Antifa Thugs Threaten and Assault Drivers in Portland, Oregon

Antifa Thugs Threaten and Assault Drivers in Portland, Oregon

Antifa Thugs Threaten and Assault Drivers in Portland, Oregon

Antifa thugs – a violent group of openly racist leftists, staged a protest in downtown Portland, Oregon, and as openly anti-American cops stood by and gave the thugs an open reign over the area, the antifa pretended to direct traffic, while using the police support for their racist agendas to harass, threaten and even assault drivers passing by.

Meanwhile, Jewish media reports, such as this gem titled “Portland Police Investigate Man Who Drove Through Protest“, changed the narrative to shift the victimhood to the thugs perpetuating hate.

Antifa is known to be financed by Jew George Soros and its core purpose is to spread anti-white hatred.

As the video shows, a white antifa thug screamed at a white driver trying to go about his day “You a whitie, aren’t you whitie“:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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181 thoughts on “Antifa Thugs Threaten and Assault Drivers in Portland, Oregon”

    1. Would loved to have been there with a shotgun, rack it and watch those roaches run for cover, punk ass little wanna be thugs living in their mommy’s basements. No wonder they can take all day to stand around harassing people ’cause they have no jobs and no lives, filth.

      High speed trans-cortical lead injection therapy IS the answer.

        1. I am so glad l have a concealed carry permit… maybe when this group os around the next time… will take the kids down to play Pokemon Go… and give me a great reason to Defend my family!
          Bad thkng is… the major has done shit to deal with these people Downtown… it is tiresome that the City THINKS it ia ok to be like this!

          1. im angry cause i got momma issues, what you referring too??;) hahaha

            P.S(jk on the mum issues btw for the other, dont need a man for that lol)

      1. Preach it, brother!!!!


        ***Trivia: Daniel Day Lewis was quiet grossed out by all the grease they put in his hair for the movie “Gangs of New York,” {Your avatar} I love the movie as well as “There Will Be Blood,” also with Daniel Day Lewis as the lead actor.

    2. Whites attacking whites for being white.. 🙂
      They should upgrade this drama to a gory one!
      To swing, bite, smash, tear and make it a good fight,
      Gorge Soros should keep it going till all crackas are gone! 🙂

      1. Thats exacty what I was thinking a white man yellin’ to another white man “whitie” SAAAAY WHAAAAAAAAAT!?

        Whats next #whitelivesmatters?

        I mean we has humans will always find a way to hate each other in order to feel superior than others but at the end we all end in the same spot.

        1. It’s highly likely the cracka didn’t look in the mirror before taking to the streets…
          He’s probably top-ranked in BLM. This country is never short of wonders…
          I was surprised to see what the floated around name “Shaun King” looks like… lol! on one hand it’s good but on the other I was seriously considering cladding him up with a little coal, as he rightly deserves

    3. Assholes indeed. We know these idiots are mainly the product of single moms and/or radical leftist professors at colleges. They are weak cunts. That’s why these idiots mainly only protest at Berkley or in Portland. I know they’re not going to show up at a construction site, or a mine, or a technical college.. lol. I honestly cannot understand how someone can allow themselves to become so indoctrinated that they actually hate themselves. You can’t even ask most of them questions, because they either try and attack you, or cannot give you an answer because they don’t even know what they want. I would laugh my ass off if one of their precious muslims (because apparently to them islam is great, but christianity is evil) drove a truck through a crowd of these idiots.

    4. I just finally watched the video having not been in the right state of mind to before. These son of a bitches are standing in the middle of the road screaming at people, damaging their cars, and when people try and drive away they want their license plates? And the police are told to let them do this? Wtf is this America? That White guy screaming was something else.. MENTAL ILLNESS

    1. @pipikin

      I can already see you’re not the very least versed in politics or informed about what’s really going on behind the curtains in this crazy world of ours.

      No, anti-White racism coming from brainwashed, degenerate, self-hating Whites is not an ‘murican thing. It happens a lot in Europe and as a matter of fact, there is where it originated. The creators of such madness, however, were not White but Jewish. It all started before WWI with Zionism (see Theodore Herzl), and then as time went by it evolved into brainwashing Whites so they themselves would also take part in the madness, and (((they))) know very they cannot win without White support.

      The globalists, who are the ones behind the curtains, and also are majoritarily jews like this George Soros character, managed to spread their filthy anti-White rhetoric everywhere. For instance, “orthodox” history has this rhetoric, the whole education system has this rhetoric. Mainstream media has this rhetoric, and so on and so on.

  1. The lowest of the low.

    Self-hating, self-flagellating, delusional, deranged scum.

    It really is the perfect formula that those pulling the strings have cooked up, tell all non-whites and white women that they’re marginalised by white men and thus topple, subjugate and eventually eradicate white men and European culture.

