Alleged Pedophile Dragged Through Neighborhood by Neck After Lynching and Slashing

Alleged Pedophile Dragged Through Neighborhood by Neck After Lynching and Slashing

Alleged Pedophile Dragged Through Neighborhood by Neck After Lynching and Slashing

I don’t have much backinfo, but allegedly the lynched guy was a pedophile. Likewise, I don’t know where exactly it happened, but could be Brazil.

In the video, the alleged pedo is being dragged by a rope tied around his neck. Multiple machete slashes across various parts of his body suggest prior lynching and stabbing. As if the fact that he’s totally lifeless while being dragged was not a give away enough that he’s most likely already dead.

The cheer team is rather bountiful and yoddles in joy as the corpse is being dragged down their dirt road. Can’t get this level of entertainment on TV, I guess.


The backinfo I got about the guy having been a pedo is most likely false. Best Gore member @misa1235 provided the following correction:

André Felipe de Sousa Silva, nicknamed the “Grandão”, was lynched to death by residents of the city of Santa Helena, in Maranhão, Brazil.

According to witnesses, “Grandão” (Big Guy) was a drug user and killed the elderly José Luis, 81, during a robbery, after he refused to give money to André.

When people heard about the incident, the angry population started looking for André, the police still searched for the accused, but they did not find him. Later, André was found inside a tank, the residents tied and beat André, then made several knife cuts across his body.

André’s body was even dragged through the streets of Santa Helena. There is no information if anyone was arrested.

I apologize for the error in the original report.

Props to Best Gore member @yaboi0w0 for the video:

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92 thoughts on “Alleged Pedophile Dragged Through Neighborhood by Neck After Lynching and Slashing”

      1. Unless the dumb pricks got the wrong guy? Never know when it comes to Brazilian low I. Q.’d savages? Plus I found it absolutely incredible that this dead fucker still had a gold ring on his finger. The ring if real could feed the whole clan for a day!

          1. It’s not the every day copper who protects pedos, it’s the “secret” higher up politician pedos who pass laws that are in favour of pedos, that’s how pedos have it so easy, you can kill someone and get life but rape a child? Few years out on good behaviour, all the therapy/help you need to reintegrate back into society just too pray on more kids, quite sad really

      1. Damn I couldn’t imagine having to go through that, I’d be thinking the exact same thing, just fuckin cave his skull in with a hammer, if nobody sees you do it and there’s no finger prints or DNA it’s sound lol just burn ur clothes and bury the weapon

        1. Yes! Imagine the rush and adrenaline, I would torture tf out of him too. And my ocd wouldn’t let anything be untouched, not going to make the same mistakes some smart killers did to get caught lmaoo

        1. Can’t remember if it was i n us or Uk but she was underage where he fucked her and yes i believe he did fuck her .Even if she wanted it ,it is a strict liability crim in aus so I assume there too.

          . Given his history of stat raping other girls with fellow perv and gayboy prince Pooftah of Monaco ,andy is in the shit. Yep. The Queen got him out of the poo with that one too. Amazing what you can do when the queen is your Mommie Dearest.

          The only straight one is Prince Phillip and even he is prob bisexual . Princess Diana’s gay butler reckons he saw a lot of strange goings-on in the palace. Don’t forget the queen was caught with quite a few men in her bedroon in her youth as well. All off the street house-invaders off course. Tut tutt. Only in today’s times is it acceptable to admit stuff like this but Royal families ,especially Britain’s are all rotten with many perversions .

  1. Key word is alleged. Just bcos someone has made an allegation against the guy doesn’t mean it’s true. Innocent until proven guilty and all that. If everyone who’s been alleged to have committed a crime were executed, there would be a lot of innocent ppl buried in cemeteries.

      1. You sound like a privately owned corporate airwave Royal…

        Your hypothetical example is called “framing the issue.” The corporate airwaves hold a black belt in this. They want to convince their braindead viewers and readers, that their victim had the capability, to perform such a crime, without having any proof this was the case at all. I have the capability of killing several people with my car. However, this is not my intent. And speaking of intent…

        Framing the issue is only the beginning…

        A proficient “smear campaign” is soon to follow. Once the media can paint a picture as to what “really happened,” they can launch their “guilt by association” campaign, to their braindead infrastructure.

