Cell Phone Thief Delivered Street Justice in South Africa, Attempts to Burn Him Fail

Cell Phone Thief Delivered Street Justice in South Africa, Attempts to Burn Him Fail

Cell Phone Thief Delivered Street Justice in South Africa, Attempts to Burn Him Fail

The almost 10 minutes long video from Johannesburg in South Africa shows the mob dishing out street justice to a thief said to have repeatedly stolen mobile phones from shoppers at a mall with an accomplice.

The mob pulled down the thief’s pants, and delivered beating to him, but did not have the gear to set him alight, so in spite of trying, the attempts to burn him failed.

Props to Best Gore member @slim-rob for the video:

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162 thoughts on “Cell Phone Thief Delivered Street Justice in South Africa, Attempts to Burn Him Fail”

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    1. A little more info about this incident:
      He was robbing people, taking cellphones, bags and wallets. Now he was beaten by an angry community for robbing a cellphone. This crime of robbing and grabbing people’s things is happening a lot especially in Bok Street corner Claim street where this man was beaten and nearly burnt by an angry mob. This crime is also happening in streets around MTN rank.
      Usually people who are robbed are those unsuspecting or unaware of this trend going on.

      These robbers are always there and nothing happen to them.

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