Aftermath of Thief Beating on Small Farm in Zimbabwe

Aftermath of Thief Beating on Small Farm in Zimbabwe

Aftermath of Thief Beating on Small Farm in Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe, a thief was caught stealing on a small farm and delivered beating. The video shows him with bloodied face, after the farmer went off on him. No backinfo on when or which region of that country it happened.

Best Gore member @african-angel notes:

Zimbabwe (composed of three ethic groups; Shona – 82%, Ndebele – 14% and Zezulu – 4%) has been a hunger stricken country since 2001 when the then President Robert Mugabe stopped being the Jewish bootlicker.

Majority of the rural people survive on their own through small scale farming. What is happening here is that a thief was caught on one of the small farms belonging to a Zezulu.

The thief asked for forgiveness, speaking in a mixture of Shona/Zezuru languages: “ndokumbira undiregerere” (please forgive me), to which the farm owner responded with “visa tirauzi kuti ndikuregerere” (undress if you want to be forgiven).

Not sure what’s with them Africans having the inclination to strip men naked. Many thanks for the video, @african-angel:

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  1. I was born in this shit hole (Zimbabwe). It is truly the most God awful place in existence. At 12 years of age I was wearing my friend’s brains on my shirt after we were ambushed driving to lake kariba.

    Anywhoo, 6 years later (and 6 kills coincidentally) , I moved to Australia. Fuck that place.

        1. FUCK, GOOD FOR YOU.

    1. I’ve never come across a Zimbabwean that actually hates the place. Most zimbo’s have been through something traumatic, often several times and still have love in their hearts for the beautiful country.
      You can hate the things that happen there but still love the country.

      1. Obviously I’m white, you can tell because I know how to read and write.

        I love the landscape and I miss tiger fishing in kariba, but as for the rest of it, its a destitute shit hole.

        Unfortunately I still have family that live there, so I can’t and won’t go into any great detail as to not put them at risk (or myself when I visit for that matter). I once blabbed, laughing about one of my kills over there whilst at work. A black “coworker” got my name and tried to cause some havoc, thankfully the family I have there shares my other parents last name so it didn’t amount to much except an especially thorough beating for him here in Aus, wished It was in zim though so I could have stabbed and slashed him until the agonal breathing began.

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