    It’s so blindingly obvious and backed up by the facts of reality and yet people are too – what’s the word? – stupid, easily-led, brainwashed, scared – to see, admit or act on what’s happening.

    Donald Trump is a strident Zion-enabler and so isn’t the answer that people think he is, but I can’t even imagine what would’ve happened under Clinton, so that’s something.

        1. First of all, if you can get the masses to think in the first place, they would care about a lot of things DC.

          As far as racism being an issue, racism has always been an issue. This country was founded on racism. Get off your smartphone and open up a history book for Christ’s sake.. Some of the most hideous acts of violence, has been orchestrated by the white man, not blacks. Racism, as well as other social concerns is never an issue, if the masses are not educated about it. It’s called apathy, among a lot of other things.

          As far as topping the duopoly…

          I’m very happy with my vote. No one is responsible for my vote, any more than I’m responsible for theirs. My vote’s part of the solution, not the problem. If “non change” is what you want, then by all means, stick to the duopoly.



          1. ‘If you can get the masses to think in the first place’ – well done, you’ve identified the key issue – you can’t.

            The little comment about my non-existent smartphone shows your insecurity, as does the assumption that I’m not fully well aware of European/white genocide and imperialism.

            ‘It’s called apathy’ – are you for real? Who do you think you’re replying to exactly?

            I said that racism isn’t an issue because it isn’t. ‘Racism’ is now an utterly meaningless term used to dismiss or discredit people because the media have successfully loaded it with such an awesome undefined power. Why is ‘racism’ an inherently bad thing?

            ‘Racists’ come in all colours, and at the moment if you’re a white racist you can be ostracised and ruined but if you’re a black racist you can be promoted and exalted. Is that the equal nirvana that you’re searching for?

            Some people think that’s perfectly acceptable as some sort of ‘payback’ for the historical atrocities committed by white people, but I wasn’t alive then and I don’t even know if those things actually happened, so why should I be fucked in their name?

            Who wrote the ‘history books’ that you refer to? How do you know any of that stuff is actually true and not just tendentious fiction?

            Keep pulling your little todger and telling yourself you’re ‘solving’ things – best of luck to you.

          2. I believe a lot of people are smarter than some of you give them credit for. People think about these things, but the way the system is set up, most feel powerless. So they keep punching their time cards and watch pointless sports and continue to waste their lives away because they don’t know what else to do. And eventually some of them go postal out of frustration, but we all know that doesn’t accomplish anything either. Just culls the herd a little and the same assholes and systems stay in place as before.

        1. @Dead Callum Because if President Trump was a hardcore Nazi he’d be working overtime to disarm us, which he’s not. Step 1 of any Zionist is to disarm the masses as to protect their Zionist asses.

          Currently, we have the ability to kill Jews in power.

          1. I think you’re rather confused, I don’t know where you’ve got: ‘Step 1 of any Zionist is to disarm the masses as to protect their Zionist asses.’ As it’s simply not true.

            Nowhere did I call Trump a Nazi, I assume you’re hinting at the fact that Hitler was a Zionist just to show off your knowledge – but that’s not the only tenet of Nazism.

            You can find many, many images of Trump standing in Zion itself praising it’s leader, giving him America’s support and doing what he can to help the state of Israel.

          2. Jaded, I agree about Trump. I find it hilarious how he constantly has leftist idiots playing into his hands, and you know exactly what he is doing. Like his phony support for certain things you know he hates or doesn’t want anything to do with. Like Israel, gun control, or legal immigration. And his enemies buy into it when they think he’s throwing them a scrap. And then he trolls them on twitter. Crazy old uncle Don. Rofl

        2. ‘If you can get the masses to think in the first place’ – well done, you’ve identified the key issue – you can’t.

          Thanks DC! You just supported my statement regarding apathy! Let me explain…

          People do change and many empires, such as the United States have fallen, as a result of people wanting a world a better place to live. A world not dominated by war, unaffordable healthcare/education, a corporate controlled media, weak environmental laws, Wall Street bailouts etc. Many of these bills are already sitting in congress right now to be passed. But it’s going to take an empowered citizen, motivated enough to either run for office, or motivate their elected officials to pass them. So when you state it can’t be done…

          Well, it can! But apathy won’t get you there. Do you think apathy gave you 1.5 after 40 hours? OSHA? Social Security? Federal Flood Insurance? Seat belts? FDA? (and so many more)

          Believe me dude, these laws were bitterly opposed by many in congress. But it took an empowered people to make a difference. (and it always started with one person)

          As far as racism. Racism is always an issue, because it’s a form of oppression. History shows us here in the U.S, that blacks have been the most oppressed race, since this country was founded. Do you actually think that racism isn’t an issue then fine. But neither is oppression. You can’t have one without the other. Yes, racism does come in all colors, because oppression is attached to it. But it’s the white man that originally created racism, as a form of oppression. Violence is a form of oppression as well. And the white man has been a master at it. Racism/violence/oppression/whites. Can you connect the dots DC? The white man has created most wars and major gangs in this country. (and that’s a fact)

          BTW: You’re never exalted for being a black racist. Christ, how can you exalt racism, unless you’re a racist yourself? So yes, racism IS a bad thing, because it’s a form of oppression. Much like the lack of affordable healthcare, shitty wages, wars without end etc. It creates a social environment that destroys it’s own, as opposed to eliminating the problem to begin with.

