Bolivian Thief Caught and Delivered Beating by Populace in Argentina

Bolivian Thief Caught and Delivered Beating by Populace in Argentina

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought exclusively to you by Best Gore member @strelok-marked, who filmed the video of an apparent Bolivian thief being delivered a beating after being caught stealing from the people on the street in Argentina:

This is how we deal with thieves in the north part of Argentina, which is full of illegals from Bolivia and Peru. This one seems by look and by his accent to be from Bolivian family. We don’t kill the thieves, as we are not Brazil, but we kick their asses before they end up in jail.

I filmed the video. I was the one with the white baton, it’s a police expandable baton.

Thanks a lot for filming the video and sharing it with the readers of Best Gore, @strelok-marked:

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87 thoughts on “Bolivian Thief Caught and Delivered Beating by Populace in Argentina”

      1. Whack a mole keeps getting played in different countries all over but in different ways too!!!

        Ouch, yes sir may I have another!! Do I still hear that Brazilian guy screaming aaaaaasaaigh, aaaaaasasaaaaaaigh all the way here???

    1. Next time turn your phone horizontal you verdical iphone using fool! And the sound cuts off right in the middle…wtf is that…how does that even happen. How does one manage to turn off the sound half way through the video. BAD *Trump voice*

          1. Yeah, I remember Argentinian were at Europe like level back in the good old days! Now it’s a third world country full of uneducated and Peruvians. It’s a shame.

          2. Actually Argentina only had the same level of Europa or Usa when this places were shitholes, last of 1800 and early 1900, Europa and USA evolved, we didn´t, at least not in the same way.

    2. That shit was funny to me! I’m the one with the white baton. Haha you just had to get your wack in before the police took him away then announced yourself on here! Looks to me like you felt sorry for him and didn’t hit the thieving fuck hard enough you should have put a dent in his head with that baton!

    1. I wonder if the guy who filmed it with the expandable baton got a few licks in while not filming … lol

      Whack, …. take that Bolivian thief whack whack wha wha wha whaaaaaaack punto!

      Poor theif he was trying to get stuff to sell for food! Right

      1. Hell, I liked that hand whacking video too today, however, I would have liked that “Yelping-Dildo-Head-Girls” video more, had it not been so discriminatory. Just a haircut? Shit fire!

  1. The Bolivian was struck several times to the wall and that’s enough to give a decade long headache .
    The next best thing for him to do is to change places where he can reach out to a Pharmacy easily as soon as he knows he’s going in a spin.
    He’s gonna rob still cause that’s his fatal attraction but that splitting headache would be a big distraction from here on.

      1. He did score one of, if not The, best goal ever in a world cup in that same game, but that’s beside the point. He’s a cheating twat and always will be to us English.
        Ozzie Ardiles and Ricky Villa were a credit to the league when they played for Spurs in the 80s, I must admit that.
        And as for the Falklands, well, you got your arse whipped and then some, due to our hard as nails task force and some fine clandestine work carried out by our spooks (not coons), who purchased all of the bastard French’ remaining exocets. Not very sharp those frogs, bearing in mind they thought they were selling to your lot.
        So, @Malvinas argentinas
        Think again bro, because the Islanders are and will always wish to remain British, no matter how many cages your country rattles.

    1. As an argentinian i agree, Maradona is a shame as a soccer player and as a person. It´s the most important and beloved spoortsman of the argentinias, why they choose a drugadict drunk, cheater, irresponsible father, etc.? Most of argentinians deserve to live like shit.

  2. Beating? What beating?
    I’ve seen videos of Mother There’s delivering some vicious hits on some punk ass orphans that makes this video look like they are playing Pat-a-cake.
    You want to see a beating? Check out Ronda Rousey getting her ass destroyed by a huge cock by the name of Amanda Nunes. Now there is a good beating. Not like these gay ass Argentinian beating.

  3. Just got some really great news. It’s happening as we speak. In Barcelona, Spain, these terrorist have killed over 13 people using a truck. The terrorist are holed up in some restaurants and they have taken hostages. Which means that there more chances for people getting blown up. Can’t wait for the video at 11

    1. I respectfully disagree, Halleck.
      All thieves should be given a good pasting.

      However this poor cuck got CRUSHED emotionally by the beating.
      He will always be a beta male as he will always remember it and will be scarred for life.

  4. What did he steal from ‘the people’? Land? Oxygen maybe? I’m interested as I think he probably stole from someone and not everyone, plus I need to know if this tickle fest was justified

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