked over by guys or you stay in the fly-infested place as a respectable housewife and get fucked over by all the other women.

    There is no justice in the world.

  4. No Wonder everybody over there is so violent and fucked-up. You can see near the beginning of the video this 6 or 7 years old boy seemingly unfazed checking-out the beating like it was fuck-all, and just a normal day in Brazil,,, Shameful, as these kids have no chance of a normal life Ever! 🙁

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