Brazilian Thief with Face Bruised and Swollen from Beating

Brazilian Thief with Face Bruised and Swollen from Beating

Brazilian Thief with Face Bruised and Swollen from Beating

This Brazilian fella is sitting next to crates of beer bottles with face swollen and bruised. Apparently, he’s a thief who was caught stealing and his captors beat him up to a face like that.

There’s another guy right next to him. Possibly an accomplice, but at least during the course of the 2 minutes long video, he never becomes the focus of the interrogation or beatings.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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36 thoughts on “Brazilian Thief with Face Bruised and Swollen from Beating”

      1. Hmm Brazilia.. Mexico seems to have the award for the most fucked up ways to be killed, then I’d guess Africa ..

        What’s the most painful death you have seen on BG …:


        1. Hum, all 3 beautiful countries filled with monkey diseases I’d say it’s fairly even, just more videos come out of Bwazil, then Mexiko, Afrika last because they don’t have as many camera phones per capita.

          Next to my own,
          which I barely survived.

          I would say in actual gruesome ness. Would be the Mexikaner with his son, where they take their time in flayed delight opening him up to show him his own still beating Heart.
          Also one of the Bwazilian jail riots (long Version). Where a Mann is beaten cable tied then removal of hands, and face peeled off. They leave him a while then return to finish him off, and he still fights back, they stab him in the mouth and he bites the blade, he’s still trying to punch with no hands.
          Don’t think I’ve ever seen a soul so determined to fight to the last with everything he has, knowing already he’s not going to survive but, he doesn’t give up.

          Woof Woof..!

          1. the one which bites a blade with his unskined face is from south America, but I’m pretty sure that wasn’t in Brazil. If that fucking matter, though.

    1. Miss Provocation.
      So I take it that you have seen the Mexiko father, son, video.
      The father being a Po-Lice accomplice.
      Found it odd, how they send off the father quite quickly, then concentrate on the son, not the other way but, maybe they thought that the father wouldn’t last as long.

      The riots were maybe 3 to 5 years ago and 3 jails blew in one year, one going twice if I recall.
      If you don’t find it let me know because I think the long version was with one of the previous vid hosts so maybe still missing but, I seen the shorter with a slightly different angle here only a few weeks ago so…

    2. this does not work and will never work here in Brazil. Take your hands off or kill them if you don’t want to be the next victim. Through dialogue, they were captured by residents of a favela or community. After the beating, they are released and soon return to steal elsewhere.

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