African Man Caught Stealing Clubbed on Head with Machete

African Man Caught Stealing Clubbed on Head with Machete

Somewhere in Africa, a man was allegedly caught stealing, so some guy with a machete clubbed him on the head with the blade. You can see by the way the alleged thief’s body seizes up toward the end of the video that the blows did him in good.

I don’t think the machete guy was just clubbing the thief with the dull or the broad sizes of the machete. I think he was backing the shit out of him. The video doesn’t provide a very good detail of that, but I think the thief got a few cracks in the skull.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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124 thoughts on “African Man Caught Stealing Clubbed on Head with Machete”

  1. That’s what they refer to as “breaking him off something proper.” Justice for their people….My disciplinary IQ is ascending beyond prior expectations. I anticipate that I will be penetrating virgins and enforcing a more humane form justice in no time.

  2. Gee, I wonder what it feels like to chop someone up with a big machete, and never have to worry about any consequences for, maybe, killing the guy? I don’t think I can even do that to a goat. Anyway, I think there might be a brief feel good moment about it, but these things have a nasty way of coming back to bite you in the ass. Next time, it very well might be the machete-wielding guy who gets chopped up by someone else!

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    1. Hey pussy, this is a predator world were survival of the fittest always worked out, that means: Kill or be Killed. Dont be a fuckin pussy and cry everytime someone makes their own justice without court, this is how things always go back in the past.

      1. You’re an idiot, for it’s not solely about being a fuckin pussy. The difference between us and most other animals is that we, all of us ( almost..), have particular cognitive functions that enable us to operate on a much more advanced level than them, and because of this we should do all we can to make sure we dont instantly revert to such primal instincts as seen above. I highly doubt the man who chopped the thief up was an upstanding citizen, exempt of sin or any wrong doing in his life. If anything, it was someone who seen the opportunity to kill someone and did. Justice hardly served in my opinion, people don’t stop stealing despite knowing the potential consequences.

        1. I agree with you Judgleberry.
          It is a dog-eat-dog world out there, but humans are expected to be better than animals.
          This is a fucking appalling clip. What kind of sub-human chops another human to pieces and death for theft?

          Most people have had shit stolen from them and rightly they wish some seriously bad stuff on the people that stole from them, but taking a life is altogether on another level.
          Because in the eyes of God, the guy that did the choppin’ is now a bigger piece of shit by far, than the guy who stole and paid for it harshly. One took a motorcycle or a loaf of bread (don’t know or don’t care which), the other took a life.

          1. Yeah totally agree but these Neanderthals give 0 fucks about any god shit and think they are doing the right thing by being a “deterrent” for crimes like stealing. This cunt dishing out the punishment probably saw it happen in his neighbourhood back in ’82 when he took his first steps that day. This is Normal for them.

          2. I’ve seen many of these videos and the people being lynched or mutilated never really even attempt any sort of offense or escape @mrspock Does anyone know why that is ?

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  5. Human life has very little value in many places in this world. It starts as kids where they see this shit often, the police typically dont get involved for fear of retaliation. What really sucks a fat rat’s ass, is the reason they would do what they do, in some places you dare not stop and render help after an accident. If the family shows up and pegs you as the cause, your ass wouldnt be around by sundown.

  6. What happens when you stick your hand in a container of jelly beans……..
    The black ones steal your watch and rings…….!!!!
    The executor came prepared…..
    In America… would take decades and millions of dollars to get there….!!!…

    1. And truth be told, this is nothing! I didn’t grew up in Haiti, but I’ve heard that if they catch you stealing, they’ll put tires around you, and burn you alive.

      Just a bunch of barbaric pieces of shit. That’s why I want nothing to do with that country.

  7. If the machete guy killed the thief, he should be made responsible for giving the body a proper burial.
    Because the mess is machete guy’s. A simple beating and the thief would have walked away.
    Why the fuck should the government workers clear up his mess?

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