        Only a fool such as yourself, would use a “hypothetical” against someone, when that same “hypothetical” could be used against YOU!

        I’m on many people’s pariah list Royal. I wear it as a badge of honor. The reason, is because it’s extremely difficult to victimize me.

        Food for thought bro…

        1. Do you think anything you say effects me? You’re just words on a screen, I come on here when I’m stoned sometimes and just shit post, don’t take my comments so seriously lol obviously have evidence before you convict anyone I never said that doesn’t need to happen lol learn how to read, you nignog

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    1. Beware of that thought. There are a lot of bootlickers here who don’t believe in law and order, only extrajudicial killings at the hands of the thugs in blue. Innocent until proven otherwise is an offensive idea to them.

  2. bring back the days when you could take the fam on an outing to watch the torture of pedo, while munching on a picnic lunch….
    now the bastards get to keep their rights & be kept safe in protective custody…. such a shame 🙁

  3. Brazil, indeed, but nobody says nothing about rape or children. They mention “safado”, which is like calling bastard, usually the kind of expression used in Brasil to describe a thief. A good clue to find out whatever the guy did is listening to the insults. Usually women scream: «sem-vergonha», which means “shameless” when is the case of a rapist or pedo. There is too much noise in the video. Besides the “safado”, the only thing clear is someone saying «there in the middle», so they leave the corpse for something else. A bonfire, perheaps.

  4. Knowing the type of country and culture that is in Brazil. I assume this guy didn’t have a fair trial? Not defending him if he was guilty but we are also talking about a culture that lynches for theft…even petty theft. I understand the whole corrupt police the justice system is corrupt and practically non existent but to burn and torture people for stealing a motor bike or banana is extreme. These people are just lazy and love violence and torture. Theh rely to much on the government for answers. Well get more involved people. Come together be the change you want to be.

    1. UIt is almost that.
      Only not. This is the expression of the revolt of the common people. Of the common being that thinks in a natural way the essence of the human being. The instinct to protect and care, including the instinct for justice is represented in these images. Okay, every human being has the right to life, to some extent. On the other hand, there is an obligation to protect and deprive defenseless beings from macabre acts like this (pedo). However, in reality, the judicial system does not obtain justice for those who have suffered in a violent way. If he is caught, he will not be arrested by the judicial system because here he is considered a light crime with a mild sentence and everything induced in favor of reu. So he allegedly abuses, and continues to roam the streets with a lawsuit on his back, ready to make other families suffer, this is not fair.
      Judicial system for what? They must be competent and hard to investigate, judge and condemn with hundreds of years of imprisonment, at the very least. Only then would this momentary revolt lessen.

      1. No they are all scumbags pieces of shit. You will never see this in a civilized country and people. They are impoverished, deranged lunatics and I am sure one of those lynchers will probably end up in a lynching themselves. They dont just do this to pedophiles. I’ve seem them do it to non violent thiefs. I get people are poor down there, but to savagely beat and torture someone to death over a material thing is excessive. They need to stop having 100 children while living in poverty and get their country in order.

      1. Oh I am sure one of them will be next. “Those who protest to much”. Animals are more civilized then these people are. They live by the second, have a million children they can’t feed or care for properly and enjoy killing for pleasure rather than sustainence.

  5. He got off lightly if you ask me. Fucking dirty filthy disgusting bastard. We should be allowed to do this in the UK. Chop every one of them dirty filthy bastards to bits. These people don’t deserve to live, I’m glad that they did that & hope he was in excruciating agony fucking scumbag. 🙁

  6. Obviously these videos don’t seem to be much help in making these guys deterred from …’fiddlin’with the wee ones’ as they say in England.
    Now if these videos were required viewing in elementary schools I bet all the words future chomos would think twice before slipping the salami to little Billy.

    Did you hear about the new Michael Jackson tribute Burger at McDonald’s? ??
    It’s got 50 year old meat between 10 year old buns.


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