Compilation of Three Mob Killings in Zambia

Compilation of Three Mob Killings in Zambia

Compilation of Three Mob Killings in Zambia

Best Gore member @african-angel explains:

A recap of what is happening in the south African country of Zambia, January to February 2020.

Zambia with some surrounding countries such as Zimbabwe, Botswana, Malawi and Namibia are considered the safest countries in the region. But Zambia seems to be rising in ranks as one of the upcoming gore country.

There is an “outbreak” of ritual killings and suspects are whisked away by the police. This prompted people to take the man made law into their own hands by lynching the suspects together with the police who are protecting them. The targeted victims are pepper sprayed and then murdered for ritual purposes.

In the video compilation, at:

  • 00:00 Lynching of a suspect in capital city Lusaka;
  • 00:52 Aftermath lynching of a police officer for protecting the suspects in Kasama, Northern Zambia;
  • 01:14 Lynching and aftermath of a suspect in Lusaka again.

Many thanks for the video and the insider info, @african-angel:

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      1. In another sad development, police in Lusaka have picked a body of an unidentified male person suspected to have been murdered and burnt by a mob on suspicion of being one of people spraying chemicals.

        The incident is suspected to have happened between 04 30 hours and 05 00 hours at Mponda village, 10 kilometers from Kasisi School. The remains are in UTH mortuary.

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