Cop Assists Victim Deliver Justice to Thief, Fellow Thieves Try to Stop Them

Cop Assists Victim Deliver Justice to Thief, Fellow Thieves Try to Stop Them

Cop Assists Victim Deliver Justice to Thief, Fellow Thieves Try to Stop Them

Here we go again with the most thieves infested country in the world. Being the most thieves infested, it is also the most thieves friendly, so they won’t take it lightly if you catch a thief and have the nerve to mess with the thieving business by standing up to him.

The incident happened in Duran, province of Guayas, Ecuador. The elderly victim seeks to delivered street justice to the thief, but the populace sides with the thief, because that’s who fellow thieves side with.

The policeman assists the victim, and tries to take the offender away, until the thief insults him and the angry policeman swipes him off his feet.

Props to Best Gore member @impiacopetona for the video:

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  2. Cops in the United States have their hands tied behind their back now. They should be allowed to beat the hell out of, and shoot whoever they want. Law & Order! This is an example of a good cop in the video. Too bad this cop isn’t American, we could use him.

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