Back of Favela Thief Turned Black and Blue from Caning and Whipping by Multiple Men

Back of Favela Thief Turned Black and Blue from Caning and Whipping by Multiple Men

In Brazil, a thief was caught stealing in a favela and the flip flop dwellers took it once again upon themselves to deliver punishment to his ass. As he lay on the ground shirtless, multiple men caned and whipped him from all the directions until his back turned black and blue.

This was actually far more savage beating than would immediately seem from the video. The guy may have gone into a serious shock from the beating.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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71 thoughts on “Back of Favela Thief Turned Black and Blue from Caning and Whipping by Multiple Men”

    1. Oh what a cry baby !
      Should have known better in the first place that Brazil is where he lives and although the entire populace comprises of thieves but the one who gets caught gets a proper jungle justice and the others are just innocent on that very day.
      He doesn’t need to go tanning at least for a few weeks after all that bashing he received .The faggot should have begged for more cause a little around his waist is still left untanned .
      BTW howdy@brokeback. Long time no see !


  1. Pretty brutal….I wonder if they did this everywhere if the crime rate would not drop…also wonder if they gave the option to be beaten almost to death “I am sure sometimes it would happen” or do jail time how many would opt for the beating over sitting on their ass for a few years in jail. Would one such beating in a lifetime not be well remembered and make you change your ways or would there still be repeat offenders….probably because it’s hard to fix stupid and a lack of morals.

      1. Bullet to the hand…I live a physical lifestyle and make my living with my hands…I believe my choices in life would keep me from having to make a decision like that and I hope my luck would keep such a fate from being visited upon me…but that’s a shit sammich of a choice.

  2. I’m sure that with a few quiet hours of meditative introspection, he will come to the realisation of the error of his moral turpitude and become a paragon of virtue in the desolate sea of human flipflopidness.

    1. Hey Bro@thedre ……C’mon my man lets not melt like a candle and be soft as these kinda vermins deserve no sympathy whatsoever. This bashing has been a long time coming . And its not just him the entire group of useless characters who delivered that justice are all Thieves ,Murderers Rapists and what not and many more must be in the making .
      Brazil is pathetic so to say .
      What he got was little too less actually the only justice for these kinda gutter rats is a bullet to their head so that the sins of Brazil get delivered from the evil that lurks every nook and corner day in and night out.

  3. the funny thing is that in a week I’m going on vacation to Brazil, if you do not see me commenting here after next week … surely I will appear in some video being decapitated, killed with machetes, axes, I do not know …

      1. if it happens I will scream while they kill me “I am nikish and this is for best gore with love … byeee” they invited me I have friends there and the truth is that it does not scare me to go, I do not think that happens in all Brazil, well actually not I know … I like adventure

          1. I know where I get and with whom, thank you dear I’m sure everything will be fine and I’m not going alone haha just in case I need help …

          1. @trailerparkboy hahaha if they going to kill me I hope it’s a good show … if I’m going to die I do not want an ordinary death hahaha thanks I’m sure I’m going to have fun, as I’m a girl attentive to everything I’ll take my camera everywhere, the best I could pass me is to witness one of the wild things that they do.. haha

  4. That was indeed a savage thrashing.
    The guy has some massive internal bleeding above his right shoulder blade, where it’s black.
    It wouldn’t be surprising if he had some organ damage as well based on the intensity of the whipping as well. I expect he will be peeing blood, or at least spitting blood shortly after.

    Now before we get the violins out for this guy, let’s remember that that village may well be crime ridden and a lot of people have had stuff stolen, and there is always the saying “you should have looked after your stuff better”, or at least the nagging guilt the victim feels on top of his loss.
    So when ANY thief is caught, it’s like he is responsible for ALL the previous losses that were incurred and people just take their frustrations out on him.

    I think the thief should put up this clip on Facebook, “This is what I got up to on Friday night, whilst the rest of you were at the bar after a hard day’s work. You losers, lolol”.

  5. If you’re not giving it (the beatings, torture, executions, etc) then you are receiving it. One way or another, MOST “victims” are indeed guilty of doing or will do the same to others. It’s criminal vs. criminal (although there are some innocent people who do get on the receiving end).

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