Brazilian Thief Receives Beating, Survives but Is in Rough Shape

Brazilian Thief Receives Beating, Survives but Is in Rough Shape

The common sight from Brazil – a thief receives brutal street justice and gets beaten to the brink of death. This one seems to be still alive when the video ends, but in rough shape.

According to the info I got, the incident happened in São Luís, state of Maranhão, Brazil.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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60 thoughts on “Brazilian Thief Receives Beating, Survives but Is in Rough Shape”

      1. Got to love the tough guy in the yellow shirt , kicks the victim in the face , sees he’s caused damage … and runs away hahaha what a clown .
        This beating could of course have been completely avoided by simply not getting caught !

    1. Iv said times before,and I’m saying it again…Brazil should be nuked.not actually radioactively destroyed,then again …but actually leveled completely(all favelas) and about 500,000 people,and all the ones in prison. Then maybe it could regrow into something much better…after the United States takes over a large part of it.

        1. Naw… as far as gore from Brazil,there’s enough to already last a lifetime. It’s taught me to NEVER go there,and if I was there yes…I would be cautious or terrified looking over my shoulders with fist clinched,or having some weapons on me for in case of emergency. It’s just that it’s 2018 and the people still are so savage they’re borderline insane. I see no cure other than bombing it.
          …at least when they attack and beat someone nearly to death they don’t stand over them and twerk,or yell World Star. That’s why the American Nigger is the most disgusting creature/race on earth.

      1. We wouldn’t want to defoliate the country, as there could be global environmental repercussions.

        Carpet bombing of the favelas might not be effective, because the locals probably wouldn’t notice the difference.

        I’d take out the power grid and energy sources, and continue with distributive attacks until we get word of significantly increased incidence of cannibalism in the major cities. I think that’s the key indication of destruction, as rape, looting, and murder are regionally normal behaviors.

  1. these are little kids again?? jesus h, those little heathens need some real discipline! this is what you get when you let your kids run around and let them do whatever they want. wild animals. this is just sad, i don’t even want to imagine what they will be like as adults.

  2. I thought when they laid down that board or whatever it was on his body, that one of the bikes was gonna do a ‘ramp jump’ over him like how we used to do as kids, put boards on cinder blocks and play Evel Knievel.

  3. People who film in vertical video mode are morons.
    But you have to be a real special class of moron to film vertically and then in editing, flip the vertical to horizontal.
    For fuck’s sake.
    I don’t need this shit at my age.

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