          In closing, if you’re not sure if some of these astrocities happened, then why not open up a history book? I have news for you DC. Not one person writes a history book. History is recorded by HISTORIANS. Historians record the events made by people. People like you and me. Howard Zinn, Cornell West, Chris Hedges, John Pilger, Ellen Brown, Richard Wolf, Peter Joseph, (and I have many more) Their focus is based on fact, as opposed to assumptions. People who are part of the solution, and not the problem.

          For example: If you’re assuming I’m pulling my todger, telling you I’m solving things, then that’s a FACT, not an assumption. I am solving things, by voting and supporting people who want to solve problems based on facts, and NOT assumptions. If you’re assumption is that I can solve things on my own then yes, that IS an assumption.

          …but it’s yours, not mine!

          So when you ask me…

          How do you know any of that stuff is actually true and not just tendentious fiction?

          Because I get my facts from people much smarter than me, and not Facebook.

          …with or without a smartphone

      1. @coffindodger that’s right… remember when he was entertaining the democrats with that nutty bump stock issue after the Mandalay Bay massacre?

        lol.. a non-issue now, as it was then, but they (Democrats) actually thought he was going to help them infringe further. You can still buy them (in free states).

      2. Hitler would not have put up with this gang of monkeys, German military and police would have dragged them into a cell and hung the organizers. They weren’t cucks for diversity, since they outnumbered them 1000000000:1
        In America starting in the 60’s we started letting their families in and it completely changed the country for the worse, just non-stop crimes and you aren’t even allowed to call them wops, niggers or spics because they’re all violent stuck up cunts. My ancestors came here 1 at a time with papers, they’re weren’t all border hopping pieces of shit.

      1. “I believe a lot of people are smarter than some of you give them credit for. People think about these things, but the way the system is set up, most feel powerless.”

        I totally agree with you, in regards to people being aware that the system is rigged against them. However, it takes some degree of intelligence to know, that this little game has been played before. One has to ask themselves, if voting for the same duopoly yields the same results, why vote for them in the first place?

        Our government and corporate media want their people under control. From there, they can keep them powerless and dumbed down enough, to think they can’t fight back.

        …but they can

        But it’s going to take some courage, discipline and integrity to do it. A sense of, “We’re all in this together mentality.” Sure, it won’t be easy. But living under their corporate rule isn’t either.

        There’s been times in the past, that our government was fearful of it’s people. That’s because the people were empowered enough, to recognize and resist fascism and imperialism. The people knew what the outcome would be like, if this serpent should happen to rise.

        As in my earlier post, apathy is the end result of helplessness. A sense of, “There’s nothing we can do about it.” This mentality comes from a people under control by their malicious government. In addition, apathy is the perfect breeding ground for people to fight against each other, as opposed to getting these bastards out of power to begin with. In other words, the problem isn’t us, it’s them.

        …they have us exactly where they want us!

        Again, it takes some degree of intelligence to know, that we’ve been here before AND TOO LONG I MIGHT AD. From knowledge come empowerment and courage. Courage to change the system in OUR favor for a change, and the integrity to become NOBODY”S FOOL!

        Even a dying possum that’s been hit, knows there’s something wrong. But it takes some knowledge to know, that he shouldn’t of been a “sitting duck” to begin with.

        It’s been said, that people don’t know how much power they have, until they lose it. It’s also been said, that when people aren’t aware of their own history, they’re bound to repeat it.

        We’ve played this cold war game before.

        Good day!

    1. “The white dude was calling the white dude a whitey. That’s funny shit. “Go back to North Carolina.” If I had a nickel.” -HonkeyKong

      ROFL.. HK, I would agree and have to say that’s possibly the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen recorded on video or live in person. And I’ve seen a lot of dumb shit. Plus he was a fat fuck. I think it’s hilarious how some fat people think they’re tough. Probably on welfare too. Fucking White trash.

    1. @Curly Ball Hair
      Man your a fucking dreamer, you people in LA aint any wiser or different, just another bunch of ignorant gentile cucks falling for the same old jewish sponsored race bait game of divide and conqoer. You wanna man up and pretend to be a tough cunt? go do that shit to all the juden that own your ass

        1. @fred1212
          fuck man, your one of those juden pedophiles motherfuckers i was referencing, one of those guys with a fear of niggers that runs so deep into your blood that you shit yourself before you reach your front door.
          Every post i’ve ever read from you has some sick demented vile shit attached to it that i cant help but get this overwhelming feeling to put you down like the vermin you are, some day juden, people will openly hunt you mother fuckers down in the streets, the day they wake from the sedation that makes them so god damn docile.

