Assailants Overwhelmed by Populace and Delivered Street Justice in Santiago, Chile

Assailants Overwhelmed by Populace and Delivered Street Justice in Santiago, Chile

Assailants Overwhelmed by Populace and Delivered Street Justice in Santiago, Chile

On August 1, 2020 a trio of criminals in a car allegedly tried to assault an old man, threatening him with pistols. The incident happened in Santiago, Chile.

The populace however noticed and overwhelmed the would-be assailants. The one driving the car managed to escape, but the other two got caught and delivered street justice.

Best Gore member @cefele translates:

What they talk about in the video are pure insults, but the most notable thing is that a witness asks one of the criminals “so very brave with a gun? where is your gun now?” *Hits his head*

Many thanks for the video, @cefele:

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40 thoughts on “Assailants Overwhelmed by Populace and Delivered Street Justice in Santiago, Chile”

    1. Next time someone complains about living in the United States, I’m going to slap the taste out of their mouths. People take for granted the freedoms we and other countries have and it make me fucking sick. You don’t like it here go move to these other countries that you see on here……That’s what I thought!

    1. You can pay to escape justice or you can also get fucked by the justice system if you can’t afford the best lawyers.
      If you are the media’s flavor of the week or social media and terrorist groups like BLM/ANTIFA threaten to burn down cities if they don’t get their way then the cops are thrown under the bus and all the thugs get a free pass.
      An armed society is a polite society.
      If many people carry, then the bad guys have to gamble with their lives each time.
      If I were to find myself in one of these countries I would mind my own manners, follow the law, be polite, situationally aware and never travel or get caught alone.
      Street justice is a big deterrent.

    1. Just checked some facts and figures. It appears that Chile is very prosperous. Has a good economy.
      Considered a developing and emerging nation. Sometimes called “second world country.”
      Places like Chicago, Baltimore, Oakland, Mogadishu and Iraq are 3rd World shit holes.

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  2. Don’t you love-it when the Good Christian Populace fight off 3 Evil-Men *WITH GUNS* not caring about their own well being,, in order to help out an old man about to be assaulted & robbed???

    And who said there is No-God ??? Gods Armour is what these good men had on that day. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. That’s some very eccentric rope restraints. Looks like it’s going to take the fuzz a while to untangle those two scum bags.

    I wonder, do you think it hurts more being kicked by someone who does a lot of cycling as opposed to someone who just does a lot of walking?

  4. chileans are way more civilized than carribean fuckers, just look at the lynching, they could be stomping their heads but they dont.

    anyway Chile as other LATAM countries are being flooded with negroes, colombian and other caribbean needy chaps so conditions are only worsening 4 them

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