Brazilian Thief Is Clubbed, Kicked and Stomped Until He’s Out Cold

Brazilian Thief Is Clubbed, Kicked and Stomped Until Hes Out Cold

In Brazil, a young thief received the traditional Amazonian whole body massage, notorious for its sedative effects, rapid sleep assistance, and dreams of flip flops repeatedly kissing your noggin. It’s available on the streets Brazilwise and doesn’t cost a cent.

Even though not a flip flop wearer himself, the thief got to taste a lot of flip flop as his therapists kicked him in the face and stomped his head. He also got clubbed and to his credit, was not the only one that got beat up – the traffic cone took the beating too. Although he was the only one lights-out stomped out cold.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. Also , was there a naughty monkey in the background ? It’s just that I could hear it howling as if being disciplined by it’s short tempered mother

    1. hi guys.
      as someone who got bullied at school a lot, over 20yrs ago, I still haven’t gotten over it, I always had stuff stolen from me, my bullies were very cruel to me, I remember one incident where I had basketballs cards, and they said can we have a look, we promise we’ll give them back, I showed them my cards, they snatched them off me, and didn’t give them back, I begged them to give me my cards back and they laughed and said, what cards.
      As far as im concerned, EVERY THIEF deserves justice, and not western justice like BS community service or a slap on the wrist, but getting their hands beaten to a pulp or hands cut off, or beaten up

      1. in elementary school a kid stole my football cards and i saw him again in middle school where he was crying in the arms of my gf cuz a girl rejected him cuz he got a small penis. Im not fucking kidding you it was like the best day in my life. REVENGE 🙂

      1. I see a lot of flip flop comments, is only people knew that the tan race is made of all people who look , like midles eastern, indian, noerth native american , italy, latin america, ect, we have always held the richest country in the world, right now is Qatar, so in brazil the minimum wage is 600 to 700 dollars per month, in the usa is 1100 or 1000, compare that to the United |Arab Emirates where the minimum wage was recently raised a little bit more to 2700 dollars per month, or 10,000 UAE dirhams, in Dubai the average person makes 4,000 a moth, so that makes the UAE -4th world country, or more if you consider brazil a third world country and don’t know what that is exactly because all this violence is nothing humble, I think they might be smarter than north america, violence is not shyness, shyness is innocence, innocence is stupidity, and if people were stupid there they would not like violence, well usa only makes double of brazil, while some places in the middle east make 4 times more than people in the usa, usa is poor, a third world country might as well be, it is big since half of it was cowardly taken from mexico in the texan war, instead taking texas after sneaking into the capital of mexico and killing the goverment officials instead of fighting the mexican army directly , they took more than half of mexico, and now your best cities or states are spanish words like los angeles, san fransisco, carolina, el paso, hahaha, one day you will be sent to europe along with your slaves that fuck every race they mix with.

        1. “If people were stupid there they would not like violence” How fucked in the head are you? If you like violence you can fight professionally in a fair fight. If you like violence so much then go get your small ape brain kicked in by someone else that likes violence. Otherwise you’re nothing but a coward. You don’t like violence, you like being violent against people who can’t defend themselves. Fucking Dirty Brazilian Scum. You’re country is fucked and so are you <3 <3 @lrevitovhega6

          p.s this cunt is probably busy plotting the next mass shooting or terror incident.

      2. Dude I been lurking here for years and know the deal of flip flops ..
        I have never been so afraid in my life when I was in Mexico for two weeks and wearing flip flops from the room-bar1-bar2-bar3- to the beach and then back gain..I think that´s why they come up with Tequila in the first place…

  1. That leetle biaaaaaaatch got a very light beating by Brazilian standards.

    Nice leg trip to bring the little cockroach down.
    I hope that guy with all that blood on his shorts sends that cunt the dry-cleaning bill.

    1. I don’t know about Mark but I think this shit might have made me mentally ill. Or just opened my eyes. There’s a fine line there I think. Either way I see shit from a different perspective than most folks I encounter.

    2. People who ignore the reality of the world, and believe the Disney fantasy, of always having a happy ending, are the ones that are “mentality ill”. Main stream media, and all forms of “pop culture” have made the masses fucked in the head. Common sense is now nonsense. I stopped watching TV a while ago, because the programming, is what made ME sick.

    3. Day to day life drives me insane. I visit this site to calm down and laugh at all the people killing each other over a stolen mobile phone or some cunt who cheated on them.
      Have you seen the video of the kid who gets shot through both hands and a leg for stealing a Weed Whacker?
      Much more entertaining than our Nanny State lives in the Western world.

  2. Michel Temer, the president of Brazil and crook by trade, recently had approval rating of 2%; that’s on the same level as Adolf Hitler’s approval rating in Poland in 1940. The Brazilian state apparatus is so rotten that a civil war would be a blessing for this country.

    “Brazil, Latin America’s most populous country, is in danger of being reinstated by the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) as one of the countries listed on the World Hunger Map.” (AP)

    Given such circumstances, people have the right to take by force what does not belong to them.