    1. @brokeback
      From the looks of it, it might just be laced with the same shit your on, “Rabbi half-man circumcised dick” The generic jewish sponsored race baiting deferment of Dumb Negroid VS Equally dumb Insecure inferiority complexed honkey.

          1. Fuck ignorance? Damn bro. I hope you are young. Because if you are not, then there probably isn’t much hope for you. You don’t bring any teaching to the table. Only divisionist bullshit.

        1. @HonkeyKong
          What kinda teachings would you like me to bring to these cesspool filled comment sections that are well riddled full of closet pedophiles? look at all this vile shit they speak as tho its first nature, its akin to the same lingo and talk sick talmud zio fucks speak of with children and dead bodies / gentiles. They’re already too far gone to recieve any awareness at this point, well shit its either they’re speaking that trash or the generic White VS Black chatter, just having muppets expose that they suffer some sort of small man syndrome with the white vs Black syndrome is enough to note their IQ limit of 60 – 80, they’ll have no interest in anything past that. The moment anyone does any topic change from the 2 mentioned above will trigger cognitive dissonance ending in either an immature back & forth of insults or some pussy outright refusing to listen and running away from the debate all together, i’ve already expierenced that with a few shills on here.

        1. @jadedcunt
          Quite the contrary, how many Synagogues have you seen burnt to the ground recently? or jews openly executed? Now lets look at the death toll jews inflict on us gentiles without recieving any repercussions… They seem pretty safe to me, they also look like they’re pretty confident in their safety aswell.

          1. FuckAmerica, I agree with JadedCunt that you make some decent points, but you should chill out with the rhetoric a bit. You’re gonna give yourself a heart attack over those kike cockersuckers. We need less kikes and more whites. Not the other way around.

      1. @jadedcunt

        Look at this anti-White loser trying to somehow make a direct link between White people and pedophilia. This worthless piece of sub-human scum is either completely ignorant about what is going on for centuries in places like Africa and the Middle East or he knows very well what’s going on but still chooses to spill lies and hatred towards us, which is very typical of the scum of his kind.

        Here’s a study showing the huge amount of child brides in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia:

        Here’s another one showing the huge amount of women who married under 18 in the Middle East:

        And here’s another one of Africa showing a huge amount of boys who are victims of vicious homosexual pedophiles:

        The same one, but this time with girls:

        The top countries with accounts of child sexual abuse and child marriage are all African or Middle Eastern. These regions also hold the top positions for rape, genital mutilation, wars, poverty, starvation, lowest IQ and all sorts of maladies and evil stuff you can think of. Meanwhile in Europe, the rape and child abuse rates have gone way up in some countries like England, Germany and Sweden right after their traitorous governments backed up by the globalist (Un)European Union allowed the rapefugees to come in. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

        1. @Shlomo Racemixerstein Interracialberg Keepwatchingpornowitz
          Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m not Anti White, nor am i Anti Nigger / Muslim / Asian.
          I’m Anti (Faggot,Transgender ,Juden, Ignorant cowardly shit talking cucks & deferment shills like yourself.
          If you chose to use 2cents of your IQ or integrity that’s clearly non-existent you wouldnt be quoting a whole bunch of bullshit madeup statistic spreadsheets from UNICEF a juden organization well known for its lies and disinformation also another statistics site made by a Max Roser from the University of Oxford, how oh so crediable, you quote sources for information from the same people that inject all of this multicultural / cultural degration / propaganda into our countries… When i called out pedophiles i wasnt referencing that towards “Whites” I was referncing that to the clearly deranged mother fuckers you see in every single article on this sites comment section writing masses of demented shit to do with sexual acts towards women / children and or dead bodies, You gonna try to deny that or make a second attempt at sticking words into my mouth to try and build a case off of it?

          Did i not mention that all of this constant race baiting that goes on is some downright low IQ shit? Why can’t you be like me bro? i don’t care if its a cracker or a nigger, the only people that warrant attention are Juden, the only people that actually benefit from all of the war in the world, all of its poverty and destruction, its oppression. You wouldn’t have arabs flooding into Europe or West if the Europeon / western populous actually took control of their own countries and stopped invading and destroying the homelands of all these people forcing them to flee and become refugees… You wanna blame all the rape and murder in the world on darkies but you refute that Israel is the Child sex / human trafficking capital in the world, american soldiers were ordered to rape and murder women and children in almost every country they’ve invaded, i mean shit lets talk the philipines, that was some dirty shit you yanky cunts done over there, let alone vietnam and all the other shit holes you guys braught democracy to.

