Alleged Thief Face Concaved by Small Boulder

Alleged Thief Face Concaved by Small Boulder

Alleged Thief Face Concaved by Small Boulder

caRnAGE aftermath footage shows the middle stage on lynching of an alleged thief in Brazil.

Man lies dying on sidewalk forcing every breath through his shattered airways. The high velocity impact caved in his mouth and nose. Middle part of face is contoured from small boulder found next to his head.
To add insult to injury, he is scoffed at and drug out onto the street to die like a rat out of sewer.

On a different note:

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95 thoughts on “Alleged Thief Face Concaved by Small Boulder”

  1. Yep left to die on the street like,,,
    A Rat Out Of A Sewer,,,
    A Fish out of water,,,
    A Jew out of A Bank,,,
    A retard off his meds,,,
    *Please Feel Free To Continue/Carry-On Boys, & Girls* lol, 😉

          1. Me too!

            Use to get high, and watch the Major Tom and Fame videos all the time. You probably remember the 4-channel stereo systems back in the 70’s don’t you? (Quadravox?)

            God, that sounded so “techie” back then…

  2. First, I would pick out all the loose skin and cut it off with a box cutter.

    Then I would take a tennis ball and stuff it in the hole, drill a hole through the tennis ball and put 2 hoses through the hole. One for air, one for food.

    Maybe place a funnel on top of the food hose.

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