        1. yeah i agree. my mum married an illuminati jew, i grew up in the same house, his house. Fucking Wrong Turners they are. ive always liked hitler, did his part for us normal people. i like the way he did it too. jews have always treated me wrongly, their first ancestors were born from rats in Israel, they are not normal.

    1. Alois, I must say, that I respect your comments. You bring some intelligence to the message board, that I for one appreciate. When you say “take what does not belong to them”, doesn’t it actually belong to them in the first place?

      1. “When you say “take what does not belong to them”, doesn’t it actually belong to them in the first place?”

        I think there are both moral and legal aspects to be taken into account here. For instance, if my scooter is stolen by a guy living in extreme poverty, and who has a large family to feed, the stealing of my scooter may not be an immoral act under the circumstances, but this does not legally alter the property relations, i.e., the scooter is still registered in my name and is hence, legally speaking, still my property.

    2. it’s typical for a jew cunt to condone stealing using limp dick retarded logic. hitler had 98% of the popular vote and assembled the largest volunteer army the world has ever and will ever see. which included people from every country, religion and race on the planet so, fuck you.

      1. You are too stupid to understand these things anyway, so I will post this to inform the others here. Germanic law in particular is very clear in acknowledging that there are circumstances in which the recourse to crime, e.g., stealing, might become a necessity, i.e., “wer in einer gegenwärtigen, nicht anders abwendbaren Gefahr für Leben, Leib, Freiheit, Ehre, Eigentum oder ein anderes Rechtsgut eine Tat begeht, um die Gefahr von sich oder einem anderen abzuwenden, handelt nicht rechtswidrig…” Indeed, Germanic law goes much farther than legal norms prevalent in other parts of the world, e.g, the US and UK, in that it makes provision for pardoning crime not just in the case of hunger and mortal threats, but also when honour or a dignified level of subsistence are at stake.

          1. every time i own your ass, you start posting so no one else can read it. why do you hide your pathetic insults from everyone else? you’re a fucking coward, pip squeak.

          2. Learn to own your own arse before you proceed to other men’s arses. I occasionally write in Swedish to get you to prove that you are a real Swede; I have my doubts about your Swedishness. And there are plenty of people here who do speak Swedish.

          3. @Alois i was born in solna to white swedish parents. for thirty years my job took me all over the world. i am an old school football hooligan and visit very often to watch my team play and did i mention that i love jumping on mother fuckers heads. you’re a shitty detective.

          4. Hello there, Abschaum der Gesellschaft. You are from Solna and l am from Jamaica. No investigative work needed to know your type: self-proclaimed organic farmer who openly admits that he has no formal education. Your stupidity becomes all too distinct when you are faced with people who actually do happen to have some academic credentials, as is evident from your illiterate ramblings on other internet forums where you have made a fool of yourself in the past. l guess you came to Bestgore because you (wrongly) think that this is the only place where a deviant Mißgeburt like you may thrive. Like I said: Swedish Viking saw right through you. You are as Nordic-Germanic as a Papuan.

          5. @Alois the general rule in football is that you follow the team where you were born. i didn’t pull AIK stockholm from out of my ass like you did your “academic credentials”. i am anonymous and deny all friend requests. so, at what point do you think i’ll give a fuck about anything you say? i”ll keep owning your ass at will. while you keep playing miss marple. fitta!

          6. The Mißgeburt continues to talk through his rectum and again demonstrates his stupidity: that general ‘rule’ in football that you are speaking of is refuted by the fact that the majority of the supporters of Manchester United are to be found not in Manchester, but in Asia and Africa. Try harder, kleiner Hurensohn. If you didn’t give a damn about what l write, you wouldn’t be offering multiple replies to my one comment. You are triggered, because that Swede exposed your southern heritage among other things. You may not accept friend requests on bestgore, but the stains from your brainfarts are to be found elsewhere on the internet. The internet has a long memory, Mr Shitstain.

        1. i did say general rule. i don’t really give a fuck what dumb nigger cunts do. thanks for making my point for me. why didn’t i choose man u? why did i choose poor little old aik that no one on the planet but swedes actually know about? cheers for your support, pip squeak..

          1. i said, cheers. you dumb faggot cunt. what more do you want? your gay as fuck insults and poor manners expose your inbred jewish ancestry.

          1. True dat. He still shoulda took his time though and just dealt with them first. Going after Russia that hastily, was an epic war blunder. Epic but sad.

  3. anyone that steals should have their innards removed slowly inflicting as much suffering as possible. if you want food, grow vegetables and fuck off. ask nicely and most people will give you seeds. no decent person condones stealing. it is one of the only sins god allows you to kill someone for. do not steal, mother fuckers.

    1. Your god sounds a lot like the god of the Arabs. That Swede who suggested that you are most likely an Arab from Rinkeby and not a native Swede clearly had a point. The primitive law that you are advocating here is the tribal Arab law of hadd; there is no place for it in civilised Europe.