          But hey sure, lets play the dindu nothing game and pretend that refugees come out of thin air and is a natural turn of events with the blame purely set to them and them alone cause yeah WE THE WEST and WE EUROPE Didint walk into their countries to steal all of their resources, bombing them back to the stone age under flase pretenses, ordered the rape and murder of millions… FUCK YOU piece of shit juden go shove that half dick back into your rabbis mouth

          1. Well Mr. FuckAmerica, we need to unite against the common enemy instead of calling each other shills just because we don’t agree on everything or every version of history. Pissing matches between us don’t help expel the Jew from civilized society. They must be exposed everywhere they are and for everything they do.

          2. @fuckamericafuckisraelfuckignorance

            It was a chore to read through all of these immature ramblings of yours, but I made it through after a few laughs and facepalms.

            The #1 thing that takes ALL you your credibility away is the mere fact that you didn’t understand with who I was talking to in the first place. You entered a conversation that wasn’t even directed at you. My initial comment was directed towards IHACTA247, not you. If you look at some of his comment he clearly is an anti-White piece of shit who tried more than once to make a direct link between pedophilia and the White race, not you. That’s precisely why I wrote his username in my comment, and not yours. If I wanted to direct my comment towards you I would have linked your username, not his.

            I wasn’t even aware of your pathetic existence until now. As I can see by your profile, you’re a new kid on the block who doesn’t know shit about me or anyone else here. I already made several comments and quite a few forum posts exposing globalist scum, who are majoritarily jews, and that they are the ones bringing rapefugees in. My comments here also point to the same thing, but you still choose to act as if I’m not pointing out the real enemy. You can’t even properly interpret a text, how sad of you.

            I remember that I once even wrote that “Nothing will change if we keep fighting the symptoms, we must instead eradicate the disease”. But then again, you don’t shit about me, kid. Everyone here who’s aware of the JQ knows very well about my position, you don’t. Also, from my experience, people like you who like to call everyone shills are the ones who really are the shills and the trolls. In my book you’ll be sharing the top position with Svarg for the most retarded and unpleasant members of Best Gore, because he acts just like you – purposefully misinterprets what people have said and then calls them shills and whole bunch of other names.

            You, based on the assumption that my comment was directed at your pathetic ass, proceeded to create a twisted image about myself in this tiny brain of yours and then made all of this immature ramblings full of name-calling and false accusations. I have nothing more to say to someone so coward and ignorant as you.

        2. I really would rather we escape this “Im white and offended garbage” “Take that inferiority complex out of your arse”. The only enemy that should be seen by anyone are jews, they are the enemy of man, go read the talmud…

        3. I really would rather we escape this “Im white and offended garbage” “Take that inferiority complex out of your arse”. The only enemy that should be seen by anyone are jews, they are the enemy of man, go read the talmud…

  2. “Antifa thugs – a violent group of openly racist leftists”

    It’s my understanding “ANTIFA” stands for anti-fascists, which could be left or right, or even centrist. I don’t know 1 person who isn’t against fascism, and I live in a town where everyone voted Trump. Also, one of them blamed a person driving for being in the KKK, telling them to leave and a black girl was with them, so they are racist? The first line of the description just makes no sense to me, and it’s really hard to determine what their issue is. They just seem angry at everyone driving through there while the cops are clearly sitting nearby doing nothing. Everything about this video is just weird, and getting correct info from people that is not contradictory is like pulling teeth from a live snake.

    1. @programmer4life

      Dude, you got a whole lot of learning regarding Antifa, really.

      “It’s my understanding “ANTIFA” stands for anti-fascists, which could be left or right, or even centrist. I don’t know 1 person who isn’t against fascism, and I live in a town where everyone voted Trump. ”

      Yes, Antifa does stand for anti-fascists, but what if I told you that this word definition is completely useless and meaningless if these Antifa scum are the ones actually acting like fascists, or even worse? Also, keep in mind these idiots borrowed their name from german URSS-exalting communist groups in the 30s. As you should already know, the URSS alone has done inumerous more atrocities against humanity than any fascist government to exist. Now if you add up the kill count from communist China (especially under Mao-Zedong), Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Cuba and other communist states which, let me be real clear here, Antifa SUPPORTS, then it’s pretty clear how fucking nefarious Antifa is, and how little moral high ground they have to talk shit about fascism. Oh, and just remembering that 99% of the things they fight against are not actually fascist. Not even close.

      Antifa is financed by globalist scum like the jew George Soros, even though their leaders love to virtue signal how anti-capitalism they are. Antifa are the intolerant, violent, anti-freedom ones, and not the ones they like to “defend” you from. Go to Youtube when you have the time, type “Antifa” and watch a few videos to see what I’m talking about. Antifa is made up from a bunch of losers, thugs and degenerates of all sorts. Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization. Antifa is shit.

      The fact that the mainstream media does not dare to even at least mention Antifa, let alone criticize them, even though there are tons and tons of evidence out there proving who they really are and what they really do, is just another proof of how dirty and corrupt our mainstream media really is. It’s just another globalist tool, they’re all connected.

