Biological Father of Three Soils Self, Makes No Effort Denying Rape of Daughters

Biological Father of Three Soils Self, Makes No Effort Denying Rape of Daughters

Video begins innocently enough with face kicking, followed by more face kicking. Accessory during the fact, in assault of despicable and deplorable father, is none other than flip-flops!

In Brazil, three daughters make sexual allegations of rape against their own father. Word travels posthaste around the neighborhood about the sexual abuse. Nearby neighbors form a lynchmob and pay the abuser a visit.

One daughter is heard crying in the crowd after father does not deny any of the three rapes. He is fortunate not to be the main entre in a cookout before cops arrive and arrest him.

While incarcerated, inmates will certainly finish what the mob started, 10 fold. The child rapist will pay for crimes against nature and humanity with unspeakable torture and death.

The lynchmob picked up the ball with this one. Would have been better if they beat him to the brink of coma, removed all his limbs, and set fire to his body on a sheet of broken glass, then pissed on the ashes.

Revenge for raping flesh and blood will be served best behind cold steel bars.

Props to Best Gore member @masterplan for video translation:

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          1. @illegalsmile55 do you think that’s where punk rock came from? The early 70’s glam rock started to get old then along came punk, that was beautiful. tribal. i remember seeing some punks walking on the kings road chelsea in 76 or 77 i can’t remember exactly but that hooked me in. Never had a mullet though, urghh! What was you doing in the 70’s?

          2. I definitely wasn’t doing a mullet. I didn’t get into most punk, I was all about rock in the ’70’s, the who, stones, zepplin, floyd, then someone turned me on to John Prine, changed my musical life. I’m gonna be bummed when he dies.

    1. I come from New York State, the home of green energy and one of the world’s Top 10 inventions – Old Sparky.

      We used to light up bastards like this on a regular basis until they abolished the death penalty. Just like hanging, there’s the occasional 2nd application of justice but it adds to the event and you know the job is done.

      1. Charles Starkweather was executed in Lincoln Nebraska’s old sparky in June of ’59. I was still in utero, my mom said the electricity in town dimmed when they fried him just after midnight… I don’t believe it, but I guess it’s possible.

        1. “You know what Ed Gein said about women? … He said ‘When I see a pretty girl walking down the street, I think two things. One part of me wants to take her out, talk to her, be real nice and sweet and treat her right … [and the other part of me wonders] what her head would look like on a stick’.”

        2. Unfortunately, Ed Gein didn’t get the chair. There would have been no shortage of volunteers to throw the switch, that’s for sure.

          As far as the lights dimming, that would have been cool. All I know was my uncle saying Sing Sing was the main prison location in New York and they usually performed the executions on Thursday night. Maybe they had to change to an off-peak timeframe!

          1. And the Lord spake, saying, First shalt thou take out the Holy Pin. Then shalt thou count to three, no more, no less. Three shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, neither count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out! Once the number three, being the third number, be reached, then lobbest thou thy Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch towards thy foe, who, being naughty in my sight, shall snuff it.

  1. I love that BG corrects themselves instead of leaving the wrong video up with a description meant for something else. I see other sites posting videos that don’t match the title and they leave them up for years like that.
    BG is always on the ball.
    Even when I disagree with em, I can’t help but fucking love em.

      1. I thought I saw entire posts disappearing before but thought I was just tripping… I thought a child raping father in Brazil only receiving those love taps in the other video was a bit weird too.

      1. @Hoping for Nemesis how you doing brother? Speaking of sliced faces. I was living in Scotland years ago with a young lass from Glasgow. Her brother and father got jumped one night coming out of a pub. They both ended up getting sliced on the cheek. It is a trademark by the criminal element called the Glasgow kiss. Luckily, that’s all that happened to them.

      2. Hi, it happens in prisons in UK. I worked on a medium secure unit and one peodo had a scar down one side of his face. Don’t know about other countries but its a good warning to others. They should all be marked like cattle. Some countries are doing chemical castrations. I wonder if that works with them?

  2. Did anyone else notice that orange shorts at the start hasa boner? maybe it was him who was goosing 1 of the daughters? Eiter way if the father did do what he was accused of he deserves everything he gets, rape is bad and incest rape is unexcusable

  3. Most if not all bedwetters are like this. Severely tormented. They wet the bed religiously and they wake up in cold sweats. Creatures of habit. Addict to they own deviousness and these mud ducks are very touchy feely.

  4. Let me guess…a Da Silva? The thing with mob justice is, how do they really know he’s guilty? He’s been sentenced without trial or jury. If he’s innocent and killed, should they be beaten up too for being murderers?

  5. I’m getting deja vu. Is anyone else? father of 3 rapes daughters gets lynched. Hmmm! Who’s the translater round here? so that fellow they lynched last night was thief so THIS fellow is the paedo rapist. Any chance of lynching the translater too? Anyway wetting yourself is a sure sign of guilt, i’ve seen loads of people do that in the old people’s home and they’re all guilty as charged.

    1. What’s up with your moaning like a miserable cunt. You been around dem olduns for too long I reckon. All that complaining about cold cabbage and blocked shit pans has rubbed off on you.
      You probably reek of piss as well. You sure talk a load of piss.
      Go back to looking at your child porn. You fucking gimp. Ha ha! Fucking prick call me a race traitor cos I was disgusted by the fact of a dad raping his daughters.
      I’ve got morals son but you ain’t. Therefore it’s you who is the race traitor.
      You dare to call an SS Obersturmbannfuhrer a ‘race traitor’. You need to think more before you talk. You really are dumb.

        1. He’s not triggered. He raging. LOL!! Fool has’nt got the brains. He believes everything he reads before commenting. He’s just another raging troll with anger issues that comments withought thinking and spews shit hoping to get a like, response. Pretty sad person to be honest. Sorry, how do these children do it? Tbh?. 🙂

          1. @carly69 Sadly he’ll be forever blind with no help in the future. These sites have been plauged with trolls and these silly children will continue to come here, but are easily found out, and recognisable. Once found out they start getting angry & calling you a “cunt” A sure sign of rage & anger. Maybe he has a mental illness and thinks of actually playing out what he views on here? With that much anger he protudes he might be a complete nut case and be the next gay serial killer. Then again not kill but regress back to just being gay LOL!

  6. bugs and yapping dogs everywhere in this tropical ulcer of a nation. i bet the putrid stench of menstrual blood is palpable, mixed with hearts-of-palm, gasoline, and cooked corn.

    This noxious mix of Negro sweat and Indigenous diarrhea, combined with fermenting garbage, dried clay and orange fizz is the essence of Mongrel Brazil. Satan’s realm

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