Burglars Caught Stealing in Manaus Got Their Legs Smashed

Burglars Caught Stealing in Manaus Got Their Legs Smashed

In Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil, a pair of robbers was caught stealing and the populace delivered beating to them right on the spot. The video shows them both in rough shape, each with one leg smashed.

The one closer to the camera has the knee cap and much of lower leg completely shattered. That looks like an above the knee amputation right there. He ain’t going back to stealing anytime soon. The other burglar probably got off easier, though it’s hard to see in the nighttime vertical video.

Props to Best Gore members @wallabeast and @13lunt420media for the video:

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113 thoughts on “Burglars Caught Stealing in Manaus Got Their Legs Smashed”

    1. I don’t think that “justice” and being a deterrent is the main motivation for these mobs. The primitive are bloodthirsty and will use any pretext available to act like savages. Punishing people is one thing but the Brazilians get off on this. Same with the mexis and Afrikaans. They aren’t as evolved as westerners so we expect this from them. I mean, this would be unacceptable in my town.

      1. Lord Humongous,
        There is decent characters in all races.this world is full of endless possibilities which means most likely that People from your own race look down upon YOU. Supremacist garbage. You bring shame to all human kind.

      2. the unevolved get off on this. white people get off on this too, here in america, or over in the ukraine or great britian. it isnt mexicans and africans that get off to it, its sick minded human people.

    2. You so right! I love street justice, he is so fucked up for the rest of his life,next time he won’t be able to steal a lollipop from a 5 years old child…he deserve to suffer like that.

      1. Sadly, in US more than 60% of criminals recidivise (syn to relapse in medicine). The brazilians found the best pill for this illnes. There is no better way to stop a criminal from relapse than beat him until he is a cripple: if you don’t have a hand that means you can not steal with it…

        But I against the way how they apprehend the possible suspects especially sex offender suspects without real evidence. US relapsing criminals got it a bit soft. But if your hand got jellyfied on the spot when you done your deed now that what I would call justice.

        If you are a criminal in brasil and you caugh red handed suffer the consequences… you know what to be expected

        1. This is very closed minded thinking. We had a talk about our childhood recently and most of my friends, including me, have been stealing here and there when younger. It just so happened that we grew up with friends that did it. Now we’re all educated, law abiding citizens. I can only imagine how hard life on the other side of the globe is for young boys with testosterone running through their veins and the want for accomplishment and power but very little chance of achievement.

    1. The punishment far exceeds the crime.
      I don’t think you’re soft on thieves I think that you’re compassionate towards the thieves and its a good thing. Compassion is what keeps man from extinction.
      This video ranks up there with the most brutal in my books.
      If I ever set foot in Brazil not only am I going to be packing extra heat am going to be wearing a suicide vest and well… you know the rest.

    1. I know right ??! I really wish this would happen in my hometown of Magna Utah… Because I could tell you there’s way too much thievery going on in that town… Let this mob retribution happen one time in Magna Utah and I can pretty much guarantee the rate of thievery would descend quickly to zero…. Fuck those whiners…. Let them keep their hands in their own pockets….. We are all poor here not just you

        1. @Rhone – Exactly- considering the number of severe beatings on this site for minor theft…the message doesn’t seem to get through & we get to enjoy another jolly good sesh of pain & gore. I guess they all have the – “I wont get caught” attitude that all fucking punks have.

    1. 50 bucks from the guy who was on a red shirt. They kept telling that the guy was a worker.
      Personally, I presume that the guy is not rich, so 50 bucks may not be a small amount to him, maybe the earnings of more than a day’s work, plus, he also has mouths to feed. Would you be happy some guys came and stole your hard earned cash?

    2. dude, they are in the middle of amazon jungle, by the amazon river
      last thing they need is food
      you can hear in the video someone saying that one of them was armed and were trying to steal his money
      the scenario i can imagine is those kids randomly targeting people in the midde of a crowd so they were easily desarmed and cornered

          1. was more like on one knee but hey sometimes just standing is enough, tremendous payoff in creativity. when one gets all chronic and stuff I have this friend..
            ..she stares at me and winks when I look back into mirror.
            “you’re doing a GREAT job” lol

  1. Come on you guys. They’re just kids. Like you’ve never done anything illegal in your life, like stealing music and movies?

    Just tie them up and have them get fucked by five guys. No need for maming and torture

  2. Brazil never stops to startle.
    Haha………Their quick witted thieving days now seem to be over
    Most part of the day they both can sit and shag simultaneously dangling their shattered battered legs to glory .
    Others from their families will take over the reins to start over anew .

  3. lmao you would think that mfs in brazil would ultimately stop trying to steal. i mean come on..how many videos of thieves getting fucked up are there really!? hahaa id personally just make a living off of getting peoples shit back.

  4. After seeing a dozen of these videos I know never to steal even a piece of gum if I ever visit this country. These people must have been warned as youngins if caught stealing, this is the outcome. Zero fucks given by thieves and for that we thank you!!!! Keep um coming!!