      1. @eraserhead-2
        Man you make genuine people like myself look bad, with all this tin foil shit you find throughout your wikipedia database, trying your damn’d hardest to pretend not being a jew while you feed snibbits of disinfo in the guise of “I’m on your side”.

        1. @fuckamericafuckisraelfuckignorance

          Please explain what disinfo I wrote, and then link your good sources debunking it.

          It’s really funny how for about a year I’ve been writing comments whenever it is appropriate and even forum posts regarding who really is behind the curtains and my position towards it, meanwhile you, a new kid on the block who doesn’t know shit about me or anyone else here at BG, simply parachuted into discussions not even concerning you and now is spreading false accusations about me. You’re the tin foil hat wearing motherfucker here, not me.

          Nice try, but I can see behind your mask and it is not going to work.

    2. They are angry at everyone because they can’t get a job and they’ve never even gotten their pathetic little peckers wet. In reality Antifa with their violence and bully tactics are some of the biggest fascists you will ever come across. The most glaring irony of it all is that they are too mentally disabled to even realize this obvious fact. In Portland last year they smashed out the windows of local businesses and pepper sprayed a bunch of homeless people. Then they got their asses kicked for it by the homeless people and the police. How is this standing up against corporations? And then they smashed the windows at Starbucks who is one of the corporations that supports all kinds of leftist non-sense. They lack the self reflection skills to even realize how fucking idiotic they and their actions look. Bunch of fucking stupid losers with their Walmart shitkickers, black skinny jeans, and soyboy M-80 grenades that don’t intimidate anyone.

    3. Programmer4Life, most antifa are so insane they’re searching for racists under their own beds. They really have nothing better to do than try and find all 6 worldwide remaining KKK members and calling everyone racists while being racists themselves. Ultimately their tactics continue to backfire on them. And they’re also dumb enough to pick a fight with the people who have most of the guns. Conservatives and the police. LOL

    1. I would agree that they should pretty much just be machine gunned, but I would rather see Antifa all become slaves on southern cotton plantations. Then they would have a frame of reference about what it is they think they are actually protesting. I want them to experience oppression first hand. I want them to hear, “get to the field nigger! pick the cotton!” from a marine drill instructor every morning for about thirty years. I want them to have to take a shit in the field with no toilet paper. I want them to have to fight off wild animals with sticks and rocks. I want them to have third degree burns from being out in the sun all day and have to drink water from the horse trough.

  3. I think everyone should be sent to a gulag. Make gladiatorial games between the left and right to fight for our amusement. So we may rid society of the conservative and liberal and live in a balanced society.

      1. I used to have a Japanese koshirae or maybe it was a katana, I can’t remember, but I found that I didn’t like it had only one cutting edge and it was heavy for what it could do. I prefer fast more elegant swords. It was a quality carbon steel model, not gas station/pawn shop junk. But I just decided it wasn’t what I wanted. Next time I might go gladius or medieval bastard sword. I’m partial to the hand and a half swords as well. The European and Roman shit is just better balanced and better thought out. I wouldn’t mind a decent Viking sword either.

  4. God I can’t wait until law and order break down and we can fight these pieces of shit to the death in the streets. Oh right, they hate the 2nd amendment. So it will just be a turkey shoot. We need to purge these motherfuckers from our country. These self-loathing, America hating, pieces of fucking shit. They ALL need to die and I’d love to be the one to kill them. Each and every last one of them, with my bare hands.

    1. There are many of us who are expecting something like that. A global collapse. That’s what we like to call a “when the shit hits the fan” scenario. Politics are a rigged game, and this world is rotten to the core. Only a global collapse can give us the chance of rebuilding anew.

      It is also worth mentioning that when such thing happens, mother nature will take care of a lot of things. Rapefugees in Europe, for instance, will die faster than flies. If you take a look at some terrible countries in Europe, like France, only the urban areas are doomed, while the countryside still is White as snow. That’s because rapefugees can’t live in the countryside where they would have to work to get food, instead of being fed by the welfare state in urban areas while they are free to do nothing all day or do something criminal like raping European women or killing people or plotting terrorist attacks. Now just imagine these people during a global collapse with no globalist puppet state to help them get feed and no anti-European laws to protect them.

      1. Oh do I know it. But don’t be so sure about the countryside. It seems as though everyone and their brother have a plan to bug out of the city and out into the country. All farms within a gas tank from the city will be attacked by city cockroaches. Your best bet is to either live in a small town, that is close knit and has a shtf plan, or WAY far out in the middle of nowhere. Like hundreds of miles away from a big city. I suppose another option would be to live in a suburban area of a city and know your neighbors. Try to form a neighborhood security team to watch over your hood and kill anyone who tries to enter. Build up walls and fences and shit. A good book to read on this topic is Surviving an economic collapse. It’s written by a guy who made it through the economic collapse in Argentina a few decades ago. He pretty much said it’s best to “bug in” and get a crew together in your neighborhood for security.

