Alleged Rapist Almost Lynched to Death by Mob in Manaus, Brazil

Alleged Rapist Almost Lynched to Death by Mob in Manaus, Brazil

On April 10, 2017, a man was almost lynched to death after a woman said he wanted to rape a 10 year old child. No rape took place, but the woman said she saw the 50 year old man follow the 10 year old girl and grab her by the arm. That was enough for the mob to beat him to near death.

The beating took place in a shrub near Bola da Suframa in the South Zone of Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil.

A few pics:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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55 thoughts on “Alleged Rapist Almost Lynched to Death by Mob in Manaus, Brazil”

  1. Ehhhh, I don’t know if he deserved it or not. On one hand the woman could have been crazy and just said it to see someone get hurt, but on the other hand she could be telling the truth. If it’s true, I hope he gets skinned alive and his dick cut off slowly with a box cutter.

      1. We all masterbated to some weird shit during puberty. Teenagers today are lucky enough to have endless porn readily available through the internet. Back in the day before internet we had to make due with what we had. For some it was scantily dressed women in magazines and for others it was gazing out the bathroom window at the girl nextdoor. Whatever it was it all brought us to the same result.

          1. @Brokeback I bet she had a rug to be proud of, no Brazilian wax jobs in those cunt books from the 80’s.
            Have to say though, rugs like that do get in the way of locating the clit, if only for a second or two, which is just not on. And I always dreaded coming away from a hairy muff with pubic dental floss trapped between my teeth. πŸ˜›

    1. a reason i like to see posts from plaster is although she frequents gore she does at the same time show some compassion and heart behind all the madness. although the witty comments and deep debates are what make bestgore sometimes its nice to see a lit candle off in the darkness… someone with semblance of humanity left in her heart in these ever increasingly dark times.

  2. He could probably be dead by now as one guy says: “let’s bring him inside and make a hole on him”. I’m not sure if that means shot him or penetrate his ass. Luckily for him, the medics came and saved him.

  3. Goes to show how easy it is for humans to join in on the mob mentality and almost kill someone for something they did or didn’t do. Maybe all these people were having a shitty day and had to take it out on someone.

    If he really did try to rape a little kid, then it’s a win/win situation. You get to take out your daily frustration on someone while also justifying the ass beating.

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