      1. jesus christ is my lord and savior and when he returns, it is written that he will break the teeth of sinners like you. jews and arabs that don’t accept the son of man as their savior will also perish. this makes me very happy. you will fucking die and rot in hell. good for you.

        1. If you are European, you should consider having Odin as your God. He is a warrior God. The holy land is Europe, and Europeans are Odin’s chosen people.

          Christianity is a Jewish sect, you worship a Jewish God. Odin is your lord and saviour. He will reward you when you crush your enemies. You need to become a pagan svarg.

          1. odin is nimrod worship. i don’t worship the antichrist. i don’t belong to any religion. the first book ever written is the book of enoch. give it a read. it predates every mother fucking thing. the jesuits and jews kept it out of the bible and torah because they all worship satan. the son of man doesn’t give a fuck about any religion. so, i would think about repenting.

        2. @Svarg26 I love your no nonsence logic. I’m an atheist but I don’t bother anyone and I live a simple life. I would say I’m a preety decent young man. If there is a God, well I guess I prolly oughta go to hell. But I just try to live my life the best way I can and treat other decent people the way I would wanna be treated. But I digress, just wanted to say I always get a kick out of your comments… Cheerios!

    2. Agreed 100% ,I work very hard for mine and my family’s possessions, and if somebody wants to steal my things they’re gonna get hurt end of, if your in poverty try your best to get out of that poverty,I understand there’s people out there and parts of the world where this is impossible but in first world countries why wouldn’t you try your very best to have a good life and do your absolute best to give your family the best life possible, I know it’s a cliche but we really are only here once, so fuck all the thieving cunts out there, I really don’t care whether your addicted to smack or get a little bit sad now and again and have “issues”, your a fucking scumbags and that’s it

      1. You know, the truth hurts. What Trump said is exactly what 9o% of African countries are except for the sand niggers. Even those Presidents in Europe knows this! They treat us lightly and pretend as if they love Africa.

        Trump doesn’t pretend and that’s the good part of him, same as former South African President PW Botha.

    1. I explain that this has an objective, that it is punished for stealing, in South America the thieves are not tolerated. People consider that it is not fair to work every day and hour for a miserable salary. so that a black of these and steals what with so much sacrifice one wins. and the laws are sometimes not adequate and do not punish as it should in general, thieves are free

  4. ffs, hasn’t any of these idiots ever stolen a pencil or something?! in any case, they didn’t get stoned for crimes they’ve committed now have they?

    “Let anyone among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone” -Jesus Christ

  5. Maybe this ass whooping will steer him in the right direction and have him thinking twice before he attempts to take things that do not belong to him in the future! The flip flop stomping knock out maybe the literal wake up call the young boy needed. When you hear the little guy squeal from pure terror it does make you feel a little pity!

  6. I do not feel compassion for that black shit, he deserves it, better to get a job. it’s very funny the final kick is great, if I had done it in flip flops I sure fall, but this man is an expert

    1. Nikish the way you talk reminds me of my fiance! She is filipina and she has a bestgore account on here also. So I’m curious to know your nationality? I do not know her account details so if this is my love then what the hell you doing still awake is after 2am in the Philippines!!

          1. Hey… Thanks Svargo…. I wouldn’t say I’m THE greatest, but I’ll take it where I can get it!

            @ Nikish… If you would you like order me,… my item # is displayed along with my description… You’re welcome sweetie

  7. stealing something of low value like food isnt so bad, fuck. any excuse for some of brasils finest to administer flip flop mma style beatings… fucking retards. i used to steal crisps and chocolate from corner shops as a kid, wasnt so bad. the pakistani shop owner wouldnt have fucking done shit to me.

    1. Most of us here would admit to stealing candy bars from the local store without being stomped in the face! But this guy is just small and over the age of ten I’m sure and I find it very hard to believe he is receiving such a beating over candy or even low cost food at all. But this is Brazil and most these fuckers do not care what was taken just as long as they get the chance to kick someone in the face!

      1. the point is not that if he stole something low cost, it does not matter if you steal a candy or if you steal a bank, stealing is stealing and that deserves a punishment, according to the criteria of these men that is the punishment that this guy deserves

      2. i know ive been to brazil, lots of fuck ups and girls with nice arses. lol
        shit was going on all the time i could feel it…

        funny moment was at night after drinking at a bar i was waiting at a bus stop and these kids got apprehended by the police, the police had fucking assault rifles to their faces and clearly had no idea what they were doing.. the police there are a fucking shambles… i guess that no one wants that job there.

    1. Lol same. I’m not ashamed. I just make sure if I borrow something I do my best to pay it back. And if I ever feel the need to steal something, I’m deff. gonna make sure I don’t get caught. If I do I’ll accept the repercussions.

  8. I don’t care if he stole something, he’s a kid and didn’t deserve the savage beating he received from these ‘adults’… hmmm… this might be a place we’d consider a… something-hole… I can’t remember the exact term.

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