Chubby Brazilian Cell Phone Thief Stripped Naked and Beaten with Flip Flops

Chubby Brazilian Cell Phone Thief Stripped Naked and Beaten with Flip Flops

In downtown Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil, a thief was caught trying to steal a cell phone from a student. The student yelled for help and a group of people responded by delivering beating to the thief.

The thief had originally tried to run away, but chubby as he was, he got quickly caught, stripped naked and spanked with flip flops and belt buckles.

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      1. Not this time, but soon enough. My guess is that we can’t always please everyone. I sure BG has nicer Brazilian treats for you in the oven. Brazil never stops delivering.

  1. Looked real hard; but didn’t see it. This guy doesn’t have a ding dong.
    Or is it a man. Caitlyn Jenner’s lover… or that is Caitlyn Jenner. I guess new Caitlyn-freak-show with a dick and titties to lick got fat. Just like so many other stench-pigs out there. Hey Jenner, can you fuck your own tits? Licky-boom-boom!

    1. Exactly good Sir. When I get raped (hopefully soon I pray) I want all the spectators watching to take out their phone and video it all. And they better have their phones the right way for video recordings. My ding-dong’s best side is left. Click those pics y’all; and admire my attire!

  2. There’s Comic Relief in this Video
    Just Look between the Lines. It seems as tho’ the Crowd was into Humiliation of the Perp not so much about being Gay. It makes sense to Humiliate Criminals and Beat them Too.;)

    1. Considering it can take up to two years to pay for your phone on these lands it makes the crime no ordinary thing. I do not believe in prisons, and nether want chopped heads. Pain and humiliation maybe just right. In developed countries, where there is no “need” to commit crimes, punishment should be even higher. Prisons cost more than schools.

  3. Glad to know my cellphone is safe if I travel to Brazil! I might get killed or run over or beaten to death there but if not I’ll be able to video (the right way!) all the murder, traffic accidents and street beatings for y’all!

  4. Fucking jungle monkeys…love spanking some chubby guy’s naked ass…bet they all got boners (even the “women”) and to be sure they’d be thinking differently about that ass if the cameras weren’t on…come to think of it, that ass though…

  5. Subhumans

    “Within two years, in accord with concessions promised to the U.S. government for its financial support of the overthrow, foreign companies gained control of about half of Brazilian industry.”

    Brazilian, and many other Latin American governments have been overthrown on the excuse of the “red menace.” Poverty is externally imposed by those who call themselves brothers. Operation Brother Sam. look it up! These are not monkeys but people like you and me, living in despair, so you can have cheap phones. You are to have elections, but don’t dare vote against our interests, or else…
    Brazilians don’t know this (the media and all apparatus are bought up), Americans are ignorant as fuck. Here is a pretty list of US intervention just in Latin America, enjoy!

    1. @MasterPlan
      Very comprehensive list that you’ve dug up. On behalf of the entire civilized word, you’re welcome.
      Face it, without foreign involvement (investment) you would be eating spider monkeys that you had to kill with poisoned darts.

      1. It’s not “the entire civilized world” but clearly US and its hypocrisy in search for markets, and I thank them every time I come to BG. Is the red menace gone? Because coup d’etats keep happening till this day.

        1. Sorry about my mood. I’m not trying to instigate hatred against nice people how don’t have a clue what I’m talking about. I’m just pointing these are real people and is politics, not race, responsible for the violence we see in here.
          Capitalism is ruthless.

          1. Dude… Capitalism has existed in one form or another since the first proto-human started charging another proto-human something for the other. Somewhere in history it became corrupted!… For whatever reason!.. The good thing is, not all of us subscribe to it!.. The bad thing is, we’re all slaves to it either way!

  6. Most of these videos just funny, this one funny and looks like a lot of fun too. Kinds wish I could have gotten in 40 or 50 good wacks, doesnt look like he learned his lesson, go get that fat shit, let me get mine in.

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