        1. The book you mentioned is probably “Survive – The Economic Collapse” by Piero San Giorgio, right? If that’s the book then yes, I do plan to read it soon. It already is in my “books to read” list. If that’s not the book you mentioned then there you go, a good book recommendation for you.

          Do you know a Youtube channel named Thulean Perspective? It’s by a guy named Varg Vikernes. He is extremely wise and enlightened about a variety of subjects, including politics and survivalism, and he lives in the french countryside with his beautiful and intelligent wife Marie Cachet. They have 6 White children together and they are all being homeschooled. Here’s a video of him and Piero San Giorgio together (Piero’s channel):

          Here’s a longer one, this time in Varg’s channel with Piero explaining a little bit of his worldview regarding survivalism:

          Highly recommend the videos by Varg Vikernes. The vast majority of them are short and sweet, and full of information and questions that make you think.

          1. @fuckamericafuckisraelfuckignorance

            One has to be really alienated and brainwashed to even suggest that Varg is a shill, provided one really understands what Varg is all about instead of blindly believing all of the lies and defamation created about him for decades from both the left and the right. Lies like the one you just spilled out of your filthy mouth.

            You think Varg is working for (((them)))? You think Varg is somehow contributing to their cause? Holy fuck, you truly are a tin foil hat wearing motherfucker. As I have said before, idiots like yourself who like to call everyone a shill are not the very least genuine, you are the shills instead.

            You’re not the type of person who debates something or someone trying to find the truth, real knowledge or viable solutions. You’re the type of person who is completely alienated in your own little echo chamber and brainwashed by your own distorted vision of the world, and therefore proceeds to indiscriminately try to offend and defame anyone who disagrees with you by calling them shills and whatnot. You are living in denial.

            You may lie to yourself as much as you want, but you can’t fool me, and you can’t fool all of the people here who truly knows what my views are and what I stand for. You may try, but you won’t succeed.

            I have said enough and I will not be wasting my time anymore with cowardly scum like you. If you still want to embarrass yourself, then by all means please continue. It will be a delight to see your true self revealed to everyone. Bye bye, lying coward.

          2. @eraserhead-2 Shlomo Racemixerstein Interracialberg Keepwatchingpornowitz
            Yes, do the generic, dump a wall of text then announce your running away, defer then disengage, really predictable, infact im certain i wrote that somewhere in one of my post earlier on how you juden filth always run away from the discussion when its not in your favour.. I actually wrote it my comment to hopfully persuade any shlomo motherfuckers from doing that, but ehh what do i expect from a jew boy posing as one of us gentile.

        2. I would not bug out unless I absolutely had to because of a natural disaster. That’s not likely to happen around here though. There are a lot of nuclear targets in my area, but I might have to just ride that out. If I knew a nuclear attack was coming I would try and get out of town as fast as possible for a short while and return if I knew things were safe. My bug out plan is to stay put and defend what I have along with my neighbors. That’s usually the safest thing to do. Being out there in the country a lot of things can go wrong and you can’t take as many supplies with you.

    2. Funny thing is, it wouldn’t be a very long fight, even without guns. Most antifa are weak and cannot even fight anyways. And 100% of them are posers. That’s why they all have their cute little matching face bandanas, booties and skinny jeans.

    1. @thedre Thats the most sense i’ve read today mate!
      Rather than these dumb bastards getting caught in the distraction of constant defer race baiting, which is indeed the purpose of all of this shit, they could instead wake the fuck up and look towards the the juden cunts that are really responsible for all the messes in the world

    2. thedre, you said it man. How do these old jew cocksuckers just keep hanging on to life and making life miserable for everyone else? Isn’t that cocksucker about 190 years old already? Fucking croak already. His face looks living proof of life after death. Everyday I hope to hear the news that he finally fucking died. But I think he’s got a son just as fucked up that will continue the legacy.

  5. Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization and should be dealt with accordingly, and the same goes for all of those who support it – which includes this globalist jew George Soros and the jew owned globalist mainstream media that doesn’t even dare to mention or let alone criticize Antifa, even though there are tons of evidence out there proving who these Antifa scum really are and what they really do.

  6. This shit is about a twenty minute drive from my house. I refuse to even go into Portland anymore because of the total faggotry going on there. The mayor, Ted wheeler is a fucking piece of shit. He is most likely taking bribes from elites to try and ruin the city. He instructed the police not to intervene.

    1. Antifa are a bunch of spoiled rich white kids trying to dominate every aspect of free speech with their unprovoked violence to people who don’t agree with their vile beliefs, we must eradicate all those communist sheeps.