  5. …and Brazil is supposed to be one of the most Catholic countries in the world, I mean I see so much of this shit coming from Brazil, but at least the guy with a red shirt who was standing there at the end of the video was allegedly trying to help the robber or was just trying to pull off completely the shattered leg? Who knows…

    1. Catholic is not Christian. It’s…Catholic. Like, a…this Southeast Asian country…the ONLY Christian country in Asia?! The fuck! If this country IS a Christian country, then this should be the ONLY peaceful country in the world. But it’s not. It’s hard to feed an enemy when it’s the opportunity to watch the asshole to starve to death. And a Christian would not let an asshole, or not, to starve to death.

      1. @shut-up-fool
        Catholic is Christian, it is a subset of Christianity, and it believes in the teachings of Jesus.
        However shit still happens in Brazil just for the fun of it. The guys who kill, rape and steal are not the same as the people who go to church to confess much lesser sins.

        1. @mrspock

          My point is a Christian obeys all the commandments of the Master, and none, not even a single one should be omitted. I am a theist but I am not a Christian. Because I cannot muster the will to do what a Christian should do. I eat blood stew yet I, we, know that eating blood is prohibited. I do not interfere with my wife’s desire to cut her hair short. I truly rejoice when my enemy’s in deep shit. All these and others more are commandments. A must to obey. And none of those should be left out or make an excuse when commited disobedience.
          I was born to a Roman Catholic parents, I even went to a Franciscan school, kindergarten to grade 6. Ah, depsy, same here. In my case, I went to a public school in high school, I always cut classes but my teachers kept me in their class because I always get the highest score during exams. And that, I owe it to my elementary school. Seen and been around the world because of the knowledge my Franciscan school had instilled in me.

    2. @mr-no, @shut-up-fool It has a long time Catholic Church is losing their influence over Brazilian society. About 25 years ago the Pentecostal movement are increasing here. A lot of people declare themselves as Catholic but never go to a church or are involved in Catholic church stuff, a good part of the Catholic schools, once extremely privileged and expensive, are closing their doors, added to the sexual priests scandals which are very common here. Protestants are so far few than Caths, but they are extremely devoted to their religion, esp. in the countryside and big cities suburbs and favelas.

      1. I will say growing up within Catholic schools I was brought up feeling tremendous guilt and fear but I was rewarded with excellent penmanship and once released to public 9th grade high school I literally learned every lesson back in 6th grade. I was so fucking smart I should have excelled instead of rebelled . more guilt..

        1. @desp I studied 3 years in a Catholic school (high school), but it was already loosing their quality and decadent; my best teachers were in English, Portuguese, Literature and Writing. Before this I have studied in a protestant church school which was better). The Catholic Brothers school was cool because there was a lot of foreign workers there and I had the opportunity to meet people from different countries, and it was a lot of sports focused. This school closed the doors about 10 years ago, it was a huge centenary palace building. So sorry when I walk in front of it and it’s abandoned.

    3. Catholicism has nothing to do with thieves. Except for these 2 guys in the crucifixation scene. And that “Thou shall not steal” bullshit or something.
      They are not stealing to survive. They are stealing because it’s easier to do that than to look for a job.

  6. To be a good thief takes cunning and at least a little thought.
    Which begs the question, why would a pair of as thick as two short planks skanks, carry out such an act?, given the high probability of being caught red handed by the mob.

  7. “Well, one thing’s for sure– he won’t be able to kick anyone’s ass any more without falling on his own.”

    It’s almost time for lunch, guess where this guy is going? That’s right “IHOP”. You get a free Slurpee if you hop in after 4pm

    He was gonna buy artificial limbs, but they would cost him an arm and a leg.

    I’m trying to think of more amputee jokes, but i’m stumped.

      1. I nearly wasn’t gonna watch this one but it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. I don’t know what it is about bone breaks that gets me, maybe because I’m a skinny fuck and I don’t even like feeling my bones under my flesh. Thanks God I’ve never broken a bone, plenty of cracks, but no breaks.

  8. So let me see if I understand the logic here: Caught stealing so we’re going to make sure that most likely you will spend the rest of your life in a wheelchair and make it almost impossible to find a job to support yourself. I highly doubt they have welfare over there so you pretty much just made sure he’s going to have to steal to survive. But then again, they don’t really think these things through do they?

    1. They were beaten by young people who regularly have no mercy.

      Dude in red shirt as older and experienced one, knows that they are scared beyond comprehension and that they’ll never touch anything that aren’t their anymore so he calming situation. Not sure but it looks like.

  9. Here in Serbia this stands:
    “If you want to do criminal activity for living, be ready to end up in long sentence in prison.
    If you’re not ready for prison-give it up.”

    In Brazil, just change “Prison” with “Lynching”.

    I bet the numbers would be lower on anonymous surveys πŸ˜›

  10. Deffo lost his leg…i dont feel pitty for anyone in any video i see as humans are like rats spreading sexual diseases, gossip and lies, murdering, raping and torturing ppl over well fuck all…if i caught someone stealing from me would i beat the shit out of them? Hell yeh but it doesnt take a fucking crowd of ppl to do it and someone doesnt need to lose a leg over it…peados, rapists and murders deserve extreme beatings to death.

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