    1. ppl have serious mental problems if they hate their own race… outstandingly retarded and ignorant.

      as marky mark the author of best gore said; antifa is jew thing… they claim theyre the good guys and claim to be innocent yet are doing all of this. the evidence speaks for itself. theyve got it twisted, like a jews pig tail side burn…

      1. know what you mean… but every dog has their day

        these antifa jew boyz are expressing their ignorance and retardation… let em do it, theyre clearly embarrassing themselves.

    1. LoL, some dude did that awhile back. Knocked a few of them on their asses with his car. It’s on youtube. He never got caught either. And I doubt the police give a shit enough about these morons to investigate. It’s like when a pimp or gang member gets murdered.. you know the police don’t care, lol.

  7. next antifa will be calling everyone a Goy.


    how is it that only the white race can be offensive, you can racially abuse white people, but its not offensive to white people because we are the superior race.

    facts speak for themselves.

    BUT, no need to be a klux klan member over it, just chill with the shill man…. live it up with your homies… lollll

  8. wow this brutal. such low lifes (and ugly) telling you what to do.. that asshole is even eating.. wheres national guard? the most sad thing is the whites actually attack whites cos they are white… this will turn baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

    1. Ratamahatta, this never would have been allowed to happen around here. We had our own riots at Dakota Access last year and it didn’t go well for the “protesters”. We would have been out in full force in riot gear stopping these idiots from fucking with everyday folks and destroying their property. The protesters got their asses kicked everyday. One moron trying to get past the barrier fell off the bridge and got shot in the eye by a rubber bullet as he was falling, lol. Drones got shot out of the sky with shotguns. Stinky fuckers would try and shower at local gyms after a month of doing drugs and living in a tent. One guy fell through the river ice and they didn’t find him until spring. There were multiple rapes and several people disappeared. One jew bitch from Jew York got her hand blown off while trying to blow up the barrier on the bridge. That Shalene Woodley cunt showed up and got arrested. And that Mark Ruffalo asswipe showed up too giving speaches about shit he knows nothing about and some other “celebrities” showed up with their bullshit too. All this shit is orchestrated by Soros just like all politics. They pick their battles, but they can’t win when people don’t buy into their bullshit.

  9. I view these libtard antifa pieces of shit to be no better then terrorists, and deserve the same fate. What in your mind rationalizes terrorizing the elderly because of their goddamned skin color? What is wrong with these idiots? These racist assholes are a waste of space and oxygen, we need to reeducate or exterminate these little shits. I’m 18, around the same age as those immature fuckheads, and I would never disrespect or harass the elderly like that. These fuckers are just as racist as the KKK. The hypocrisy is both hilarious and saddening. Hilarious, because it shows my kitten has a higher IQ then all of them combined. Sad, because it highlights the sheer stupidity of these little shits. This doxing, stalking, harassment, bullying, hatred, and violence towards anyone they disagree with has gone too far. It was fucked to begin with, but now it’s getting to the point where these libards can barely be differentiated from terrorists. Disagree? Reply. I’d love to hear your point of view.

    1. The hilarious thing about it is when Antifa get doxxed online or you try and take a picture of them without their Zorro/Kato homoerotic masks they cry like bitches, flip out and call you racist or nazi. I honestly think that’s the only insult they really have. The other funny thing is that so many of these idiots are the same people that show up to all these different rally’s around the country and a lot of people know who they are because they’ve been doxxed. It’s known which ones don’t have jobs so they are obviously being funded to be professional protesters.

  10. These people are trying to provoke a civil war, this situation is going to get worse. They’re supported by American Democrats and George Soros. This is mass hysteria.

  11. We need someone like Hitler to run the country and just say no more Judaism. The jews heads would spin so fast at the idea they didn’t have their established *cough*jewish*cough* network. Look at what they did to Britain, it’s like if the Sun was being printed as liberal media, it’s a total shitshow. How fucking sad is it I wouldn’t even want to visit my native languages home country because of non-binary fish people.

  12. My dream, is one day to see those people beated to death. All of them, they’re too dangerous, crazy, they should all die, to let innocent people live their life normally…. there’s no way to talk to those people and make them reasonable…and I’m really wondering how is this possible, I mean….wtf happened in their brain? I hope one day, the normal people will be sick of this, and start making justice…..God….really wish that “Kira” of death note exist now…

  13. Antifa is filled with soy boy and balless little faggots. They’re white yet they are calling others white boys and kkk? America looks nice. Instead of using your guns to shoot up schools how about you mow down these retarded ass Antifa cucks. Thank you

  14. This is the most stimulating and informative site I’ve ever affiliated myself too. Love the banter and debate.
    I’m shocked at this video! Civilians controlling traffic? Alarm bells ringing. The cops have obviously been ordered to stand down. WTF?
    I agree totally about Antifa walkers. Jobless scum with middle class upbringings. We have the pricks here in England. However, traffic control is never handed to them.
    A sad day in the US of A, when bags of shit are allowed to behave this way.

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